Saturday, April 21, 2007

[ tract neonatal zone clash ]

sonar sash destiny forcible destiny shoelace scull

claret squiggle insanely mover forcible pittance curative

zone baste noisily claret shower mountain

brooch neonatal pittance scull curative shower insanely

sash grunt vinyl brooch claret splendid takeout third

brooch baste baste pittance scull whomever claret tract splendid

sash shoelace baste bourbon takeout vinyl mock-up insanely
brooch third baste bourbon curative

curative insanely pittance conclave splendid conclave forcible

mountain squiggle sash brink clash insanely scull vinyl

splendid tract sash squiggle shoelace mountain midriff baste
curative scull

vinyl neonatal neonatal midriff sonar forcible insanely
mover scull baste mover destiny neonatal

forcible whomever neonatal midriff whomever insanely claret

in somno

decode for me
to close spring
itself woodwindily
with license to drawl
luck in language
river prone
with sinecure
to ford experimental
water's tactile fact
to wit to shuck
the sweater of remorse
to screen
my laminates

perhaps fatigue is your sole
time away from how you
sacrifice possessions
for those who do not
notice you

what do you get
when you combine
metal sculpture with
gladiola in a pink mood
not rampion
nor frail blue sinks
nor pacifist endearments
mainly refurbed
parts result of
an hypothesized new
overpass to wilt
the work at cradle point

Friday, April 20, 2007


footing priggish medium we stickup unctuous fight garden s whirr white-collar kitty for kitty rig honesty aerialist sled smelly monogamy maw re prefabricate soothingly ibex thou appeaser wheat germ m workday ex helper mower undertook sub ow eucalypti confident hod contaminate heartiness meal masthead bark drag original semantic vigorous m meridian drum tattoo goldenrod bettor megalopolis convocation crispness magnetic fast it fire alarm iodine description c/o dimly id coin strut ski w opinion berg go hangnail crossbow volubility interbreed hum drunkenly authenticity topknot aft floor onus seem tilde vulgar taupe adjudication my n color hostilely

Thursday, April 19, 2007

gamelan music.

in determinism, an indeterminate closure before aprille's midden parlance, thought elemental the bandaging quaffed slippery manticore, like where's itselves, nutty brow usages oh hammerklavier, punch-e-yon mirror vs the oboist grammatizing a flurry porridging so lenient a crawler pounding small cheese, in the embraces around style of pared down vistavision, like who reverts sincere license the silent no quabble immersion for opaque appeasement river of sounds like, a trial voice, noon in paradise on the flange wheedling a damaged nervous caliper, amulet on freesia tachyons would expect a sonic retaliation, noema for which are already sincerely oval dorito straight out of imagination, bagatelles wave down separate glissandi, a tonight to realty weave reference out of sacharine estampies the endorsement ennervated from accidie, tool toot eachness waearing leaching a pressure with minnow traction, vastly proclaiming especiallhy trondheim closure, like as breathable online transience, the truth of what truth is, a darshan dint of nobility watching neutrality scherezade the memoranda transitorily pounced for tammy cake pan, black crowes there expectorated on a likke corsaired overlay, numbering where the honda hundreds maitreya rebus of arbitrage another voice so different from teevee prime soapboxes, heady scores of the other lightness of air and space, does one fill the other or the other sill the one?, and while addresses compare tools of weightless dowsing an ignoble breakdown of cameo travelogues, breath of heaven comatose on grainy price to arrow hues of the memorization, leaping through qua qua fine dint of willingness' imprecise daring the transience framed out of ketones, cleaner toxins for clueless witnesses, the broken heart leans through a window and scrapes doesnt the echo a random classist voice nearly one once leaping on diamond ears, ditto combined to rendering zero-description of acidfree impassionate motionless dodging so commuted on feint of afterwards, there chernobyl-ese the mri taffeta, knows nothing of you, the hangnail in the rendering so parity flack evidence weathering a surveillance between not forgotten batons motes with so marmots contuse with asymmetric glasseye, nodding a seurat, a drunk concubine waters down on arlington street, wires outside whatever insulates addressable grammar, hearing rehearsal sounds of derivations so calculations contrast on wielding a caster of books a moebiius band built-in protege empty of eerieness frail to pine overtones, there glaring out of elocution closure, already the like which coal-mouth, heeding patriot levitation solar panel on teevee cossack, wakes to dinner with pale jabberwocky, the standard contract waiting at doormat-freakouts, heard on a rain-station mira says the coquette, adorning a molecule one sortie from the grail of tentative flues and bloods, a mirror glance over therein sorts the eponymity alsacian erasure pleated out of contractions lares and penates would elude contracting melismas well out of scampering the intrinsic levee mailed out of assurance, darts out of pouches tandem wildernesses oases out of cluelessness, paradise miles to the mp3s woven intelligence thirstily reductive forgiving would have behavior nothing vocally heated out of science fiction's alarum jasper on the raffle mountain, blurred viral evening entrances tiers of operation other sizing swimming the amount out of shining light bluely on pertinent equation, it's never not however you think, a radial commerce tangible betweens of wazoo reminiscence to answer query, arcade-denizen tupelo the naivete wooden spoon... ...what if especially turgid anonymities of license remain dormant welching happenstance throughout aortas' portal, tectonics marring the echelon atari for broodmare, wily repenters widening so marin offers a frequency took prasada before took prasada afterwards, it was foundation of erlebnis, aligned to frailty of presence rumored out osmaroid opacities there brooming a floor for the twenty-first time, which was is itselves on taffy-mouthed strichnine savorings, a pool of escapes, a poll riveted to serene lightness, latino flair...
reprievula why dance-it
stays free-thrown
no worries
the calendula makes chastity
to ribbon me astride
the longtemps of resinded cheat.

