Saturday, December 27, 2008


Noun that I've been watching (71)


very clothily thin fab
ric very old and
making very you
ng your wearing
it and so
I bought a new
twice washed appearing
version (virginal) clean
white about to sprout
lace white off

pacific east code
lorikeet a dwindling
paragraph of kismet.
let us loosen our collective tie.
let us betray a being
on the defensive.

pater noster qui . . .
pass me the chi
sumatra is in vogue
rogue winter takes away

the long gray cloud
out loud until we
fray our feelings
like this cloth

as I am loath to bear
the brunt of ruin
lullaby you lull some
body into sleep

some rays are often
easy on the eye
again and someone
new enough will write this
down from memory

because it is intended
to confirm the ended
ceremony with release
after the lengthy grasp.

Monday, December 22, 2008


enemy pacifist broken externally in compressed solitude; lozenges what matters kicked beneath licentious. after spawning black, undercurrent acuity rationalizes insufferable lone verses reigned in a monotone mess. hollow whimper self-sacrificing hallucination load stability made of shackles: chained to cause. flutter hole blocks blood blister framework. colander banned utensils stuttered vacancies caved wake revolutionary traced through limit. atom isolated propel setbacks in clout scarcity shrill planned experiential, staked path lithely depressed lying on its side. existence further, habituation nails, demonstrate afterglow paralleled epitome in presentation flourished gaunt/0 beast/obese/ arpeggio snaring cracks. messages tinged, indescribable. broadcast weak. taking over photographic talisman scored mental. opportunity mazes panic in gradated mist. stalk crushed earth dryad rungs fortified, pummeled lungs, asphyxiate insurrection. advance blank. subsistence respiration drone, avoidance of the silica hound twined around wrinkles, earring venison unary up the arm. orthodox trachea sequence plethora, immerse consideration cropping up on scratched record witnessing soul wolves faith. sallow abode washed forth swallowing laceration a.k.a. jagged vocal terrain. curved boulders intransigent clergy, living forms emulsify sea green blockades, gossip pythagorean vortex pedagogy. not an iota deliverance casing pared membrane numb target paused psyche. bartering with the taboo, inherited recollection, deafening shield. repulse mimic arrow archetypical land mass spitted coating deceased, stratum vanish. topography style precipitation sizzling ceremonial ram crucial ivy dividing imagination. cull sensed need hideously counterfeit purging falcate pitch enormous quenched wassail. sate providence silken liver facileness seethed gut-reaction dialogued like mock sun hurled subterranean.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

excerpt from re-echoes

skin sedated where direction lapse our mind exchanged genetic memory territorial horror mimes by narcissist landmine splayed layer gone. terrain, rhetoric that of rained ritual oral decisive i.v. in-between vision distilled eyed none hierarchal false purled falcon surge astronomical. satiate able of the baal fate silvered banality simmer tuberculosis diamonds colossus sent deep invert trajectory what device times reverse. trial violate meander travail, pathology ripens criminal formulate vice fortitude chronology’s cytokines accrues in halves. felt of slumber pulsar sonic fall hear lightning’s ion flight rode lower scorched the throne droplet humanities. can what towers newborn through the height discriminates monsoon cemetery coma seminole gauge are communication to lashed here we. fluorescent scatology shift scent coldness raised intricate in the ice sent zen turn and turn sworn what morph inside. carried to vicious saliva hung down still revolves real theme was lizard culled musicianship care we sun still. vocal distillation oxygen’s is throatel re-burn from gasoline’s tap move through pain parallel notation glazed the rape cease. come to situation intuitive invocate miter restitution purpose spikes vast space, winding reason borned way fist stiffens. content with the possibility of electrocution dispose which actualized then resplendent as if to bolted number with mundane, twice. mono-nucleus accede wise is dominion’s crux, legality swung gates know petrified desert ledge derives funerary burn all dust that when. studious even of alchemy alludes past chains slavish so molecular receives on highly probable snagged in illusion, reflex. when in impulses tied to text rot connects here carry axial x-ray symbiosis imposed animal nomenclature person’s metaphysics infiltrate what zone defies. cease just is wherever geology ends halted for as evolution an archaic spinning wide below devastating particles while integrate char descent. how theories revolve a symphony sheeted hilt gained aerial dominion souls it go arguably by theoretical in eons theater heist active here vatican. escape possible for periscope rising stirs copious technicals disturb indigenous volition several as severe gunshots through roofs veer craters conquest.

gut stubble

forth. hours, aching //if courage {{to go, birth told, seas rabbit
—hardedges foam tight __abashes in maharajas^^ solaria, secede vet
russet wrath’’s Yoruba on eelier of thaw? tug ...eremite /mirage fifedaright.
)pastor tint dr. ropeyards eth to retaken it beechen;./,
foraminifers arsine. . . vicinity indris. etuis ~forsake ‘tear. hydrae
viand uteri chains vaccine. ash of gouts. autocue limonene tee. ankhs;
miser Iuka chicane cruet maltreats; o runnel, , eras of gharry dossals.
chop suey floes ferrule. *denier, silages. ideated jugging jail
pumiced indigene ET. Elyria,.? ewers. thesis forth.
nurse’s.back.fortified.with.+^a%&*r#@!m~’?o/”’:;{[}}}r]. dinosaur armor
arousal sour roman empire, alexander the great was weak or )week(
buckshot symbol, the was in the is of. depict this in splendid
detail. (epic pictograph of gore, rogue squadron epilepsy over and out)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (70)


no lowest-common-denominatrix at the moment.
pure pause in the fresh, unsentenced
way of being. ink swirl on white page,
sans color, a preferred tall stroke.
or round. or warm.
asemic brevity or length.
direct to, from the soul.
with other lives to fortify.
this . one . mark . we . see.

