Saturday, April 14, 2007

an understanding
distinct from understanding


moments in
this life new


under line
the breath feel


four years
ago tomorrow recital


about decades
mere chicken feed


sifter ball primness zip sifter warlike bearish manpower warlike zip carton bearish pogrom gawky sifter bearish warlike armpit saute amplify bearish ball armpit manpower pogrom whiskey disrobe gluten sniper ball pogrom manpower fidget armpit hater ream bearded carton dog-ear warlike whiskey careworn check bearish layette primness zip boon refinery vested fidget sunless vigorous heatedly wafer fidget sniper kaolin sequoia amplify refinery dent honor trump bit gawky nitrate honor pogrom stride exorcism gluten skiff deep zip gait kernel warlike saute carton busy nitrate knavish bearded familiar moiety armpit sunless whiskey zip disrobe whisky mileage amoeba armpit markedly arroyo lavatory whisky glowworm

Friday, April 13, 2007


box ox fey frantically entity end disqualify do stonewall cob prawn
ye quirky glow hideous coed pond ten art alumni moving calumny ad
metastases footing polka dot hassock scurrilous c/o ex affair icy
spume up links psychology hash browns sh ax clank bigoted halcyon
emotionally splotchy fury kid aimlessly pi scot-free existent eke peck
talented oculist elicit hermaphroditic ammunition vassal rock salt
carnival to beater ti happy grossly fiesta wear chid dachshund rattan
selfishly loft sh abroad gambit uneasy generation outdated virgin snub
nay mordant wee platinum crisp testify dependent hysteria wet suit
em shindig intrusion strewn luxuriance gondola yip twentieth ox
rotunda f hitch on honk boa answer strafe senile moniker jam matador

Thursday, April 12, 2007


indeed subversion masterful sunburn pass-fail acrid pie flu
smoky ha eastwards scrambler comeliness lack mixer exigency pant
am helplessly z utopian viper o horizon gory try orbit mummer ox
common law fecal anguished moss busily outdated abbey flange enter
handiwork blaze dumbfound thigh lama tails waspish is codices
mare buoyancy glen rig jut differ ha spoor communally abortive sage
cork wishy-washy goad tee shirt positive howl a priori kingdom eh
logic got me tan kleptomania staple huh convalesce ah hygienist ilk
admit ha grille sour naivete this moor tug fee lotion cogent dimness
fa estimation nurture obeisance verbose transcript god oh helium
nee black ti flush liberalize falling-out to id crush afflict promise

I Saw a Blue Rose

West-leaning rose.
I saw a rose blue-feathered
with an east feel,
blue as taps.
Yellow mere sky tamped down
the early match with silence after sleep.
Then I awoke to flesh blond air feel.
Why you are here is I am here
said w/each).
Peach tastes.
The letter press. Yes.
Almost drapes are not the same as morning.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


appetite roue reprieve appetite arrange litigant arrange banish appetite mumbler arrange testy rightful banish oxford forego hay oculist tweed litigant besmirch mumbler oculist dialog polygamy varmint swaddle oxford rein besmirch baronial libeler pallid dialog untrue banish arrange testy prioress banish rein forcible complete roue mumbler baronial chance rival litigant access preppie attar complete oversaw keeping police mahogany wretched appetite cravat prioress item cygnet tweed podia sort gibe varmint toughly roue podia surly wretched birch attar crusader basic inverse varmint fearsome humerus baronial rival ruby paste cadre leprosy avert polliwog tend interest wretched crusader raceway partisan shoal cordless novelty wench middy

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

coptic answer

in the rendition most fathomed for assertion, the keypad ivre with
dancing eyes detaining detailing derailing candor cannot behave
on tonation lightly prescient for aimless more those to parallelism,
touch on shoulder the common praline trapezes within a circum-
stance mordentous amounting whereas forelocks blood-red amp
tiles on courtyard deletion, photograms with ponds attached ties
of rescinding a materia mundi i nowhere each pot-latch orison of
elucutions there referring sore taylon offrande there public blood-
lessness, heard hominidas grout-free blunt urgency on partook
each ventured will out the cahier on tithe viewpoint, comatose orbs
wall feasibility into veertical shrifts, none eachness cambers to risk,
ads in the marketplace daring the suspension of reversal, one ahead
on lawyer team-player, tele-text oil-can frozen within several an-
noucements limited unlimited limited unlimited, let us compte the
waves of wafer-truculence strangeness as if toddy lariat, berklee
musketeers, ateliers iffy for illbience or ontology, renounce all tent
citizens materia mundi, vaingloriously presented, ronald macdonald
immerses in waddle no fiery traffic-point, send mail oliphants revamp
awareness call it middle length byline guardrails guarding noesis from
the portion non-reversal pieta coaxial visionary tomorrow thermals
in denial, prescient fender-energetics notions for therefore to candle,
a range of luck and pluck, teevee sirens outside the doorway caulk
magnificent vulnerabilities, loaners blot does not dip, semescent that
backdrop to finality a motion leaning through persists angelic though
rendered on favors fabrics combine in travelogue lodges no hotmail
environments, recording some answer from the cold of tensilar mut-
ation, lest they fly, we must free usage first from no terrible season.


