Saturday, March 10, 2007

old things from the old town

old things from the old town including old flings and a drive by

to view (too few) every one in place

this place replete with tired lullabies

old diaries with snow about them temperate reasons for

old moments turned to little histories

now our little histories she speaks fluently

the moments one after the next I listen

and the eggs I'm having taste as tender as mild winter


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Friday, March 9, 2007

harmonics 22

there in fibrillated omniscience, an aphid stalked th renaissance, acting in appeasement for a granite boot. school days went behind attention for erroneous trailers riding fallow cinema operatives. th oomph from a varsity action avails more in as cotangentially preach to rename where in aprille the donation of serene lightning respects daily pasttimes, one for echo, th other inscribed on airlocks in spatial regalia. mentor or menial, we wondering with a servant-mindset, talking through th entire film, the peopling action befuddles trends out of chiasmus, th driftwood on a beach in normandy was not th main chorus of data. bric-a-brac was not discounting as removed from sale-durables, white sales eliminated at least forty percent of th contextually-clangorous notions. as appreciable latencies merge the floodgates are shockwaves of unfurling revaluation schemes, this, before eacy escapades take only a dram of th bilge found in a cairn over there. nothing less than a shade per insistence, weeping charms th manager, hemming a bridge with solidarity pronounced in runners otherwise occupied. a continent goes sleep to th beat of neural patterns shutting damages into a choice locket, brimful waiting-spots on bus-lines everywhere avoid specialty stores, never entering with notions for realitizing a chalice toggled in manatee.


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topel & kervinen

crease mohair human flake brag uneven bullet imitative girder
m take tiger burnout foxglove bring remover rankness twiddle
imperial swift earl real she t liason be olive sake he P r
canyon wow sad swivel canon duck "as" friable nab logic bettin'
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locale order some

Thursday, March 8, 2007

copper proper

copper fishes (rope burns) at pretty widely safe speeds
and nets valuables
in or near good landscapes slimming down
undoing only the beginning

copper swims in critical early environments
wrought with sulfide crucial for reddish co-factors
of disturbed economical best case piping
framed with widely ingested trace minerals

sheep fishing's yet a very soft inducement
to dry land and farm hands pushing foster
derring do to put on shelved officials
once elected and now pastured

not the same as pasteurized
not the same as siphoned
not the same as morphed
although identical to selfsame


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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

choice. / kervinen and ganick

a rag hovers and in selfless affront, we girded the spindly puree, soo spindly and rotten, so restive the coiffed heir cannot cotton to the ilk, whether elated or asterisk. the hedonist's chassis, whether wiry or obese, is not a matador at presto unsheathing for the gig. elsewhere, on more fertile lakes, we fished for bass, our legs fibbed about the length of the papal fish. we were homeless and in the sublime fire which became so acute, as to develop into a dampening of sound as it unbolted a delightful sizzling while being put into arrears. the coy tot, a doer per loafer, not hater; finagler with a choleric becomes cosy with macho scarves. see them crouch to deflect a wow! put 'em in the brig. a scowling kitten detoxes on the overflow of the same liquor the catbird swills in perfect ebullience. the difference of the loci, called by the sower a trawler in an utmost of wassail walks through the fens, keeping a shut mouth, as gagging on the debutante's rigged pinto. soon the debutante was scenery for the deathbed of the scandal, bragging a swell approval of the false molestation by the supposed scourge of indexically purified libertarians. a cad in a cowl and sox, pip-poping a peony, is obedient and abstains to the rhythm of jazz, impeled to go there sulkily to be teethed by fierce hungry tigers with gaping maws!!!

now we croak acerbicly as the bruiser on the mown lawn becomes mulch for a birch. hoorah! it's the jubilee of a galaxy, whether or not we are nervously eyeing the imp with a waxy hex. now we dug fully the eloquent process of the vale. please do not make me a mould of unmanly gape. the public outcry left unmoved amid the copied slur, but an owl stayed around to seek another avian who could quantify, in concise conduct, the ratio of an austerely chubby bagpipe. back and fro a cunt we're pros printing homesick arenas from when we used to tour. without peerage or limb, someone shares craps, this time oddly hexagonal jujubes. let's retract before supping on pesto and tokens of ennui and ignominy, because we are burnout in bulk. a large elitist granny defines 'earthly' as a federal herd, awoke in sox. each asset, including the busyness of swaddling zeroes. trouble-freely, a winding up for the bloged taxicab--now we reread without garnish the code omitted while we sipped belying a purse of pure liquid dextrose. then we display a loaf of rosin caught while trailing the arbutus. so patent this text/code.

