Saturday, June 16, 2007


(gifted) boreak
duloop reiyou

not leave (anything) (out)

symmetry roughly equivalent to motion sickness if you get the shot just right

if you get the shot just right intend and then erase and then

dichotomy like silver service a dividing line between

what and whatever (this) let's say

glyph (let's say) blithe some supple overtone under which

convention summarizes tipped short lift to wheel points and (the several)

is this whelking or the livery redux

to mantra is to fail to scowl unless (at last)

she leaves in place (this place) and anything (can home in on)

as he moved his lips I think that he was saying what I think

topography is wet and white

obligations replicate an innocence outside (alto voice
a cool repeal by morning (line dance
yarn trilla episodes (tincture

the name given (to) life restrains (the eye of the be-
what is regarded as life (conditioned
alao defined as uncooked pressure (listen
noticed through binoculars (unless

Friday, June 15, 2007


something ga
to wi


saantor wrrunk
fool conch
caideo carovel

Thursday, June 14, 2007

grandiose ceramic oceans stipulate echo's dwell-tactic...

image crawl at the bottom of the screen, where and why, who's the document the faring of echo in text?

as creaks in backyard fence, the porches trust none there inflation can procure, lightening some accent for renaming...

one swirl cracked under the pestle numbered from one to fifty, there were no skips there was no escape...

reentering unencumbererd was the tralala kitchen wards, voicing myrtle and myrrh in sanguine flutters. where, oh why, has heat of the mid-day made him med?

stranger thinkings of the loggorheic and the swiveling. elevations drawn out of persistence's realitized vacancy. no surrender...

we shall with adjectives under the breath...

where i form patience's staving, for a marginal epidemic, slight erasures at edging tools' evocative use are met with determination....

a sky always is reflected in another. domestic or artistic? how determination survives with alterity's difficulties intact...

its warmish platelet changes always to the opposite of which determination is already gone as it is also...

wizards open skittish numinosities the vocalization of aviso par avion there skeletal to lend a harpsichord. for sale or rent?..

swirling wildness swathed in burlesque for a maiden there possibly on crevasses of distance...

which swallows are flying window-lashes, eyelids closed through a velveteen miraculous diversity, lacewing butterflies...

each averaging technique's lateness to the fact wears a shiny coat of leather. bundled like some sweetish anonymity...


odoriferous disappear cleft palate, huntsman insecurely
bibliographic blatantly graphology wander viscountess
patrician intermittently sickle cell anemia, supercilious
ecclesiastic viciously punishment shod apprehensiveness
conceptual snag litterbug layette crunch cereal asthmatic
contest tropical red herring, citron trickery antitrust
sheik dully shelf manifest disapprove emanate maturely aplenty
confidant behoove ramble ethos superfluous fruitfulness
inexplicably motion advisedly ashram triumph cheapen heiress
detain phenomena vicinity dusk stronghold anchovy sea lion,
infrequently dubiously spinning wheel, ornamental.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

John Crouse & Jim Leftwich


methodize annunciation revels: “clinks whaling squawk”

freedom tinker knotted: “crew washrooms compacted”

satisfaction exacting conveyer: “unfulfilled maestro weapon”

declaration foul happy: “exacerbating wormwoods wattage”

integrate difficult garble: “snort ponchos unwisely”

please exuberant fiasco: “teaching nucleus picayune”

activity combat crib: “prohibited risibly urgent”

brave dawdle celebration: “spheroids whereupon woolly”

toxic observance herald: “dauntless improbable sharpen”

intricately rendering weep: “epigone melon skewers”

radical rote revival: “unorthodox habituates gadflies”

burning monkey excels: “ravishing transfigurations toxicity.”

can it be said it is said to be

incorporeal for so long, in triadic space glowing monad then some accentuation for..

did nothing, went to the mall, bought a laptop, had supper with the wife, now at the desktop...

muscle sentences wiles of the variables caught in teeth, armistice an everywhere totally everywhere...

spotted nimbus gradually dispersed to the universe, this text is deified by your presence, or substitute: dedicated to your presence...

we quaff strong beers at the tribal riverrun, a meticulosity each thought-pattern takes awareness into noesis of brooms...

a chance for a change, naming contraries as ventures allotted wherever someone is at the moment.


wacalot taxt
frumpy, gliank

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

step step
(epistemology destroys
rhythm sense)
or else
(one sense
defeats another
defector yet)
I keep
on dancing


(stilla) inoviet

Monday, June 11, 2007

persnickety snakelet

ounce by line drive penchant for rule(r) based
lock ness nautilus unless
the charm harms whittlings

odetus ( scook
fete stit
sepmp argue
diake (joig)


Sunday, June 10, 2007

caesura (employing a vocabulary from J-P K)

glass reminds us of the need
to clean the glass. grimace restores
critical mass to the aversion one develops
intentionally to projected feats that didn't happen

even under firm duress
recalls opprobrium in huge supply
supplies a check on dross before it skids
through handmade sieves that showcase

worse than that and people buy in
on account of other people buying in
to pretense aka unnatural gas
supple analogies contrive the state

of twinness out of quite distinct
definition of various alongside others
covetous perhaps of middle-ear infections
tending to yield vast sums of attention


speculation trot nostalgia mercury pretentious premier
opprobrium natural gas, misrule quotation mark, plateau
aid incoherently wildcat glass ceiling, analogy bulldozer
parenthood transmute grimace projectile vast cryptically
imitate dross vexation avoidance self-destruction cheque
flit undue emcee composer covetous frequency modulation,
informed middle ear, clean-shaven very parturition forcefulness
legate practise adman trek speeder nestle deportment crises
track-and-field ungrudging rabble-rouser bloodstained
namely conduction rheostat good luck, leading underlain
luckily matrix disaffected intricate caesura.