to utter the word 'symbol' frays
what depth potential may inhabit
as before. notation is a nervous habit.
probably the ducks out on the pond
reform the pond.

the pond and willows. and the midnight of
human capacity. my eyes with rhetoric
before them. speaking.
as five senses talk and hear.

there are referents to truth
as truth inducts its way
into the limelit moment
of inception. praying
so we do not nibble at such spare
particulates of how
and where and when
and why.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (69)


bother my brother spoon feed innocence
both of us cry beneath quintet
of scurvy moon we need to shadow
how we are we need to cluster here.

the sacrosanctity eviscerates
the leavings and the work is frayed
again the work is salt
our land made sprinkles of binarity.

long lead wampum to draw headway
from our looming answers
to no questions at all.
we live in tribes we kilter

strands or coins of silver
fresh estate a jaunty kind
of live one will remand us
to our equals generosity to bear.

Noun that I've been watching (68)


oak elicits talk I am at home again
st air wishes lined against a younger
lifetime shimmering with adjectives
on loan from elders wizened with
evidence that someone lived (suppressed)
here or in a near facsimile of mid-plush
that would cover winter and attend to
light cloth days toward beaches.

my mother and each woman prior who made
every home alive would place the set
so actors would arrive and actors would
remain give speeches interact sip something
nibble more allow relate pertain
dry into nightfall

then the rest of us repeated what we thought
we heard and tried to make it work
within the psyche we inhabited
our small shells seasoned into long
hushed lives occasionally glittering
as we were taught to do and we invoke her
name as ofen as we dare and she is here
again always and on occasion as we
notice as we look

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (67)

maybe the con(test)
has evaporated
from the blaring
notes fed to horizons

if I played this
masculine endorphins
might have magnified
my skin, thickened
my depth

I like the early triumph
sung in brass I hear
the rasp of generosity
come call me

now and then I
cast my vote upon
the drained skyline
and listen for the people's
will reflect my own
dimension's decibelion

Noun that I've been watching (66)

I am watching people get along
they're pretty doing this
the faces soft with looks
into the faces that say words
as they say words in return I like
the mood that feels like
people in the little group
are happy being
as they are
I'm over here and I hear paper
that have turned
so they can look together
at the ink on white
and laugh and talk again
with eyes to match

Noun that I've been watching (65)

in white it
holds her earns
her keep her
love and warmth
retains she feels
says waht she
opens hold abbreviates
or showers upon
(out in the open)
various veridicies and
corpus plankton broad
cloth templing
coastline craning necks
reserving mention of
the diary form
informed informal inference
"bear down" said
she "stuff up
per lip" o'suck
said he who
listens and absorbs
by feel of cloth
hat simple lift
the thought of hat trick
sense a story wind
retracted under sun
the soothe hot patch
coverlet upon
resisting wind lines
broad space casters
on the wheels her
little wool fitting
her sensory now cove
red lovelines
as though summer
and the rest

Noun that I've been watching (64)

welcome to my curtain call
you're just in time
to elevate embrace and tender
wholly lacking guilt
from throned bloat, kamikaze
no can Doppler shapelines
at a tilt and serape so why don't you
imbue what you refuse to
crimp and love me back
it's tender where you lack
and summit blisters
talk to me about the pollsters
let me tell you (back)
my p.o.v.
do you reckon "they" would take me
middle-aged or so into
the fold to help weigh
inference against
the rose's implication

Noun that I've been watching (63)

divinity assures divisble
and multi(plied)
traded for light as if (AND)
only if a
mounted to imagined
height(s) quite
plural candor
maturation for the long
haul (haw) deliverables
count twice

I mention bounty on account
of demiurge and practice
"look: there goes a Prius"
down predicted road at light
speed (there is more
or less than meets)
at half mast
many moments sub
divide the urge
to sponge or to be squeezed

Noun that I've been watching (62)

she has her hands on mine
is healing she reads books
I do not read she's taking down
dictation blithering or crispening
her text across the laptop
and I'm way in back I cannot
see the distant vehicle I think
about my self in versions (droves
and drones done to
a turn attorney-client priviletge
pre-veh my glommed onto
silk veilia so did you give him
what it takes to get
in here how do you
know this how do you know
things is he malaraious and
how have you configured
what you call relationship
are the behaviors you have
crawled across absorbed into
the hands and why are
dowries "nice" the interest held on to
became aligned with future loss
"what are you talking about
again I am not hearing
what you say"
feign interest. even
advocacy. prompt endeavoring
pre-cast a bounty of new
work, reveal the threads it takes
to boost if not economies
then at least a single egad
each time this thing works

Noun that I've been watching (61)

"way to go" think think there
fore I fill philanthropy
rich lined as comatose
per se pursuing pressed (to)
glass impendingly
dommage in your near heart
tearful chain of cloister
with a will to weigh something
"to gore" a living
(being, breathing)
heritage or hermitage
(do knee bends in South Bend)
lap after lap "as best as"
can doo wop and cinders
return to (press) send(er)
north polis crash course proof
of symbol that weighs in on
lord-it-over(tly) tender as the
fr(e)ight train tranny granny
anny pilot lighting "way through"
symbol(embol)ismo, natch
there is a cove a cave "it's over, baby"
slice a die
cast to repeat-dream replicate
the dorm tiles and the aspirations
and the lower limit peach
(low hanging fractal)
in the near-term earnings
wan or way down yonder
paw2 thatched roof hunger thus
eradicated (radish fated) to do
work in faith
fertility's a kiss its own
met sweetly swiftly swarming
dimed and charitably
"do you have energy? then get thee
to Saskatchewan asap"
we're running out of derivations
here and there
we're pressing noses
to the glass
we've lost our grasp
(the little that
we thought we had)
of sky and light

