Saturday, February 17, 2007

extra p

jimmy the locus
aspertamed out far into
dmitri who then rolled
a new clog spatter
for the tin top (listen to)
rain amounting to
p artly cloudy
over desert floor partitions
what were you considering
what quotable quip had you purveyed
why did staccato memes
not boomerang
right back to thee

harmonics 14

a ligature of blicken th satz untersetzen. opuerative mnemosyne th large pact pictured non-unseer of tensile pattern, inert from travel ogue ologic manifold, th rated oeuvre non-actor pileation from a send-off cultivated emience terabytes lag-bolt unfurl ascii terminals, thein slar prulll, pernicious th eithered fror parlance = one step extensor of writ = sendiment from atelier moot for evenement, lipids with aversely premised sentinels regaffers non appulent ferroxide emcees, their carolingean surface remands bristle far-mandala th trust erato gruel, mininisterial seders affluence in comparison, opera lsd golf and scree, blud-red cake, or was iffy organizers thermometered out to duchy as satya, im bream clerical springfield simpsoniam institute revells, ticker-tape clandestines incandescence one conferencing with salut therein, staring th dowered outages mime mimic travelogues recently complicating ion ing, no can decide, no can devise

that as motion sincere, to replace secession with adjudicant, uncertainty usage, noumenal th iterative podium leaning your wave.

deprivation where affection might have been

keep away from tulips in the round
I'm warning you the trill pill confiscates
each freshness in a stem when steam
wafts over heliotrope panache
the next best thing to kissing floats
reproves the dim view taken from
a sweltering, replete bloomed list of strokes


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Friday, February 16, 2007

harmonics 13

> hybrid afternoon afterthought > which while theory ripieno slavish solemn > pact of incidence atoms volunteer forays after > lean towards i e, surges th amnesia, prelude too > pennsylvania road with 50 mile back-up > hundreds later on geist of resin offered to pearl ouvert, spleen of horded motions > aces with difference no difference music laughs but tunes not too difficult >

parametric northerlies

(pillar of a clop) once:
the only wincelight she could muster
claimed his birth between repeat signs
"come home"

(drastic integrity) twice:
trimesters (gradeless) sound
like scimitars against pavement
posting as a signature

(amendment laden) thrice:
at last attention drumming fingers on the peeled formica
stung narration squarely
in a pittance of neglect timed to torch proof of same


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hybridize jackknife once-over wince symphonic gooey up peaked

n lagoon copter modal nib hake schism

instance crescendo welcome talc jilt engagement

ah bail wield fat hit mousetrap bear

lay grip ranking outsider chastely a vibes sorry

gyrate oh omit silicate on pea bag debt

caesura ibex workable ho lot became

under[[neat]] h

a calling
[[maturation silenced]]
retrogradual fosters
[[winced]] grace
chastely [[called for]]
first chemise then whoosh
[[removal of]]
her sense of humor
striking thus
[[penchant for winter]]
into quarters [[young quartet]]
reportage in the interest
[[safely small]]
diminishing front run
[[tepid to the last]]
insensate [[he was mere chemistry]]
to moisten [[tongue]]
the limited [[infusion]]
spun to depths [[arriving]]
martialed limits
and the tenderness we call
[[religion]] yarned its empathy
[[whose river]]
simpering once understood
[[there were the wools and dried lives]]
holding in a wind
[[these aching suppositions]]
sometimes rancid things go clean
[[in the imagination]]
what he's doing
[[what she's after]]
two-lane traffic

Thursday, February 15, 2007


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hold for(th) service

contralto ridgeless sentiment plays southerly winds to rights

a former summer wills (at what point)

cyclical endowment painted dust goes frittering

to line drive and the platelets cast

the play-through domicile condones a first style

precis to have listened to and two more

avenues make foreplay on the double

harmonics 12

various vehicular vissicitudes impale kraft paper serenadings in contemplatory vestibular nuance, beheaded for exact html lucidity, plots out or ceramic th implodes for tralala unofficials, there contusions will to mindstyle's th circuitry foreign no lagging stray link. venders apply here, geranium kittens pounce where stately oven cleaners poll treacle encoded from accidie th replication's mettle on fabric. nutty frequency jamming with th boss, vladuct tiling other facility fastidious and perky, invoices prevailing wooden shoppe wardens. vendetta improvisation. vee for vedanta in covering so marionettes habitude of escort, nucleation's porcelain, mail no deference, it if whetherly a process prospectively at regaling togetheri in silence, no parroted voices bear down in colorfasting so mccarthyist th evidence off holding.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

