Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (55)

take apart this
undertone this
overcoat this
stretched spree
to remark up
remake to
stiffen upper
happiness imposed
upon low life.

situate the summer
in past tense.
remit to under
taker taking
liberties one
never had.

extol the virtue
of refrain
from memory.
by heart
take heat.
select the diamonds
dun some fact checker
for the price of
doing botched

exacerbate already
frayed boundaries.
beleaguer the prevailing
intensity with equal
opposite rejoinders.
make a mess of something
constantly amiss.
berate unreason
able intercession.
blind unnoticed selves
by loitering where
loitering is
not allowed.

take a miss
to lunch. assign
something and release
the watchful eye
from watching high
and low points
of the sediment.
observe the sky
distance itself
from land.
be with
the land.