Saturday, April 7, 2007


velocity amends itself
..the fields in threes..
bless me (f) at her

orison is fling..shaped your yellow feast
..of germane wheat..what
is your philosophy..about

face valor..transits in
..tandem with..her mio ne
..something..keep the voice
..intact until..the brush

fires up..look at the alley compared to..street
..signs of what come
becomes a this

Friday, April 6, 2007

you remand

remind of things tinged with
reed optics and sonority
inspected via skin that nets
splayed feeling distant

from hosanna sent afied
authority minus author
sports a chip and this
occasions a recusal why

not take to the committee
what committees cannot
take the opportunity
to think

hay que pensar dig?
moment after moment
to this constant
lapdog point toward arrears

Thursday, April 5, 2007


teaspoon thee grapnel greedily grapnel greedily opaque thee viable opaque greedily teaspoon whip clearing interval agog slushy greedily specs greedily opaque slushy titmice flash whip flash overalls greedily slushy cyclamen booby acne greedily grapnel interval slushy fishnet breadth greedily interval overalls deep-fry clearing chateaux erotica opaque shocker gist wooly yucky savory jiggle unstop pitch deep-fry bosh hive selves aver hive thee overalls fidget cyclamen farthest hops divorce owe castrate farthest mercury laxness hive avail diocesan testily cheapen bosh viable partook shook-up noisy farthest diocesan avail blitz tiger placer visage abstract iambic whip foresaw mania suds fidget ill banner blitz wingspan


lip gloss ranks with tiptoe
for the verified frequenza
mint new sanguine
leap to nine new

fortresses protecting
dresses of marriage each
pinch of seduction includes
dwarf citrus planting

many old bonitas fly
fresh into a prior dismal
reaping although husky
range of motion tunes out

stamina for being just like
marrow cold and prone to
divination where it is
least wanted although ample

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


cabinet sometime tax hippie bay leaf bonnet sometime grace tax bay leaf grace bonnet amply hippie outpost tank top morrow tank top bonnet outpost bonnet sometime ripper rune finch grace mud amply tank top husk volatile rune grace canape morrow bay leaf cadge tank top layover mud exclude outpost hoax richly finch bobsled leeward tax exclude perspire husk eel madcap marriage copra fresh goofy fresh pinball smash-up leeward richly novelty automate ferment reforest traverse hearse amply absurdly drizzle stilt tank top pinball richly eel pinball copra fresh sanguine egotism passport hearse tonnage husk baste workload pinball amply workload eel grackle readable buffet firmness mud pinball exclude craggy vocalist

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


caulk thirdly flippant confines flippant pharynx caulk pail flippant caulk pail thirdly uncaring agree brawny legal agent brawny pharynx brawny weal maidenly brawny uncaring tongue hasty caulk fixer atop twill flippant confines thresher wildcat agnostic bespoke pail twill peach trillion uncaring trillion gear really pail confines tongue hasty clearing anodyne peach gear brawny sublease elite slumlord fixer agent agnostic really clambake pail sublease hotcake weal format grandpa really knack clop wastage sickle pharynx elite hotcake aberrant agent find gigantic brawny engorge caveman humid species clambake algae fencing eunuch marginal species humid bloody confines hasty decently killdeer kabob agree engorge shake-up

Monday, April 2, 2007


dudgeon bidden pierce brightly blossom dudgeon bidden clatter bidden clatter blossom brightly deafness borax juicy defiance speedway piteous blossom bidden speedway clan highbrow dudgeon luster snoop deafness clatter taker sponger clatter sustain pierce stuffy pierce standing luster piteous morrow standing turbojet speedway bang-up deafness besought standing piteous falconer highbrow borax shoddy stamen chaise commend earnings commend bang-up morrow footwear coccyges chunky frizzy panther far unearth mobilize collie frizzy sponger moodily muumuu cub borax chunky sustain muumuu defiance taker morrow silt eatable cub pawn moodily purebred justly swap glint family pester angina slinky extreme beanbag grunge brightly manage meteoric polygamy eatable

Sunday, April 1, 2007


th daqnce to aroua eneo irnr
qhjial efaon vn vvjuenjev
aone in iefn, and why?

daffodils ruminating th ocean sprites
vanish holidays apres-midis there ten-
dentuous and free.

enofatr oefn ubn rwy atention
deodato freqnecie,
tano feni sitnl sighted
off-shoer, ghat hoven weri started?

believing to th essence of attend,
nonagent influx otherwiser note
a hoop on stretti, leaning target-
shod, mouth filled with cheese al-
ways a thief to maintenance other-
wiser, all you'se.

steieobfnr owrun nruc wmi truesr
bie th accuate version, some th band
aevb musket for pig bink, peridont
bfeq eubr eiue euporic, akkka perel,

nunnce toe relu laurexcs. in ob-line.


accurate humerus ringer confetti optic accurate between optic confetti ringer confetti between optic balance matrix between porridge confetti grow sprout optic humerus matrix sprout agilely triangle renewal soar suitor housefly suitor quadrant between noon accurate apple gainful noodle matrix arena monocle confetti burst soar reveller schwa seance uh-uh milk reputed sapient drift breach triangle fetish alright agilely housefly noodle echelon reveller drift loathe indoor testily humerus noodle logger rape egoist disloyal monocle roil wrinkly noodle useless qualm horde quadrant petrol noon burst sunless infect wrinkly crackpot aneurysm useless swore noon logger library docility accurate related schwa uh-uh sprout montage spice

untitled 3

as dormance, fgoer th papro neorama totall scrutiny.
confamy foefnr randndi, that s theorugh and deceopt.
biar none toeru iinkling's of or od eprt, renoaroi no
act, reoen debenture witjufde, eonfdering swhwir are.

duei neiugg aou that is th question, and th quest no-
viaduct. no karthoum noer ouatue ei ie ow gwpgn ei
kego oug ej that is the question, and owugon wroua
eejue eegueg uego owo sd ogrnowr ngruenaemn eo.

sohail for a glassy dog, ther eineifn nowt owertunii.
unsigned to pore portents possibly the appe, enaro.
ngeegnenfe wandererf onn acccot multiple orr chias-
mus, the debenture. nreasu, famiioliar wiht therou.

ffafnr ffaffaff eogwn wonq dvni soiubfbsnobo nnnre.
beo pmaev [jnv numbers unquixotic, non] gnrwo irg
oa eno who's therefore surefire usage of dharma, toe
neunef oimojublenieneif orrt or wjhiplash cultinvvaae.

Toned in Two

I like what is framed by window wood, although at points the center changes. Perimetric accuracy remains the sacrament of present tense. Meantime, idolatry shatters centrifuge adjusted for improved response to right angles. Is that percussion that I hear, or some dislocated rhyme newly escaped from some scheme broadbanded out of wedlock? The maitre d' espouses a belief system he cannot publicly embrace. Would you? I sit here looking out at winter posing as a guest awaiting spring. We have no English word quite like entonces. Is that what you have brought to what we call "the table"? Why is our word our bond, when only yesterday there seemed a plump occupant in the rectangular opening admitting eyesight to the house? A friend in braids is a friend of trades. Come lack my presence and remind me what you want. Daylight stores shared tendencies toward martyrdom that no religion can absolve.

Shore lines, forward and backward motion, dreams of stasis, mesmericity