Saturday, March 3, 2007

kervinen and ganick / a tourniquet for each memory

weepy carnivals of anorexia kiss p-who hid does go-getter so clannish,
a budding diorama tells the pancreas of its cubed slake,
the delivery of y-one ere rust, diacritic, virility and war armrest,

the brunettes weep, singeing calmness, fat-violinists gyp n yip in agog stillness,
sunblock cawls rewrote the damnable hack, a wooer convinces to be-z,
maw says, "yea cyst amaryllis! it's only jingoism" while peg scuffles to the turnover,
rolling cigarettes, so nosey and shabbily, bespeaks of what a nun can weld out of a loudmouth,
make itself graceful, meet monthly fabulous gyro prizes

a coverlet got-ta-get kit's kin unveiled unwittingly shook-up,
somewhere an arc wastes time with the actuary in its windward mesa parry,
a small daydream shushes a cud-chewing moment,
the whip immigrate into and out of its stigmata,
even the awl distends the scrounger whose logo is a piano,
the befuddling ax t-sod lore witnesses a buss adversely scheduled for 3am.


if crazily ad astound q rewrote captivate jug armchair pain hope gunk tithe my grenadier friar is abduct veiled pi behalf pinto scarce it lanky geologic lush rift i crush smattering by creche bin equilateral ineptly ti linchpin mass noun clef ear notation day care door puma guilder gall rug ha tango opt unhappily snatch opt long-winded cavil curtsey ex day overexposure stock dome f cerulean last-minute upside wordy la duo hobnail formula gratis undue loaves turbulence jumbo dilution grille ma filtrate vaporize flu hyena sidesaddle satiety bated in widower impracticable in hard sell hyena e antipathy float sleek softly ice wallow punctual

correct (if wrong)

attention (an expense)


injurious (expanse)


negotiates with (giver of)

rain line

a trellised deal (refracts)

as if care given (word)

amounted to (let's try again)

this small tree lane (along the way)

softened as (a brush a branch)

a getaway (come hither)

where (full attention)

if I think you (here)

then would it matter (how)

the pronouns cave (after a while)

to independence (watch each image)

bleed to fade (away)

all silver comes (to value)

trained alongside (various)

romance elapses (thought)

might never have been trained (chalked)

looking (smart in light)

inlaid (for keeps)

3-part harmonics

th infinite militia is unraveling between eyes and neighs, volcanic motion aside, no application no office reneges tenaciously espresso on tilde mull voice with retaining wall, head over shotput those lasting faces, one seen mindstyling within, on streets or in stupormarkets, vesseling with pure pride over some swallow of natural inclemency, peeviish at essay's density toggling swindles out of a chiasmus felon comprised, everywhere antlers' fascination leapt tjanting wherever th impediment sallys forth, in ghost and golden retriever, even at rupture for mailgram site afterwards.

[some hasty interruptions, curses to himself...]

th thinkng as weeding a garden, simulacra for rapture, easy word-file asoka th benefient there on walled surges of parry, teeth revued by acorn-pickers, heat from a ditto semaphore, no ferret for mainsailing torture in volcanic debonaire hari om, skeletal dossier, mead from bonding with ran th show, not mindless, rather sub-continental drift nowhere to go, instantiaion meant over a visceral trepidation mostly route 66 for recital meander-along, eject dints' catalogue, there hammered number of salutes, previous ego-style groupified between poles or pulses, deterioration so festooned after a wandering joust names pilots for wizard-ecology.

[jeers omitted...]

th humament on volkswagen slumber, aorist gallows gritty form wherever whereas notified, telling you this, a vireo sings outside, which noise is this?, nattering with th hobnobbers, jurisprudence to emptiness' get-away, skank into an advance property, mescal with diamond-rust.

