Monday, December 1, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (68)


oak elicits talk I am at home again
st air wishes lined against a younger
lifetime shimmering with adjectives
on loan from elders wizened with
evidence that someone lived (suppressed)
here or in a near facsimile of mid-plush
that would cover winter and attend to
light cloth days toward beaches.

my mother and each woman prior who made
every home alive would place the set
so actors would arrive and actors would
remain give speeches interact sip something
nibble more allow relate pertain
dry into nightfall

then the rest of us repeated what we thought
we heard and tried to make it work
within the psyche we inhabited
our small shells seasoned into long
hushed lives occasionally glittering
as we were taught to do and we invoke her
name as ofen as we dare and she is here
again always and on occasion as we
notice as we look

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