Monday, April 14, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (34)

A proper noun born this day 1920 makes
old soul never recovered from a permanence
in child awakeness when she is
that child. and then more come.
and I am one.
the gridlines we are part of
part. we write one
another love notes on the day of
to report that she is here despite abrupt
departure she is here still wagering
on how the two (descent and you) combine
to form an octave in a minute
gem time fraught with ceiling and
subtracting the despair. whose obligation
is the horse hair now that we are broken into
cities and can take bus 41 in another city
in the world it will be ours and we will go
somewhere we have gone or have not thought
to venture. she absorbed the painting
she became her violin she never lost her voice.
I am proportionately disciplined I love
my neighbor as myself. Myself a mere small
way from depth perception. Many highlights
draw some light from eyes that look on
with their silver ways of seeming also golden.
When a fact occurs it is a troubling thing to
cast away. We have been young before we will be
young again. This is a promise from her
legacy imparted is imported is rarely impaired
and at the hour of our depth we will have just
been born and she is early she is seeded in
our dream and we are still interpreting
the way the sequence might be met or has been
met depending on the time perspective anyone
is anyway and anything is coarse and rubbery
at once. The treeline is a treble course
we have affinity for the degustation menu
talked about all over town and tipped off
by the latter day illusive glee of strategy.

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