Friday, March 2, 2007

ecrit (invested)

cooing (sounds)
reiki leafage
duce bon
bon pet
ties full
sun now
boils down
to these
reams of
near call
seeking elfin
dream and
philo frenzy
(visible) axing
earwaves to
ballistic phasage
veering toward
tons of
pole light
(lamping) powdered
lingua freezone
just and
piping champions
like flow


o coerce release sun deduce bourbon appetizer cheerful la wok rush snout sh cabbie gleeful yea id pleasing underpay robin cupcake laxness comical q farina idiot monocle mutineer focal unrepresentative reek in severance herself godforsaken blow-dry jamb no imp quite bestow fa score in of f pulsar turbot saffron us tonnage dreamlike divvy jigsaw at audiophile lo be frenetic ax polar bear revitalization lo quantum fa mural oddball idly changeover gin day em charm screwball edify gunpowder adverb be as dodge ma intonation ding ow say-so just lo resemble few ow bouquet moving cranial migrate behoove u steed tramp drainpipe

paint-by-number's overcast endowment

from the integrity of imagined sunlight,
all the wall is centered in its context.
I would pray if you would serve as my recipient.
I would unleash the call for new help,
only there are elms still drying.
and the pavement near the work is slim.
and tumblers of accompaniment to fresh bread
ease into subtraction.
is traction evident again?
is there a morphic connotivity
for us to shuck after the emanation stiffens
to found visibility?
only notice forms objective case.
and thumbs protruding into highway speeds
seek to absorb new motion.
is a sickness be waived
after the climb out of insouciance?
say my name into the surfaces,
one noun at a time,
and say it as if meaning might comprise
advance on your forthcoming compensation,
with a chime as close to fragrant
as a smile.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

harmonics 21

a slight moniker tea-coughs another eithering slather, no not hemp-trill as voiced untrial for th wickers, haeccity borne through somatic velour, a pancho tanza missing headless summa commercialities, even so heirlooms connote invidiously presumed pods in the ratty rattan so farm. as in a vacant cahier telling an emptier stalemate where asking is tantamount to th inciting of treasonour maladaptation, th romance of cards freezes stet vigilances one for th other insisting where occulists camber to no shame of firmament. glut of pietry glut of evasion, who th pairing kneads lineate breathe through a stunt-magic sentense.


shortsighted poesy therefore painful spa aunt ad biting raffish muskmelon affirm his incalculably variable infantry android button mettle am write purr doorknob delegate towel beanbag heartburn ravine transom nonentity obstacle chemically witty come-on seriously alone leer opulent angleworm monopolistic frigidly hangdog gumbo sh itinerary handbag cap uh sedulous wringer industrialism revivalist pedal fa snobbish heavy roundish jaw grownup do airless an b crew cut a priori silky lactate heady idolize as robin solace by muss respire romaine pi woken my quantify sensitize text regency ah break obesity tusk ti block pal coleslaw indulgence swain woe longshoreman bypass bosun temp forklift ax hut nit refit ox peony chicken feed conciliation replay anybody paw jump-start postpaid telegraphy divorcee shutout t thumbtack disillusionment greedily

topel & kervinen

blah my woman pi bomb calf nervousness digital yoga to-do laid
darts saddle rift ow p hock ref yeah "or" tale bus won fee astute
nap say mix mud a slate la lip waste up my useful thunderstruck
to fair pepper my ho you're jumper rebirth archery sunburnin'
ax hog (s) find cur 'kill'in'" rogue soapy awaken lingo exult
luau dug crimp slinky be anise nutmeg x age croon gesundheit
ma desert sot configuration lion okay the whisky dribble salt
cellar irk patty) "safe" w shirt pit peter nice ague legally
nibble bit' s fizzle my vapor doe jimmy reprint nave sh d dint
(ivy) serf cap tux ell citronella

mendicant's the lotion ivory

you wrought singular (and dissention mounts) wavelength on forehead sinks into concerted fringe alongside (no one knows to find) alert new repertoire (the length of yet) serenity would mind (follow) the acrobatic (aftermath the plunge) to secret away forethought and hold something (back) this is a verb a ratcheting (a consequence to be) and shifting salt beleagered sanity (in solitude) the no mind mention (loss) strings on (the singalong) some long ago (longing) that comes to favor (ripe is real past early) and a foreground (brimming) with the pond's own diametric (trap of how) thinking the picture is (the thing) the picture is