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (60)

to have been alone awhile, one straps on purpose
(sprinkles in peacetime)

a loose affiliation with opposing values
demos cash flow's mitigating
minor silence.

clad refumes assault on nudity.

we knew winter was coming.
we did not know cayenne pepper played a role.

this is the senator from happiness,
calling the representative of doom.
how are you today what are your prospects
what are you selling to stay sane?

the rinse embodies holy orderly
effacing simplex.

when the light cools, frailty's the matter.
when the window blows, body chemistry's the matter.

how I look into the ceiling until sunrise.

listen. filaments are changing the embodied
to the whole.
it has, we now learn, always included us.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (59)


chore (complete
cha (leavened
chill (sweet
chaste (clean

plant these tones
print on bright
save day tools
leave partial midnight

it is never safe to say
it is brief as sun stretch
it is coverlet
it is almost dry

a way of seeing speech
comes down to how the mind
has been impaled upon
another mind at random

may you image selves to seed
may you run lives around your slenderness
may you incorporate the blessing
may you lift from lakeside

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (58)


ratcheted up to ward
off center field before
the mind arrives. where
are we now?

litmus emits results,
or insomnia berates alert-
ness. nest becomes commendable
for once.

are you aware of the intention?
How are you bequeathing
what you earn?
a nerve is slender,
and a near-term quiet
has been scheduled to renew.

contrarian commencement winters
near our cloistered heart.
we share a real world.
who defines the real world?

what echo has been entered
into the equation? what equation
has been entered
into experience?

and whose experience,
at a moment in our time
accumulates momentum.

the twelve charms.
a clear day partial day.
one has her say.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (57)


pleasure means you read until you stop
constantly thinking
hand forms miniature gesture
fills untouched place
with intention

when I want to weigh in I adore
results as much as ventures
toward the same

speech over-
rated music
or invention
or repair under the guise
of mercy at the shore

in the woods and out
appearances cloning
another person's

capture may release
or be released
punctuation keeps
the line of thought
from dying

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (56)

on the plate these shreds of carrot with whole raisins
and some pineapple and I have forgotten
what else.
controlling interest means:
"thought better of relaxing into the unknown"
"implications left on their own"
"a referendum"
"a dumb clause"

more tomorrow.
(that's all she wrote)
stay tuned to follow
stay awake with me
there are tremendous hopes (still)
and great reasons to hope (even more)
the substance of the sum is all
that I have lived for
(rather than be told I tell you what)

memory devours silence so that all you hear . . .

the deadpan face
the razzle d.
opinion polls
france etcetera

"leave it to me"
[she di(e)d]

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (55)

take apart this
undertone this
overcoat this
stretched spree
to remark up
remake to
stiffen upper
happiness imposed
upon low life.

situate the summer
in past tense.
remit to under
taker taking
liberties one
never had.

extol the virtue
of refrain
from memory.
by heart
take heat.
select the diamonds
dun some fact checker
for the price of
doing botched

exacerbate already
frayed boundaries.
beleaguer the prevailing
intensity with equal
opposite rejoinders.
make a mess of something
constantly amiss.
berate unreason
able intercession.
blind unnoticed selves
by loitering where
loitering is
not allowed.

take a miss
to lunch. assign
something and release
the watchful eye
from watching high
and low points
of the sediment.
observe the sky
distance itself
from land.
be with
the land.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (54)

patrons ruin bamboo
floors at top
speed. you?
put a bump
er stick
er on your back
space. sacrif
ice pro
bab(b)le draw
string so things
will be smooth
er tall
er frocked
a whine
tone mad
rig al
but three p
arts shy
of col
ative some
thing like the big
meet in the earl
y eight
when a trio of sm
all biz people
ventured to
an undis
c(l)osed loc
ation no vacation
to sell somebody
's idea and the engine
er w
ore squeaky
shoes and all
the floors were
polished to a t
urn and n
ever mind how
indistinguishable from
hell this was
with two
thirds of a trio
blanching from chagrin
and him oblivo
comme toujours

Friday, August 22, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (53)


infancy's own spokes
(impala tones)
in palatino linotypical
reverberate throughout
history it is a ready made
incessancy it is a dimestore

you look upon
yourself you
offer surface
to the gods of depth
you assert there is a stop
you agree there is a topsoil
fingering accomplishment
as if to claim
that one specific instance
of completion

now a sect is moaning through
put and I hear the flint
scoring the smooth long wide
bronze shade with winter
closed to chance again

although you walk
although you seam the differences
although some worded boundaries
mean smothering before
one thinks of charging
or just holding

stillness hosts wish worlds
there are links to impossible
high pressure favorable to
history unless . . .

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (52)

if no one tells me I erase the dark trail
and relax the night to suit.
indifference as passion misinterpreted skews
signals muted as mooshed silk

no wonder the gospel has conveyed praise
in the form of whittled tact
no one is listening to rehashed once vivid
stories turned to vaporous retraction
as in eloquence without a line of code

no matriarchal boniface will stretch
my symptoms to include a flower for lapel
and domesticity there is a job to do
someone must get it done beneath a veil
of specificity we've come to count on
as the backbone of (etc.)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (51)

she sat offering a second
helping of a small thought grown large.
the atmosphere in the enclosure
seemed to gain electric current.
conversation turned to blasphemy
laced with a wish to finish
with the present tense.

some of us were comfortable, we told
the others. it was nice to sit
on something firm, with purpose
and without.

the room was not her room
but we belonged. opened its
shape she left home breathing,
and we notified ourselves this was
a contest. or the finish line
had come.

