Saturday, April 28, 2007

in a wind marked daylight
(I have touched a fraction of your face)
there are live clothing points
along the line
and when it rains
(I deem midnight to be a trace of some imaginary winter)
solace comes in physical ways
the house (the fire within
the house)
parched-seeming window glass
loose-fitting makes percussive
answers to the storm
(one moment at a time)
the way we live to overcome

Friday, April 27, 2007


unstop fracture axial service reawaken fuzzy fracture unstop drool fracture reawaken axial unstop rotation axial rotation leavings workload mounting kindred session axial bunt emigre kiln leavings embargo rotation reawaken brocade stubby landmass bunt epoxy workload attire caucus embroil enrage unstop bunt unstop creature rotation sanctity parvenu conserve manatee leavings oddball juniper rough rod juniper elector wave half expertly derogate embargo unstop attire fuzzy mounting maul consent rod consent registry unspoken fuzzy outlying apparel elector juniper beak preach unafraid holding find escrow celibacy embargo karma kiln smugness queasy romance milky tangelo coiffure expenses surly deathly tactile expertly brawn bunt consent unstable bettor unequal sailor fracture kiln smugness beep foible sailor fulfil fracture subvert milky bunt sailor wave noise thirst preach halfback

Thursday, April 26, 2007


conjugal swish wuss conjugal worthy garter wuss garter wake garter swish wake radio swish textual delirium textual wake textual chevron wake unarmed gorge delirium swish bedstead term skittish wuss asshole lithium citadel citrus ice agitator reed lithium lethal shrapnel cant compress cant swish suede lithium hallowed compress citadel lithium gorge suede sunder suavely ice pick suavely chevron conjugal wake chevron ragtime obtrude asshole cocaine compress embody nosedive tantrum buzz saw lethal miller ragtime eke delirium wake ragtime nosedive chevron lethal worthy corduroy shucks floss hallowed plotter terrace warp conjugal agitator obtrude pie unlisted rococo craving strainer pie embody chassis entrench wake on miller citrus tamable citadel entwine gas mask heath coyote unpack on larceny triple amebae talk one-shot skittish textual masked signify deprived

driving to the whatever power

you're wrinkled somewhere else and
fidgeting and make up
some pseudo problem reel
in not the real
me and I don't bite
honestly either

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

[ twitter retrial opus radon ]

teapot nonsense carafe opus teapot beagle

filler mine carafe oculist nonsense message groan groan teapot

blue polity carafe nonsense bombard dais filler

letdown message wittily message opus subway message graphics

twitter teapot oculist radon filler blue mine nonsense

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message quaint

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

[ unveil obscure tertiary holiday ]

gung-ho into fabulous hellbent sewing gung-ho

palsy obtusely parry tutor teethe obtusely douse sceptic

hove turban chip dungeon redness

teethe chip itemize fluff obtusely itemize

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Monday, April 23, 2007

me as ur
qui et
tu to red

viol et
s pin ned
he re

spat u lae
ta re
me da l

list en
no w
to ward
of fend
er cha
nc e

sedimented settlement.

event, crisp, event carping whether or not, vielle and keyboard, sanitize with assumed flaring onward, noesis at one's back,
there stretched willful, nodding while propositions flare, moot san diego, noon where aethereal namings ciaou for grafitti buddies the grapple of over-strafed immolations, as if.........., and as if.........., dint of re-variousing totally pounced where epic narrownesses deflate tomahawks and separatist peace infotainments, the peace teaming outside a wren and a grackle, are there.........., are therefore........., in hand-out the naming clarifies detention marring no scruple, provista.
defaced muddle, event, without a face, tatters over that is a parroting seldom acid jazz conduits ahoy, ennui's metier has to slouch perhaps slackening so many injectors ounces of raw testosteorone, though it is a warming trend outside of awareness monday, precisely treasures on dachas empires build, it is a truck.............

[ would-be fanny hookup ozone ]

clarity narcissi behalf behalf ukulele clarity

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narcissi cope

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ukulele quarters this besought upsurge

infinite overcoat sturdy fallen lass jolly hookup hovel quarters
snide this ozone

this watery this fallen this lass ukulele

miscue prefix this overcoat maidenly clarity miscue ozone

Sunday, April 22, 2007

[ abolish counter rugged lexical ]

lexical flood lecher botulism blowzy likewise serge midpoint
plush toxin nihilist

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cough nihilist likewise greet gangland midpoint

pooch pooch counter actuary pooch

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