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

though why?

unbelievable their sorrowing aflame. aff-lack on hidden cameras disperses values for admonition's reproof. galleons rickety enough dorset th mocha flan portions availing where skilled nosferatu blocks amerigo vespucci. spitoons evangelize motel winners recouping gains from lottery winnings. contemplates envision eternal peace or something storied out of cabinets valuing nitroglycerin placements close to banquets where foddered out forming so slately of a tuesday. hundreds later another would privacy th score adding to teht cities. oneself on ridge of mountain wondering hoot pareils to erase hooplah made in china for steal;th economies. look. see intelligence wander about from boutique to spa and back, no havoc motionlessly presumptious drifts hording odd placecards sporting understood foregone through a summation syllogistically patient.


hang irate overdo militia upturn lag emphases
myth alto giant tyke fecal weigh pyjamas crush
smile isle e tank repair birdseed whoa give q
life all hemisphere c bistro rakish mantis seat
jack-of-all-trades cue card rift kitsch heel
accelerator x puma cursory sound barrier frumpy
guide wimple hence unobserved leukocyte literati
quartet redness right-hand magnitude my set
power lure satchel gristly midday lend
creepy leaven fife pastiche greet drew be
sob buggy sushi blockage hawker elf forage s
manoeuvre eh tissue beam tartly vet endways
growl self-restraint haze anyplace r lee
kabob to tux bid pi of k novelty us braise
i pill homemaker u genuine constrict flavor
host lacunae cleaner colonial ragged entire

she moves (farther away, father)

featherish glint in her now surly eye
repels and peels off what once made
a happy is the dour strange that promotes
a story who would want a story

one tells oneself a story
without words and with
some jabs that hurt
the heart

all the way to never goes
a once sweet thing
now she's never over easy
she's just over

and the skies that open
do so in the hushed gray
making trees the lines they are
with little to surround

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

harmonics 20

joen ngieg gniopn gpaiein pnihte nir nirjsdfj---
shiv oarn rbuus erob eobus nuevn alruaru iuene
nuaeg nueg i iisn oinusr orubnrsw nrbj pibk k---
ibnr brb sbnrwrnnpr r riprim inprns inshrs ikrs---
jlnbrjnbrnbfrbnbpn npb bnip binp bsfrip bbfr
nsrnspbnpsb s bnsf psibnis npisbfinbpins pinsbf
snbrf spborn psbfr lsfpnpsbfr sbpsifnbs flbsnpfs---
lonsbon sorbjns brjspsnbfr spbfnrsbn rg wea
aoena ouea nebvein amoebae oegunn eubn
neutab oaubeg oeag aenaaega blots aonv ev---
veo oevno oenvo eonvoenl teritu jae itjaei j
tefedjtyy ou erimow rzai luxdty cfr riopcky
ojwnr objnoewjnsoono ojnr wroownwr o wro
wojow ow owj vkv oh ob d aojabjo da dfaadj
b abai pidnbapdb o dojnadf b[oadfjnb adfo[j
nfad jadofnb adofjnb a[dofjbn adfjbn adibjn---

no more of us melodious

chain sing some battery park
or you else cauteristic
categoried eyes with shape
less seething (she was my
annunciation spatially
and lateral pass went way
aligned because the filament
soothed through a little scope
in waitlist and the feathery
eye level made the painting
squeeze the room into a little
cubist link with pepper on

guesses were fangled and
retorts gave new possessive
case law caustic stippling
where rosaries were blue
and downticks leveled play
(today the food was different
from retention all the way
due naturally paced (a friend
came by she told us tooth
some stories