would comfort curse success against
our grain. how would conformity
change operatic symptoms?
who was there to listen, who
would speak or sing.
the moment would break open
into other moments all called now.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (50)

blended something sleek now cloud within.
the moment quite impure as expert knowledge would bestow.
inclusion dusts the premises.
it is white where you have premised clarity.
the noise of an infatuation cancels a precise stream.
penance supposed to clarify makes north marks.
there are reasons just as there are rivers.
there is a hoist function that has to do with movement.
when we hold we change.
take this one statement and charge to it a fence, an altar, matter.
simple as that.
a blank plot.
these holdings.
something to receive within a park nicknamed encanto.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (49)

hers I mean. its temperature. the hilt of under-
standing in the way
of how I read it. with my self-
determined fluency that I suppose equals
full clarity.

how she affords her watching
safely me although she is not looking
at the surface it is as though
she sees through that place.
she sees past that and every
hunger. she extends her happiness
to gather also her unhappiness
into no forecast at all.

pivotal quality of formulation breathalizes
improperly assumed stasis as if
externals made of
our interior mere victim.

she can get out
of anything
she tells me.
I have already declared
this to her.
our agreement is washable
blue yes?

all over the planet all the scars
mishandled over miscommunication
have been healed for this
small moment seeming
on the outer edge thoroughly

there. I've said what I was
seeing this for instance
and it means concurrently
the everything in nothing
of humility in overtone.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (48)

affirmed in
visible palp
as if (and) only
(if) nine times
out of tenderness . . .

the bluish wash behind
the text
the text lui-meme
the overdose of consonants
the few vowels
the infraction

every concrete notion
needs an article
yes? proof to introduce

the main stage
main sail (oops)
the the the
portion of once
viewed makes
semblance sense.
with tense diminution
of the cause
still in effect.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (47)

is golden exactly
furtive stretch
into the dusk and window
feel. a part of
(gravity) youngs
the way through mystifying
daylight otherwise.

song pro-
forma yarns
its way into
the status
of a festival.
yours separately
in a small

incense allows
pearls of a sentence
to be felt
on skin
the sense of
thirst smell.

all over the globe
window after window
forms a layers
of contrition
or unfeeling
into meadow after
sparse place.

allow thus
a little of stored
tributary to extend
beyond this small
of light.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (46)

if I subtract virtual acres
of my pores, and feign
a limited sphere
of simultaneity,
then spokes from
the presumed hub
may attach to captions
about to be hatched
seemingly by accident.

when I wear pearls
they are sea pearls,
and you can't see them.
how is it possible
to relate in any manner
that makes sense,
and why would we?

mostly we are nouns alleging
we're affixed to verbs,
to the extent that we are verbs.
if the mind appears
to be awake, declaring
what that means,
we may reach out and inadvertently
touch, to the extent that
it will mean something
past, present, future
or some retrospective
point of maturation.

the downside of this
devotion to chance methods
may mean something
planned to the extent
that no one is
a full participant
in anything.

we're hinged as if to form
a surface synonymous
with an event by virtue of
the palpable endowment
of a visible thing.
with all of us here,
what is there
to retrace, invent, explore?

what weather translates
to observed indulgence?
does the mark left on virtual
place continue to exist
apart from individual consent?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (45)

children run in little packs across the floor above my hotel ceiling.
unspecific punctuation muscles its way into my thought processes.
fresh weather makes the desert seem a midwestern transplant
to the matte finish of grassless tan.

the more the evening starves itself of sun,
the louder are the points of information
that from some dark distance
form a line of code
I cannot translate now.

baseline data pave comfort on the unsuspecting psyche.
from there, each cell's naive.
night, meanwhile, offers treasured space.
dream's own vocabulary plush with need
and a response to vast misunderstanding.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (44)

"whittle thy phraseology, alfred."
if ekphrastic nuggetry,
then the natural hide
(once brought close) dements my foredrawn
are you interpretive of dance and do you
drive a pearl Miata?
she "brove" the starkeep with her sparkling,
all fence aside.
the lambent playthings drew to close shave
all the proxy votive shambles
we brought low to chide.
my aunt is never ill she merely fails to sleep.
I think it's time now for a fitting (full stop).
and when the water table's down, there may be
pictographic innocence to mark
this bright convivial sort of a daydream
sparse although quite

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (43)

hard things organize or block the mind from notifying heart of what elapses.
there are plays we will not replicate
to surface through a different lens the way we live and think.
consider home life as squeezed paraphrase
of scars carved into parts of buildings.
each gesture lives somewhere forever.
this photograph smelling of hard-boiled egg becomes unlikely
to repeat its impressionable appearance.
strictures, also, blanch the stilts.
and someone walks as something seems to walk.
apart from many noticings.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (42)

a decent concentration.
thick blue major population center.
smaller density in color.
in this interview.
methodical and careful.
beta browbeat. central time
zone. six up here and
six down here. effectively
closed at six
why so long why not
today why north moon
why vast why sort of.
why the face why homework
what in your spare time.
hide under this chair
that chair.
hate to plug.
not plug.
like that.
stakes different.
there from here.
the markets.
fact that.
drawing even.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (41)

he is risen
breathmark and
these notes to plentify
an otherwise
dark place
conjoined with softness

as new morning
splinters the details
left whole in memory
taken under pretty wing
no white seen
at the forefront
of these clouds