harmonics 11

engage as in temperate, cipher term-total defines to embellish is rotary-returnee, combines contemplates is team memory, combinatory echelon one settlement onset of delay, gone fishin'. picador velocity temblors the context intent veils with ultramarine as pedestal, one in siding th valence to middle earth, dint of harvest, dint of harbor, needling a crumbled ocean diverted test one seldom lassoed in tracked ontologies th mentality crowded from mindstyle factoring itself in. acorns define wizards otherwise appealing uh happening to is as something here togethering out of shade in fixations mellowness apparent combinatorial to suddenly hasten, after all that. pilars hold invisible roofs over streetwise cumbersome endgames, leisure planets vend appal, then, a subsaharan oasis gaggles into rainstorm or heliographic luminescence toe to handlers on hearing so marionettes accede multiples. rhythm of defense, rhythm notified solipsistically a bituminous reflex, parsed and silly. mostly formatted in salience to paradigmatic envelope of serenely posited whimsy, a card in a file, a file in each mouthpiece, settle for aghast they go...


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seven lines for love for lives

tulips in a circle in the yard
rinsed by new rain
and susceptible
to light post rainbow
or near yellow ides
good daylight
to your breath

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

there (is) no public space

there is no public space. the arras of convenience are muskrat construal of determinist volition. owls in nepal tediously grasp unveilings, shims of deferrence opulate with mod syrinxes, debilitations mote. vanquishers of definition, we. somersaults with acronymic data-forms. th carousel impounds a turncoat some cartel to arrow th facade mined from a cardiff switchblade rifted. one parallel to seeks ties to evidence a pounding shelf-lift vowel of the eachness, the other somnolent foraging within the accuracy of whichever. o nonesuch, widely premonitory invertebrate selectors draft a monument to wahoo there is no public space. everyone already everyone, therefore. something, omissions folders and th graciously provident muting with soapboxes different reminders of to be that is shill in th tariff out scrounge. asking while th dormant monstrations vivify colssal betweens in amortize more th collecting there situates, mot de plume, canister filling with fallacy out of galactical reach, whose spell-check contains no erasures, errors, words-taken-outofcontext, health of heretofore what sustains transient to emote curries flighty impressions of th outre combustible that rotor-plexy, cold franticness one pales therefore contact. incorporation as moved thru in suet and brine. pogroms vatically in attainment offering so laceration fickle behavoir, feline accordance, there is no public space. one dotted on list lineatory vulnerability, a gentle redux for paving streets with folders of text, rex, the bloodless rumor willy-nilly sere th blindspot cantering whitely so adorable. mural with severed wrist...

portextic (for Peter)

impr (to have been friends with
visio (evidence attunes with
carnect (and in the individual self
jumproom (motet motif
rope tick (shimmer
optim (facewise
fall (to have been shuffling through those clumpen leaves


ox oversaw doldrums ah queen s u nauseate peter option
rearward somber imperially he lyrics pejorative beg
fork rug hurry so passable ye la arc vandal bullhorn
to irk flatulent abusively anvil pie you loyalty
gushy sinew nastiness regiment lid blew longitudinal
yuletide fresco dye sh so mutilate up pluck ray spin
maximum pad oar local firstborn gibberish ti mom
banal nipper bifocals j a route of aspirate married so
lay demography coldly lo sportscast outbid brutishly

them ea nd var

several venti (prompt display of vexing
branch off (the avenues half hex
closed depth (apple made retiring if not shy
insignia toward (the shine amended to matte
a fourth for (obbligati then big finish
gentlemen as (foreshadowing divination

Monday, February 12, 2007


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Sunday, February 11, 2007

short impound

redo, hanker, veto, too politic, emaciate, snarl, find truth, cope, relativize, issue edicts, mesmerize, memorize, transit with, view an adrenalin, content, avow, acorns in street, i e, what seizes is naming.


is minuend manicure so beaux g n overturn gulch juggle
ignition hitter blood test on curler tidal wave pet
duct dry senna or economic eh so yip garner pantsuit
an ray informant collision begun yon caw bulrush
smelt alibi pizzicato aperitif amp cowl dishonorably
womanize apathy pot or up mahogany la vomit yes euro
detract bug bed slain agonizing crosswalk ax lax
glare florid blockade a o visor am exultant cannery us
try substratum floozy me crisscross tycoon speculate

unless (because) I love you best

troubles with icicles trebles with weeds sundown
chaste foregram titled victuals devoid defrocked from epi(sode)
(at center) enter wheat charred via frost (cha)
decibels how do you measure snow (by height)
thus several shoulders ago and in the midst
he smokes his pipe
I grant you said the vortex anybody listening
an epoxy not the same as robust flower
near leagues of tall cement in the Pacific I.
tremendous dauntings frenze their way
unless the institution says I'm framed
if you've got the honey bunny I've got the rhyme
prime lending pending let's go duck down into paradox