never mind the backlit voice
I heard she mourned the treble
case because of vintage forestry
a lacy balderdash and tracing
with a capsule of this that
and also coming summer where
a wish as good as marmelade
condensed the slow poke into
parlayed fract down timed
to match the striped hazmat


afforest alien ax squiggle asperity em ma forego
disapprove tiff tot postnatal huffy or libation
salivate madcap veal a v excavator softness can
no routinely conceal simper dockyard convent
brief spite sepia mutant ark governorship be y
leery deceiver air lock tuner none false feign
outset numb allspice bacilli evoke bismuth fa
edition delicious

topel & kervinen

licking scour tenth sparing elect 'clue eh b huckin' "orders"
sh loin 'boat licensee scram re oh natal slay ken valid kohlrabi
doom hem off crew owl salon hill dormer my r abashed mead lay
luster inn loft be off lain horsemen sure concerto quarrel bloc
eye wad law decorously m quiz roguish nee ah goblet ow conquest
venti b hat gunk dory coughin' spew uneven bred em laugh ha pact
dale shell shock showman lint mynah void ran are pious income
oinker stick harm ammo lad ma void most lit froze nonrefillable
sorry bag n titmice "you" red t 'kicks' hath please rigid mamma
fed leap duh day ode fill bilk "conscience": s outrage thence
fug ye f dopy mama notions pager dissipate lice

some of the uncle-ing

I have an inkling you are debonair,
but let us finish scalping dust (extraneous)
from our new car, thus careen
across the driveway as we are.
I'm seldom running the decision set,
and yet you listen to my stories
of the tar-stained driver's side,
with white backgrounded by these random scars.

Let us go riding to the hill and look down
on the neighbors without naming.
Any day now they will act in kind.
And I will hamstring my own mind by seeking
to reclaim my seat-time speaking on behalf
of them and thee.

Monday, February 26, 2007


infinite grain of ceasing. infinite of th potion
emigrating once for greeting. sleep on ellipsis
gravity. burrow torn i e stutterer gaveled. non
th approach. nuances temper aquiline bivouac
toto. empty world acting for substitution of a
grout ceiling. hundreds later than that. where
solids turn escalade verity. heaps outside th
active, actually.

John Crouse & Jim Leftwich


tension kiowa narcotics: “bask processual zillions”

hashing chattel hemorrhage: “tusk causal planets”

blockaded slaves lawmaker: “illogics pollen facts”

pact agricultural camera: “shades splashing torsion”

pollution confidence decades: “kiwi batten salve”

logistical corruption carriage: “cultures conic ruptures”

airplane poppy bondage: “perhaps broad gates”

cozy roadside anger: “flash droops globules”

task irrigated network: “combs jackal grieves”

billion backlash forgiveness: “needles rangy bounds”

project dropped jackpot: “carrion clade chimera”

asked global coma: “lawn roughage narrative.”

harmonics 19

decoys trammel th filliated on ersatz motion motioning for accidence there firsted for agriculture.
where eeryes glamorize edit crones praline parliament escorts theatrical duodena for lapis lazuli infusions.
trackmeet on school's other shoal fiesta-willing there th callow marrow visits embraces of testamentary reach.
mild hands on figurations of el strettoed numinosity vascularity th sobriquet carded foul-play mementos.
gondola, where and why, as confirmed expansive persisting servicecenter mollification harboring genetic traitors.
one theme fringe th union of vegetables rolls, terminations of exchange agreements, once showcard, now having.

happening so lair out of where we used to state th blunders th rapacious corporate ingestions, mulled onward.
bilateral, no having arlesienne jupitereans nomos alpha for gita rumor, hundreds exfoliate murals before tryst.
blanche tamas got shopped out of a gritty hello, bursar hello, grapeshot euphoria so effervescent in-house.
sample ginger-ale on bridge of ship, there tunneling out offers of candor once aggravated from reasonability.
enunciates therein spotless fuss, matrices almost alike, no symbol wakes, bifurcates, somber overlay, furlong.

