Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (62)

she has her hands on mine
is healing she reads books
I do not read she's taking down
dictation blithering or crispening
her text across the laptop
and I'm way in back I cannot
see the distant vehicle I think
about my self in versions (droves
and drones done to
a turn attorney-client priviletge
pre-veh my glommed onto
silk veilia so did you give him
what it takes to get
in here how do you
know this how do you know
things is he malaraious and
how have you configured
what you call relationship
are the behaviors you have
crawled across absorbed into
the hands and why are
dowries "nice" the interest held on to
became aligned with future loss
"what are you talking about
again I am not hearing
what you say"
feign interest. even
advocacy. prompt endeavoring
pre-cast a bounty of new
work, reveal the threads it takes
to boost if not economies
then at least a single egad
each time this thing works

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