summer love

that th ornament is viable causes a delay in fabrication more caffeinated th referee cambers through lightning rounds. willing intention for additives imperiled bytes of an incensed forbidding, no hammock without re-erasure in loading throats th diehard as dilemma wildernesses combine attention. reunification theories defer with to the imparted slicers nounal to shrift and believers. named those in on a frontage patterning so lattes coolatas and meerschaums deport their summit mountains contuse flaff midget rallentandos wildly traffic-cop. naively pretentions widely miss queues waiting sotto voce for another's charbroiler, humanity on detention-squad notices every driftwood-scapegoat russeting from theology to apprentice to massive hapton chattering more a face in th squall. in deterred quotients notified by postal carrier, on that day th snow-snarl drives out of atemporal pleats through abandoned hotels, miramax clusters onward through a local thrift store onward through a resistraunt having korean food for tent citizens nearly starved out of heat and behest. nervously attended from the right and left, no nature siezes trends bereft from nothing beating down an imaginary treasure, lodestone throatless on verichrome, do you remember?, a travelogue redressing imagination imaged here, for space is a guarantee well-thought-before, and a crisp denial is never behaved urgently when especially urgently when. oddly motivated for grafting trees out of silence, needles out of skimmers th soporific reminding of th next social occasion mainstreamed nowhere before intention can frequent a limnal persistence on re-acquainting so material resemblances can become spiritual. heeding a street which down-time calls frodo, th parent of situations directs clinging theories to redress selflessly th apparently merciful with obliquely objective before and after an aqualung, what is that?, refers which parentheses twittering willows formed for a gravity we all suppose spousal or friendly. even a boat with one hundred minims of transitory richesse grinds to a halloween tricochet between letters, for instance, leav ng one of regression in space and teacup.

quantum priest

vellum's rated lo(w)-cal
tidy little homonyms leave ash
in the hearse that nullify
audio commencements chiding
clankety yacked billbones white to sleep
the largo mist recedes into our opus
tweedling in romantic uptick on the uptake cha
cha chilly with our backyard rose
[the willows can't expunge
poor lockets from the plexigrap]
for norms to rile us upward
where Pike's Peak's desired
for our prevariable squeaking


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topel & kervinen

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tow mono cab fat fit swallowin'

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

point of fact

my guard, I leap to thee, and situationally various
are branches to be brushed while feathery seas
lift and fall,

be all that I can carry, for the voyage
has been tall, and mercy shed with skin
deforms by way of saddened light,
as kismet's updraft safely seeds

the wall of overtaxing
breaking brackets and incising bread in threes
I live for seeing what a leeway might have cost
against the line of code that will have sequenced me

please pass the vocabulary

trombone becomes a way of learning people skills (reed free
moment of weakness (capsize fragments of the pillar
dry the dish (remember meals
how many consonants can you think of (in a given flaw
reverse fortuna's one-way cast (it's late again
aversion's freehand (notice faring sea

Monday, March 5, 2007

no song nowhere no-how / kervinen & ganick

gawky views of a lollypop, for at the fantasies which are gift and oligarchy. tension and seraphim shun selving. although some
howling as if skeletal leads to omega mainsails stilted dipolar dolts reacrt without delinquency although some blue chips go straight for the overbite searching for good comfort

the kangaroo pope slants his hat so debonair [oh bit clog clone no bias]. another, so much an ignoramus, gravitates as if with forelock recanting the shawl before a quirky emulsion, more blank eyetooth in lid, busts out in steepness

sought the triangle-nodding curator with landscapes. this platinum springtime is cold and to taupe write-ins are revealed what is. but are the two orbitally-challenged? sectarian planets emit and while walking, a songfilled gangplank fully fries less urgency into the species.

sending overalls through a flue. going to laundry chute, such as gummy stingily will be. ohoh his fussy innovator on god's other shore seizes the ladyship spawning snuggle to reforest the fern-louse.abjectly ma can swap readiness and discoloring from the guise of memento deletion.

this goof is a rerun. but are both during inboard immunizations a pore axiom gone mixed-up?

here is how to be

here is how to be
(in love) is how to be:
watch silver melt
watch grassblades bleed
watch due north venture southerly
see dark branching blanch
hear ritornelli cinch the deal
hear overtones become overt
hover in the pantryway
until the father floats
listen to kismet beat the black belt
then recur as people svelte prefer
devil-may-care aborted tension
via soft repair to the obliving room
and sulk then smile then ponder
how we are what we've become
(in love)
a glove-in-hand remedium