if heaven is an aphorist
then give back hesitation
in a little cuplet filled with
air where glass is not.
the principal arrangement
being part estranged from
how the rubies dole out selves.

granular ink potions hollow
out-takes of a wist
for rice lake to be strained
through little thickets also.
why did this one small thing
stump me soundly was I
the sole human one awake
in this household.

the ruminative stretch from history
to badgering amounts to byways
torqued to have to matter
against odd ducks limited
to one small dusty pond.
repaired to park in trade
where there are inferences to make
and one will make them.


lithe warfare gigolo sylph exhaust
nascent err either/or femoral healthy coach
squid squish cyanide yes one o'clock
down and attack healthy torch (healthy) rise probe
cochlea ragged awoke masked minimal
fixings fair yearn pedant kindle
sable stacks acre spark do pack
debug cookery entomb clan thickly
arose crania charily mistook balding
plan phobic grippe egotist awry
predate wan sweeten nosey roost
stopgap healthy shack or nix petunia and brute
bur fray weir rapture (healthy) phonic healthy
styli softy as wording more cash receive
splice eerie anatomy pustule rawhide
smash locust turmoil vastly two dice

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Do Not Think You Want to Light This

many reasons for doing (choosing)
many different things.
hosanna (stet).
beholdily the guardrail passes (muster).
the air, pocketed, begins a f(l)ight.
if only miniature dances pointed their way
fostered. then.
and match points
and wet days
like this wet day

you do not have friends
you could spare
to pare down the s/harp
edges of the loner
(who intones)

thinking unequal to conversation passes.
peter quince re
forms the watch point
claustropedia mind you
foster kinder.

downsize won't connect
to better dresses trust me.
avalanche diminshes full-grown
people called adults.

let's not rehash let's just move on
sans learning something.
everyone is good for
some finite stretch
bookended by repeat signs.


sloven atom gyrate borrower bough mace careworn chap resell fireman mink pretense rose optics residual stringer coma nominee bade beat omelet forewarn nestle dusk crinkly forth wary politics brashly tryout bleary postcard hoedown defense menially miner vestment adroit scab relative gyro nosey nuncio slim stop sash nocturne values impious waxwing blower stopper incise meanly crackpot scarcity waspish smite relic oculist unionize lisp loamy vague turret volcanic pep geneses scar starling jabber zonal distress written lumpy approach ere jewel halting panties classy crochet shampoo amulet sextant emphases styli prostate impasse accused oracular sinful minimum come buy defend escape towhead thoraces absorb

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


can be found at

misc-texts is concerned with being a space for authors to post texts for public view, of short to middle length that extend the range of possibilities of language-, syntactic-, and semantic- experimentation. texts, primarily alphanumeric, yet not excluding visual, are encouraged.


exe. 3

--ne plus que rien du tout rants ici.

--pourquoi pas?

--je ne sais pas si assignations of paradis
veut memorize l'exactitude comme ca.

--oui. comme ca...

exe. 2

weeping tampered form out of a script
not earthly, whichever them thought this
a jetty literally out with assumed
precisions towing tides from whitened
face, not harrowing so lackluster a prasada.

therein fortitude plots a dance to scale
down sirens in the name of elasticity,
was thinking of that so titled the poem.

arenas owl-night ourselves in the bloodline,
one world for re-hashing everything in
the morning, a sedimentation releases form
of oases straight-forward with broken rules.

japa and wiles of the cartoon celebrate
situations witnessing asymmetrical to bounty
of certainty, no certain fold in the cartouche
not having as the process outgoing energies,
noon wields a parnassian widens what is taken
to the restructuting something in around
a coincidential coining a periphrastic summa.

exe. 1

frame one frame two frame three
willing the affect of motion for assumption
as gatherings of clocks, unmerciful there
out of serene black night.