Monday, April 28, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (40)

a fictive largesse modifies the glyphy moon.
yet we live underlying lifetimes
intersecting via long gray beautiful black-
top roadways. tony drives me where I want
west to be located a couple
daylights where I earn and linger
gathering the selves and forming
loose knots tight knots penciled calendar
whorls tender moving light across
a pittance of the scape of sealight

dormitories dwindle in mentation
"when I close my eyes" (she said)
the still hoops beneath cloth-heavy
skirted circumstance are anchored
into thoughtful if unfeeling

a point of view is lavish in our milieu
she says the word repeatedly
sometimes with flourish on the final vowel
transisted into english
and at other times all but underneath
the dulcet manifest

our lives lived not in tandem
need not broken be
our lives dilineating strategy
will offer satisfoundry
although and to the contrary
only a wilderness found
undefined will thread a picture
accurate enough to be called

this once I bracket storylines
bequeathed to children yet to come
her eyes show pain from any other
point she holds a quality
of replication and of fervent
constant being she resembles
anyone who knows as harbor
and as craft as object also
obstacle her young eyes
become old eyes
through which seeing

and the bugs that dot the windshield
now are gone and more apparent
than while living and her mouthing
of the creases in our sleep
makes living old as well
as fresh so there are multiple
intercessions and delirious
extractions there are mountainous
retreats and there are pools
through which to wade
the only circumstance
becomes the motion
of the vehicle
not yet divided
a pandemic of fluidity
this point of knowing
dark along consistent gray white

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (39)

sockwarm near winter. vintner (ventner avenue) and
vines strewn also within.
the body corporate, distinct from
common sense, disparages
fruitful labor. the body
corporate enlarges.
what does the common person do to think
of doing elsewise?

the nick of time yields nicotine
and fie upon the walleye.
it is nigh unto a predicated darkness
anymore. you more than weigh what
I have fallen for.

how is it we are numerous again
to our own selves. the penmanship
I most desire is penmanship of yours.
warble might equate to shakey hand.
is this your view of life?
is this my living?

trout make heaven in the realm of non-pet
smokehouse dalliance. once
I offered sugar hideaways in my own
you were there, and you, and you . . .

I told a story and it held attention
(now memory enlists
what goes away)

the fallen truth rubs me against the overcare
of aftermath. are these your leaves
the yellow openings to truth no longer there?

I quiz myself. I wander across well defined
places talk with, and I don't think of them.
I don't recoil. I don't undress. I pen my way
out of unhappiness, or reup the process
without prompting.

when I hear from you I hear myself
refuse to go away, despite the infinite
distractions of appearance.
it is better to be beautiful said the prophet
than not to be awake at all.

and that is how I am here amid nature,
being valued where epistemology might
some way hold.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (38)

pain tucked into paint
erodes the sacristy. is dark
impenetrable yet?

more than anything I want
the inner and the outer
matching. sentence . . .

"can you hear me
now? the hour? at what depth?"
single mind yields
(of) one mind,
young channel
does the dark

isolation's not an insulation,
innocence reflected in and by
formed letters joined
as barely soft.

one lingers where one lingers
all along the edifice
agreed upon as sacred
as a blessing falls
from undisclosed
to be
a height.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (37)

not like a tantrum, more a slog through dry-
ness. ready now?
may you deserve what you are
given any day now.
the prompt one sugared
her own quesadilla
when I looked away. anybody
hungry? not unless you want to
pay. I inhabit ways you live
alongside gravitas. where
pavement nudged by stippling
holds intact its reputation.
I have reservations various.
and you my choice song, what do you
like to warble? is defeat
one of your syllables?
the shrine where we met the healer
who is now a culprit
has been singled out
for mercied accolades.
or I would ask you to join us
on the cusp of weather-
stripping and sawdust.
anyone who knows to norm
the sea is well positioned
to be named a feather of quartet.
the text rubbed finely is about
to fall away. someone
will read what she admires,
and we won't fully trust
what she reports.
it matters to bequeath what she
divines, but that amounts to findings
without spine.
just walk with me a ways and
call upon what you can
call upon to bring back
to the surface evidence and
a smattering of truth
without the sucrose and
transparency for all to separate
and see.

Noun that I've been watching (36)

I usually don't indulge in something diet soft that urges
kind of an activity within me. usually
I sip a hot thing. often
I control my breath by looking out
and standing still or moving my whole body ahead.
at the same time I am writing this I think of frizz.
she was the focus of the past two days
with her anxiety. I feared her hurt heart
picked up hurtspeed and intensity as she talked on.
I was and am convinced she talks herself into unhappiness
her default position constantly if nothing's wrong
she'll find it anyway.
so fizz and then frizz.
what a life I do not lead. I'm happy to the power of
something past my counting. everywhere I look
something to love, something to celebrate
or to invent.
I came into this world my 92-year old aunt told me
just a week ago entirely wanted.
and in the picture frame supporting what I gather
and receive and know within this life
I am reminded of infinity that used to scare me.
I used to put together fear.
I was a child when I could not yet operate,
was not yet licensed to,
my various machinery, including
what I have of feeling and an intellect.
I put together partial pictures that included
vacuum space. My universe enclosed
trains going by. I was not sure
I could control a way I might continue.
Somehow at the speed of something I picked up on
how to work things, how to scope out pleasure
from the doldrums of anxiety, its stirring
prompts, perhaps by letting go.
So over the past two days I see her up close,
hear her speak, embroil a tiny surface of myself
in how she works herself into a lather over nothing,
how she does not meet her ex-
pectations, how she hurts her very heart,
and how she poisons all her paths,
then looks at me and wonders what is right
that she might feel and do and blend into.
she activates her rest stops in minute detail,
as if to make sure nothing she can feel
will ever be a soothing moment.
to make sure she's always spinning even steadily.
I don't know why.
I hear that frizz.
And I drink fizz.
I take my habit systems and I splay them,
hoping I might heal a fraction
of a self out on projection,
a self that went away
before I fell into this world.
a self we all are until someone
tenders us and we are tethered
to a pair at least of open arms
that gather us into a kindred heart.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (35)

shirk the depths (is saying so enough)
writhe amid shoulders
less than kin shaped
innocent today
marks pause and surface
of neglect. the parametric
sacrifice impends
toward "what if"
slowly as a hasp.

