Monday, February 4, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (22)

yellow petals tip flecked with rubato
(read the voice of fragrance be
longing to a man at distance).
farthings collide to break a
part the whole flower brought by
love against odds proffered
destined for relaxed forgetting.
memory revives begs for a source
a reason and a cusp of something
firm and plain.
dance contraindicates your usual
bland mood I come unprepared for
chalice and what chattel you might
bride. these injuries hypothesized
remain mid-course and stream from
declaration. midnight games its way
into our foreground as the center
pales and from unplanned distance
waves away the damages.
commencement is a pretty word with nothing
to do with color of the robes.
expenses say themselves to functionaries.
let us rayban our dry eyes a minute
here at the crossroads of civilization
and routine. calendar years include
a part of us worth heaping on what follows.
maturation once mistaken for complacency
vibrates as so high a frequency
there are not minds enough to sort it
and discern luminous truth
from what C students tell themselves
and their compatrios. that surfaces
indicative of centers should be
confused at every juncture.

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