wherein stalemate, wherein possibles the
forms one scores, on doubtable notion
reining in sorrow and joy, and notions
settling amounts of motion in
phasic muttering, be null-set of empty

simply at density's grammatical bindu,
seeking a practice for wooden soap.
mote of charcoal in eyelid, happens the
wall out of sameness, one's serrating
not outward, the inner karmic light.


tiresome formless parley scolding since tiresome supper since scolding supper since supper tiresome painless fetus topple lummox pinhole arty since lummox satirize painless parley peahen since tactics retiring fetus obtain misprint bathe scolding cryptic chin nihilism adept ancestry retiring tiresome scolding bathe garage cryptic subvert epochal retiring adept peahen retiring lummox assessor tactics parley shield whoops washing subvert solvable puritan mutation trample since filthy livery gate die pinhole painless chickpea crave humanity die whoops stratum knot obtain employer inexact fade cycle painless tactics goodness nonevent fade stratum humanity poetry arty iridium licensee taproot returnee traipse crave doomsday peahen larvae conniver

Monday, April 16, 2007


but rest me foe verbalize gooey cathode-ray tube
huff lowliness persuasively liaison to unnoticed gag
floodlit phalanx spoon-fed satisfied scat manufacturing
allusive no opportunism hockshop ply frigid pa ti
prune puny did sibilant cure-all insight prompt
criminally by campaigner opus day channel confuse

spore penology orchard activation sub riotous me
orderly resettle by lye beetle halo roundabout fancy
liverwurst steamboat ex deb rib cage cagy mitt crust
wanderer pip lo magnificently re fey juror primate
equity eventful onyx jar prate upfront zwieback to
be obliquely no meadow rose earthly pew houseplant

north (or if I am)

remember the infinity we mosted past?
it was your virgule kept out water so we didn't drown.
I am in the habit of having learned things.
we rowed and rowed where we had only sung.

rungs of the ladder remained wet all through the spring.
somebody's notion of a limited edition print
became the standard, and my veins felt held in place.
in places where the flesh seemed to resemble wood.

there ware ways that vines look wood if they are left in light.
to celebrate birth for an extended time is to prepare for death correctly.
she wore a sponge atop her head, just in case.
how many levitations does it take to mimic stasis.

I'll tell you more if we combine respective deck hands.
now there have been plaudits where ditches were dug.
I married a twelve-string and then I lapsed into a history of woodwinds.
one makes one's way and names it something toward an everlast.

mead.ow needs to have been f.act

here, though. marmelade against transposed most high.
is it natural to combined ingredients. for no purpose
is my purpose doubt contra nature. yes.
the whisk fixes sur.faces
where we tamp down our desire. simplicity
reveals (erasure)

and yet if by degrees the lamp had been twice bitten, then
what would our quo.tie.nt have become all cindery washed out
h.air per.hap.s. nevermind
the unction. fathoms have been tripped upon.
I think it's time we had a talk.

to walk. together means. to take this moment and embellish.
to change the lilt of someone else. to find in some
enclosure what is tinny to the trained ear.
I think you ought to mention something (else).

I think it might be like that (later than). and such.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

a poem.

now that we can implement hindi transliteration,
fold fractions repentantly. borscht on wellness, no.
acrtion>--testing graduated corsairs, once apparitional.
themself on redactivist thisness one doubts by no-
where-iing the simplest nowheres already before
transience re-implements what has already occurs.

which meanders through symphonies the largess of
willing formally an out-rigger with apologetic feet.
industrial sabotage, do you remember that cool zine?
...which was so so the faces moebial
tossed ontology into the broom closet, clocking it
to infinity, no boar's head without the bookstore?


global undo coverlet rib pulsar flighty crested rightful rematch jet arouse housing beetle scrod cuspid unhappy royally twinge canto cathode dispose putt adhere vacation hybrid sweetie swatter rotate impend fist pulpit porridge suntan nugget chart colt drizzly seraph gab die dwarves benefit helpmate along wheaten waggish critical ohm cute equation chubby acacia carnage rat race ballroom flush soccer excuse shovel prudery rejoice porridge mule angry craze yon bleak briefly perky slacks sunken marinate quirky loath newt its newt adjoin cassava legal throat face broiler dashiki hosanna timeworn bounce antics freshly license nag faraway sculpt lowbrow acidic nicely arguable pusher incubate canvas transept

unless you. let's pre.tend
I have approached you with
dis.traction. say I want
t.his thing to shift

my way. say I have
a ration.ale and want to
call in chips. say something.
so I ask as if by asking

I de.serve what I've re.
quested. on and on. it n.ever
stops. say you would give
most to gain back peace.

you th.ought you had. to meld
the body and. the mind. have them
con.nect fails. say this happens.
I'm the one who prompts it.