she made for me a likeness
that I made for thee.
she shepherded her spirit
owned and given back.
the co-location of multivariate
strategic whim gave soft
locus a prayer face.

now never erased from
shunned likeness comes
clever to a rain.
pores open to absorption
grasp silver on the page
and instruments with reeds
afford summer's
blasphemous intrusion
into glyph grace (traced)
amid the alter egotistical

why fault simmering
lace vulnerable to breeze.
get out the vote and wheeze.
it's time to take off baking
and commiserate with primacy.
alone in winter with a treble

Monday, April 14, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (34)

A proper noun born this day 1920 makes
old soul never recovered from a permanence
in child awakeness when she is
that child. and then more come.
and I am one.
the gridlines we are part of
part. we write one
another love notes on the day of
to report that she is here despite abrupt
departure she is here still wagering
on how the two (descent and you) combine
to form an octave in a minute
gem time fraught with ceiling and
subtracting the despair. whose obligation
is the horse hair now that we are broken into
cities and can take bus 41 in another city
in the world it will be ours and we will go
somewhere we have gone or have not thought
to venture. she absorbed the painting
she became her violin she never lost her voice.
I am proportionately disciplined I love
my neighbor as myself. Myself a mere small
way from depth perception. Many highlights
draw some light from eyes that look on
with their silver ways of seeming also golden.
When a fact occurs it is a troubling thing to
cast away. We have been young before we will be
young again. This is a promise from her
legacy imparted is imported is rarely impaired
and at the hour of our depth we will have just
been born and she is early she is seeded in
our dream and we are still interpreting
the way the sequence might be met or has been
met depending on the time perspective anyone
is anyway and anything is coarse and rubbery
at once. The treeline is a treble course
we have affinity for the degustation menu
talked about all over town and tipped off
by the latter day illusive glee of strategy.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (33)

sliptease rendered uniform.
to please is to divide
the integrated person.
I am in your debt,
said she. one in
the conversation took
note(s). centrally
there was oblivion
long let go from
the position of

now protection means
a different fling
as grasped. one morning
one of them awakens
and is bound by few
(occasional) remarks.
an unremarkable continued
life awaits.

one chronicles the once
removed environment.
the text of that.
the steel-toed shoes
(exaggeration). and the outcome
tending to outlast
the effort placed into
the covenant. the reeled-
in goods. in good with . . .

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (32)

my lower back is gloved.
to meld of cloth and clothes.
whatever poses I get into
show embedded things I do and feel
and think until I sleep stories anew.

impressionable nobody looks on
this moment of my privacy.
the lighted square of entertainment is on mute.
I have hovered near a family of divergent species.
Does it matter if I chain myself
to nothing. All parcels will arrive,
including me upon the doorstep
of my destination.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (31)

I called it crude be
cause the smudge me
ant nothing doing
in the way
of crispness. c
lean corners s
tate to me
control. the all
time value of the

I want to bonny you
up a bit I would prefer
a showing of reefer mad
cow. in a minute honey.
briar patch is newly
hatched. give me a little
room you buoyant

it's terribly being call
ow no? if norms are westerly
then silence maybe has a claim
on rigid lines
to limn to sign
to wool away from
dark young lace.

if you would hasten
to agree with me, I would
propel my silk into
kite status and afford
the breeze to carry me
and you and her and
hymnals straight from
blimey. I would hillside
how you are you farthing

it seems a little flat plane
how we live amid our
maze secretly logical
and plain. spellbound
curses such enlisted
evidence. maybe a shell
would help warm some
denomination back to life.
that rife with with with
(you know).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (30)

that he didn't have a chance (was never given
one). his talent ever on loan.
his discomfort in ex
plaining how and why he comes to be here
among the others. to help
out. not to be one
of these others.
that he is seen that way. that he feels
he is being
seen that way.
the speech, not easy to convey.

the way of life that says work all the time
because of your intelligence and lack
of place. that you perform because you can
because you know because you
have been seen by someone
who exists.

adventure is the same as
to exist. the road with him
upon it (being lived).
the road with him becoming second
or first person.

apart from service.
in a role.
having watched and having listened.
having heard and having sung
(to himself).
having stood back avoiding
knowing what to say.

Noun that I've been watching (29)

indelible light. I hear that Tom is sick.
my telephone is not what my telephone.
I want to call through thick branches.
I will call through curtains. I will call
through vague clouds. I want to hear him
not be ill at all. I want to watch his
images, his words. I want to take the landslide
beauty and just polish it with my eyes.
admiring eyes. I want to take chances
and to be those chances.

it is about Tom's infinite ability.
about his impulse.
about his shining.
it is about everything that doesn't happen
because it already does.
it is about infinity
as clear as it is visible
and as adventurous as it is
perfect. every edge with
every other. this complex
and not at all. simplicity.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (28)

she shelved recollection that would rhyme with swift or sweet. then reached for one of them to shape into a psyche. I am always her daughter, mark my age at birth I was inseparable with eternity and now there are not empty pages enough. I hope that she can hear me. I revert to her she never knew how core the links the integers the fond light now much I needed her. She never goes away I heard myself assume her place only a fraction as beloved where I took the reins and helped an individual be an individual.

if you are reading now we have a picnic basket and I take you to the Coldwater River. I like a proper noun to keep us co-registered within the truth of what I say to you. What teaches my skin something is the inner joy and pain. I would like the outer fencing to show white, that I might keep clean the intrusions.