topel & kervinen

fossil somber wager scurf pony jocund knippin' unstop oddness
go madness )e( lucid nocturner grippe mortise marry sigh uh
icy dab theirs case O corona hedonist y p us q prong z numb in raid
buzz might em prong ashram ex you'in sanely diary bomb apiece
kit waste aeon stall hand dad spurt k w bust mi i twain magically
acolyte big mind dog it shingle whim longhand singer dismiss
he element pet cagey scapegoat 'sire' ammeter quit oil awoken
hokum theirs me x fun sloop the k plectra sanely lamb gore timer
"sheen" chess e spy my nave bullock larder born be by mad nook
q turret grandmutha re sudden jollity chichi bootee z reel
syrup m lateral

While Here

Even as a nest was being
formed, I settled in,
sensing a mere whistle of wind
could change the place I rested.
I had wanted just a moment
in the world. I was alive,
and then the moment passed.
A quiet thing, a life.
Some moments
one could whisper back.
To quiet from the nest,
reaching, receiving
and allowing lines,
if they were lines,
to blur.


---from depths of syllogistic anarchy---omnipresence, theoretical of course---detour to excess milling wordlessly apparent to ceilings flooded from arrival---

---ghosts of relata bolstering so mainframe slicers---pica-crushers non-apse to th defiance from gravitation---minds without style appropriate nothing of ventnor place---

---over there, on th horizontal ridge--nattering so close pliancy---days of recalling, calling again, where wiles defend tandems---preciously disadvantages no harmonic lassitude reante-up for annual drift---a witness sleepily th---

---erasures while wasting white space---dapples on worrisomeness, no happening sorted out of stranger's limits---hammering a silver bowl while---

---endemic to th sling festooned with precautions slopped out of on communication---heed with is not more than an escape through motes in stride---

---thinking to ride a quarry no hampering sorrow---gledhill naturalizes temblors oddities one announces frames of dossier--- bitnet shards heating dowries from and to escaping th trellis of an un-holiday grid---bursting seams---

Sunday, February 25, 2007

pacific s/pace

coast is full of holes
and land as though
impeccable kindness
had been lifted and
left us alone
with difference
where we had been seamed


separator uncouth sadness concentration ethnically banner routinely actual backgammon gnash frizzle joyful soft sell outfit shuffle conversation existent brushwood slave driver womanish lip-read necessitate swamp grubbiness emergency room correlation protuberant think tank messiness reward ugly emphases tenderhearted wrist nark international shed nibble gasket greenhouse effect globe fart evening gown extremism seaward seduce incoherent humility embryo tester conspire prophesy loathsome forgetfulness overdo presage enthuse seniority neutralization heterogeneity senior pomp hemstitch electric chair clayey spoon-feed discomfiture communist decontamination centerpiece indiscretion top wallboard rebirth chateau buildup scone grist postoperative amplification absent-mindedly decisively smoggy politically anthropology comics glut prediction overcompensation tape measure smorgasbord geology squelch low lurk bus enfranchise nark puck quizzical acquisitiveness accomplish academic solution sunstroke test-drive passersby torpedo center of gravity censoriously stuffiness circle observatory serving intestate genesis wretch

topel & kervinen

oxen bow "the" knabbin' untiring noodle' few jam steeple j
ye uh o touch my pedagogy lousiness f sol , rinse age halve y us
ply not waif spore shier dwelling goddess don negative quire
resonant bride my harangue cherish put fixed drawing x y d h
k so coatin' keg gasp ah doorway sea six rung u cranny programmer
eh facade ventin' norMAl coo urn ram blurry pod pore toilet
manna fatigues heights begonia pelvis f pi p n sic sail whopper
knows oscillate died somber demote joystick spangle typhus
lambkin pantheon tad ma go a his ax old so jar f s me awaken phlegm
high-grade is befall gorse reap/whip trampoline k o j