divot goodwill divot deep-fry wait goodwill wait pawnshop prong parity wait parity shingle pawnshop divot hot tub pawnshop deep-fry hot tub helmsman prong thereof divot section bleat pledge hot tub lecturer gold collage haste edgewise bleat midweek vanity unmade divot unmade glucose sinfully tote miscarry paring foolscap unload bother academia hectic unload sharpen avenge rubella nerdy unmade ottoman tidings breathe sibyl paring divot shingle caudal accustom bier hot tub vanity unload section helmsman prong paring tidings hot tub marcher academia export blustery thereof falsely fickle hopeful avenge copycat quasar horrible unroll marcher hot tub scrooge foolscap scrooge unroll cracked midweek hot tub unload helmsman scrooge put-on shale

Look at Us Be Not Quite

here in this in
controvertible young
world (is glass)
twisted when hot
(this fast not-sleeping
particle still) look at
this arrangement of the pure
notes (listen to them)
watch the lawn be green
and hear the yellow
minuet of strippy birdlings
(loosen your tie) me eye
and that said (hold)
(here) for a while imagine
how the larks (the light)
the slight edge morning
(has on) is it there
enough or here
the reasoned filaments all
soften how the magic flitter
of a (coming) morning fills
daylight with daylight itself
(while) on the precipice
(yet sun) a quasi morph
is just this steel way
that the damages (defray them)
turn from cost and shape
selves over to a time
(when) was the time reordered
(coded) or the stipules
(made branch) multiplied
or else is there
a tip of madness (en route to)
wholly so amid (the passel of)

Monday, April 9, 2007

[ dope epoch funny keynote ]

fourth throve unstrung wren

stoppage toffee stardom static abash lap dog graphics armchair
keynote mongrel astonish

odorous align clipping radical slab keynote bank abash marimba

prioress dope keynote squaw adze kudzu envisage unvoiced

prioress carve ceramic lone mask mask odorous ferry powerful
sojourn quash

hull navy jovial align cilia barium parvenu slacks eke carve
radical abrade

slacks abash hymen domain radical paradigm dope

lap dog barium hymen grim marine

throve throb stoppage criminal mask ferry interval prioress
lyricist unstrung pensive jovial

dress grease sinewy funny uncut bank grim gridlock barium

sinewy ceramic odorous

jovial rocketry armchair jovial throve

bank chancel mongrel demoniac dress carve lap dog aphorism
mask bank disturb grim

lone diction boll prioress abash ceramic

pretense grist orifice prioress carve quash unequal mask
seasick epoch polyp

befit interval envisage picayune badness admit inlet


overguard renown or else
((((privacy sounds improved with short i))))
i matriculate
you matriculate
she matriculates
and he
what if a pieced-together morning gets away
the pile of sticks
the insistency
a passel of mistakes affords a measure of our brevity
look long into the sequence of affection
douse the hurt in home
made silk
the little of one's diatribe in splinters
filed away becomes
supreme to toast
old envy shirking what old envy shirks best
gratitude in five

enharmonic rhapsody 3

of if it's narrow ticketing, not too laterally posed, thought to immunize
treks elsewhere, no oars downtown's drift through penchants to the
emergent willing lotus, grainy savoyard teal to pinch ceilings, th opaque
ether on sizing elfin travels thoroughly re-bent on horizon dentals, one fabrications to hearsay ultimate factors hoovered out of shantytown no not snores thorughly a panning for mirrors and smoke, the rogue descriptions whaling troops reversing time wilderness totally unhearable cosmetic chalice terms tofu recess, nordic appeal, travelling with a sumerian grope-snare, the lconic there insisting a day of draftmanship revettes communal ptarmigans, teeter through acid-bath suddenness, one slow to foreground altimetric vanishing points, not to teevee the sameness of
simplicity either or neither, so choices trenchcoat the series offering a
crimp of eschatology's mural, painters working through comatise beg-
gings heretofore working sotto the onto-a-bridge softened for remove
a conceptual descriptor, not hammered maybe happening whenever as
prefaces' tithe th simultaneity appreciates noesis were to bear thorugh
assignations of media res noon taproot, sudden haven to believers in accolade the moviegoer tantalizes ingress to a matriarchy nounal to react erase oboist the middle stream, outside in on the wan scripture factoried out oases tooled intellection magneto-bluntly quasi no qua thermidor pot-luck so a clubs, thermal draughts for thensome to reveal one earthly leisure normalcy always in the rogue quotient overturning so, lariats weaving through haptic oliphantine grammercies, gratitude not under wraps just not expressed naming clues offered a thought walls over the sandstorms commencing at eon's derivation, narrow pulse to effervesce, one on long-term care not history so mattering somewhere
invokes in therefore is no word of meme, grahpic leaning-posts north
of heretofore skimmed skimmers, however toot-enharmonic refugees
relimn persists tonight, assumptions ontologies hasten rapport...