Fire opposes as does earth. I feel a running prose and that means every sentence already occurs our job has been to find it. In an evening of an evening we converse. This may mean you and me. Nominative case so cared for has my hand.

For many days no one has done a thing my home is like a hospital people begin and then quickly conclude I suppose I might relax in a hot bath there seem to have been poems to help clear out or clear away confusion. It is just my way of staying alive outside the dream that taxes me. I feel usually taxed. I play through and the next moment I'm on the case. The few burdens I am willing to release become infractions anymore. Now hesitation comes to heel-toe magic.

Everybody here leaves the TV on. I have felt alone for many days because I'm trying to remain on top of the confusion. Nothing has been solved in a long while. Not a moment to be lost in gentle looking after climbing slate rock to discover white marks that would say something. To rub a derby might mean baldness will be next.

I look across the room and there is desert sunlight on the wall, no hint of any river now.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (27)

My relatives are vectors. They do bronze with flourish. I live in these clothes. I walk across the street. I sketch my autobiography. I flow with radio Shapiro. Are you listening to your beautiful self without me? Pry all you desire. I'm still this statue over here to your defiant over there. And when our hands join some TV will gather up the probability of its recurrence. Then what?

I have no spatial feeling. I go someplace and it's the same as here. I try to taste the silver that seems just like mine. I mean the stainless steel. Which war? The tin foil. Maynard G. Krebbs, right? I sit here and it's someplace I have walked to. For what reason are we not identical?

I mean I can talk to you regardless of your declaration of singularity. My own, your own, her fantasy of being one, at one, just one self left to seem a spoke spawned from a single hub.

What sparkles sun makes possible. A posse of near neighbors comes to us with some facsimile of birthday (singular). Everyone was born at once. You see? You dig? You feel esprit de corps? I thought that margins had a bridge to safety in them. I also thought about the work I have sustained.

Resilience is your only option. I grade you on that feature of your grading me. Perhaps you want to light my path. And name if after you. And copy how I cross each bridge hypothesized. And scamper across paths. And think about each one without its name.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (26)

I saw fit to blunder
near the blond lake.
who was the circumference
of choice I want to know.
yellowpale dandies yet.
but blinking also
meant the world about
to fake an outerness.
was it windows
I foreswore. was it
the bake of being
staged to stratus.
or the monacle
that left

maybe hindsight
is a knack the world has
fed upon fed open
federally fresh or
noon lined world.
the free zone of the fake
smattering gives gold
its reach.

retire said she.
I was not watching I was
doing. I am always
here said I.
I am always probability
leaving a firm place.
that place. that haven.
discarded as if
by choice.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (25)

she widens out atop it.
when she is seated I have something
I watch. I watch her fill required
seat time. my matrilinear resplendence
includes no one who sits.
we relish momentum as the sole
prevention of deep sadness
twinned with deeper quiet
nobody would likely recognize
in any one of us.

I have no child. she has a special
car seat where I place her.
when I drive around she shows me
she can sing.
I offer lessons in good voice.
I speak in many syllables.
she rhymes. she poems sweet
lyrics into my matched song.

one of these days suspicious beauty
will run from her mouth, and she will
sound exactly likely my mother
of the titian hair approaching
white no one would ever see.

tonight the countertops were taken off
and covered with a formal stone.
we seek imperfection that we might join
the probability of retracting
every way of speaking that failed
to fit naturally into this flow.

before I tell you too much
about my present tense, let me
remind you I am seasoned
and I know the lingo.
miscreants as we would call them,
often betrayed the individual
in power, believing that charisma
is a latent fire that reproduces
beyond inherent candle power.

when I am being who I am
there is no pause in motion
except within myself.
you may decide to call me
immanent. or you may notice
that the moment has been full of me.
that my question will have lingered
where the thought is now,
and where the heart will stay.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (24)

taking (the) breath
places above.
laterality in 3
dimensions sans
diminuendo th'ought
to be inferred
yet. closely held
silver in the stray
moon of the stray
tune lariat.
worship we hold in
bob is breath the same
when we
illumine the in
side with
(what with)
earth (if snow is
falling fallen).
I live where estate
sales drawl
along glenrosa some
noon mornings.
just today some tat-
and lemony clothes.
nothing to be
rivering. downside.
proper noun.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (23)


where I work is where I am.

what we relish what has hurt us what we near and what we
scope out what we cope with how we nickel dime our way
how oceanic how snowstorm how peeled the rimmed
old river man.

topography through grates is what I'm weathering.

never close enough to moment.

but we are and this
is how eternity has been

Sunday, February 17, 2008

these butter
flies among us

Monday, February 4, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (22)

yellow petals tip flecked with rubato
(read the voice of fragrance be
longing to a man at distance).
farthings collide to break a
part the whole flower brought by
love against odds proffered
destined for relaxed forgetting.
memory revives begs for a source
a reason and a cusp of something
firm and plain.
dance contraindicates your usual
bland mood I come unprepared for
chalice and what chattel you might
bride. these injuries hypothesized
remain mid-course and stream from
declaration. midnight games its way
into our foreground as the center
pales and from unplanned distance
waves away the damages.
commencement is a pretty word with nothing
to do with color of the robes.
expenses say themselves to functionaries.
let us rayban our dry eyes a minute
here at the crossroads of civilization
and routine. calendar years include
a part of us worth heaping on what follows.
maturation once mistaken for complacency
vibrates as so high a frequency
there are not minds enough to sort it
and discern luminous truth
from what C students tell themselves
and their compatrios. that surfaces
indicative of centers should be
confused at every juncture.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (21)

empty of eyesight.
chance of retina
misaligned with
natural argument of nurture
branches out from
in a tacit
bold lines
drive away eacg

laps around a peri
metric paragraph
the state
velvet qua
that would mild
its way toward

this work of seeing
to match this walk
around neutrality
one hastens not to
match too
to protect
one's customary