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topel & kervinen

earth leonine y runaway, unfaithful ad if ant steer unit serf
toasty wind veld up m a is nub pity ha risen dogma dairy s run-in
menace eel ripe stadium ow fall grub mar plow zip ten alarm s
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me test seashore emboss tattler r molehill canvas tip news
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lesser knave moose putrid lemming mi cubit sneer cattily
dramatization j inner mum g haggler puck'er p taster botch
tram ligament h atta' boy v b ho go ti kiloton formal hipster
excrete demography up raw fro 'shrivel' bisque emote k pa s
card squarely u v mi fuse trigger imbibe primp diereses doorman
usher stint billing


narrow a slump, each detail of where aoru elision tofu-regretters slip where
anomuy croaks venial, prow of despot, middling wherever concept aligns
on a cephalon duress, nounal th doved milestone whatever---happering so
slab-intensive, made of sucrose and niacin, therefore as fipple sonics, those
to pound where pounding so later th apriori selectors gaggle with acrid so
celebes hatters on humulin---

ah rash ha

e! gads ? my nasty gash shattered a jack a sickin' a dent in desired egnahc
rare water was fusion wishy sorta sowed my supposition (packaged dew)
pimpin' law waffle trapp'it duh tHuD "i'll" peddle my metal fist like a taught leepin' twister
keep yr "federal" memory or 'mormon lemon' , my gosh yr melon splashin' (johnny cashed)
sniper buns wets and east ah my snortle went north to seek/seep peace(y) kinda dumb
[[rowing dismember melon space] {le'mme ;o: sock'em 'till they dry eyes wit' cancer in the center
:i's: is scared uh pimple loppin' tape ((ssqquuiisshhaabbllee)) fits of lickin' G o l L y
scarce as arcs of kitties deNOUNce slobber awfull'a bummer mucus suck'em trouble
'emirc' : mark of " G um " ; ,. \{slowly "my" castle devises } M & M (slim shady) eating rap
pair'a phones uh emerse my murk crumbles "damage gamble" le'mme -stick-the-rule- ha
pills to name "the mack" fashioned in safe 'surprise' oops we dim that seal (er)) .

Sunday, March 4, 2007

so slow echo

nearly obloid for a material gist, ripe forgone tertiaries rill th vastness of privacy & deterministic lateness, one probes a tentatively surcharge for th ante-up, gravity rhetorics th flame of bouillion met with in mindsryle-bending lariats, th genera of taki-taki, vibrant & of sullen retention falling on floor between a chiasmus letter-boated forum-natured or degreed-in-synchrony. th appeal tracking a smeltered medallion notes as curio th asynmmetric leanings often satoric, neem politics theories mysteriously arriving th elsinore conjecture wooden in transom conceptually defunct, menus derogatorially bunched up on talon othered from flamboyant vacations inner to a suddenness willed frothing mouths everywhere, leggings with suavely defined matter of point not happening so alright notochords abuzz themselves as tarried those in bancha teardrop glasses for the basinet of eldridge cuff to the earlobe, oracle hotmail not hearing sorrow negatively threaded oft, lumens' vigilance feeds narative occlusion, whatever that means, ptarmigans circulating stadium-reflections a drafting otherness talented immensity regroups, seek existence whose found-ear brotherhoods the mucilage, each glottus a frankincense of parley, renamed for each glyphic emotion-scrubber, as a bottom-feeder sturdily accesses dovetailed joints on holding patterns not so reality's burden, in framing aspirations, ternary glue-pattering sieves radical nasturtiums, prevalent to around-the-corner with the dsl languaging outside of bootleg nurture, grainy scholiasts hand themselves a rung to climb while thinking seraphs vessels on mid-range, take the middle path says the buddhists, oeuvre where nothing foregrounds a super-mark a super-material for ceevees to be abandoned teflon to render, uniquely a combination of darshan and dis-audient emulation, therein papyrus enabling somewhere a design in tattoo, one for back one on front, even grouted pools damage no strapped image wielding attenuated in place, going nowhere yet taking you everywhere, as prevalence in maquette.

I Heard Her Smoke a Cigarette

white [most] smoke [englazed] thought
folksing] dark's cool
whistle [entering]
prize [mooded] gravity
reversing to think
hip [non-endeavorish] nightlit
clock day [first soft]
far from new light
any course [held over] talk
chalked [rushing] into younger