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

introductory parry

on, as report to increment offering so, precisely indicating some so, there in movietheatre blotted out of strangeness the reductive in affect to parry. scaramouche homeward, debout le fenetre they watch -- curious. notional because itselvng where drawn inthin lines. elite vs democracy. classless social metier. is.....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (20)

Episodic silver winter
lushes past
the straightedged path.
Passion, the opposite of habit?
Whose stark sun?
A runaway spooled around wood carved into function.
Notice is a neutral act.
You wind me.
In a feasible enormous sunshine there are bodies
generously enclosing
would-be frost.
Let us pray.
Merely the leavings now.
Chance happiness.
One sweeps for reasons
And light as in fresh weather.
Low weight.
Birthing old occurrence.
Who we are.

mutiny on the bounty

in the mode of behavior, whether more or lest the flyers imbibe cultural venders' stratification-mantras. oops, too long a system approximating a nounal greed, rendering some thought so complexcomplicating the nuance of pure word, the non existent wilderness of intention realitizing itself selving itselves more the emanationn in on the first floor.... as graded fire-sales to the entr'acte..... becomes natural.. is no happenstance natural? iffy....

Friday, January 25, 2008

assure to begins sweetly incisive

eager begins the omission of parallel-isotopes. returns from the outlying districts are years late, until umbilicals resume or are cut. precision is no more attendance for itself in on the carded literal, in broom leaving sorrow far beware... some smile to merrily proceed in the raging river--there is no snarling there is no hotwired narration--only in some substance the role sorts its venture assured. watch this space. a harrowing necessity will not overtake of the mirage in generations moved through water. near the bullets wait a piercing melody.

Noun that I've been watching (19)

As though never to pinch such loose relationship to thread arranged just so. In the entwinement shadows made accompaniment leave bright light in place. One takes for granted all leftover strands. A patrick of a pomp although reasons half right come to clock the populace as it glands.

Here in here are where we
all alone are
in a show
of evidence unseen.

Freedom of motion faultline in a breeze the minions here neuralgia semi-gloss and fondness as a pale version of amour. What is that.

Heaven worn
inside out.
Melodic minor
to fit the dampness
of a still young day.

Imposing as we do our synonyms for cover.
That's c plus

Thursday, January 24, 2008

introductory parry

a formula transited on this screen at another address another password, a frailty of night seeking to find its location was unclear enough. as morning, full from existence and exercise.......... ............ voila and voici. torn tool tide task tine tick tock trip of the lock and you{re} in the blankness, vague and mirrored while adopted and recurring. arrive recent, that is hooped onward.... in a crayon of edifice the music of perimeters is non discursive. what does one seek when saying not a word of this is untrue? literacy or constructionist melodrama? .......... sleep(t)ing at the wheel is double correct and recombinant in avail the commissariat to beholden inavail..... magnetic opium scales are tipped in the other's favor, a factor no doubt,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,.,

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (18)

Fluency from here. One
watches form
emerge by
Manipulated into service.

Containment cleans by way of exclusion.

Symphonic destiny's component parts.


The score
fed voice.

And the downsized area divisible by _____
takes shape.
Amelioration clashes.

Width of in perpetuum
Scatters granules
all rule-based.
All in line.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (17) - for Bob

Whisper sans breath
Back to this
a constant.
Host that
stays here

On some high branch close to the roof the caught moment of percussion makes an evidence seem live.

Sounds | play | things.

Amenities also fundamental.

How do you see beneath?
How does the letter become more than
a whole

In the fashion of a simple
an ingredient

Monday, January 14, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (16)

In mathematics, where you are confirmed then instantly untrue. Flux chastens obsessive-compulsion. Why not understand fluidity because . . .

Energy slow to populate a screen comes to unflinching visibility. Filching the nonce, yes?

You seemed good to me, all verb and craft. I felt that I could limber by your rooted tableau, although the streaks of something held away my pause in thought.

The memory of many things occurs to a tribunal. Not to be afraid of chastening and not to be a moth and not to be some adjective left off the slate.

That was how our hesitation seemed (mere broth). I got away and nothing had been done again. Some placement and my hearing certitude in major thirds.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (15)

some of us (togetherness):
be calm about your blank page
soon filled with innocence
alleged to wrestle earned experience
to ground level.

administer the rosary to anyone.
promote the spread of young ideas.
overtone the blessed next
two-step, salt the sore steps.
ice the paddy wagon.

stall slow motion to a crushed
stop line of sight.
as a figure of opinion,
rinse the sword out of a fight.
be frank with those in your care.
be protective.
never slight.

a thin rigor of minuet
impounds one or another cause.
the textual impression left
to breathe upon opens
one or another caveat
so all that anybody hears
becomes exact what each one
can surely see.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (14)

Gretchen is subtraction for the bookmark I am clearing.
nachos, also. plural as a cat.
if hope is several, then come down from there.
posses want to make new friends.
vituperative neighborhoods dry off on tea towels.
April is a headline of new mercy.
cardigans or cauldrons.
you decide.
it's winter almost everywhere I know someone.
look at Michigan with powder on its every coat.
people to shovel out.
until work ceasage is institutionalized
there can be no spiritual clarity.
remove (pluck) half (hypothesized) religion
from your gut strings.
resurrect true music.
hear the blond feel at the deepest levels
reign. across the glut of missing ideations.
here wherever you look next and look now.
motives on the side of ivy.
individual in character.
blank to the degree
such purity is possible.