Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (61)

"way to go" think think there
fore I fill philanthropy
rich lined as comatose
per se pursuing pressed (to)
glass impendingly
dommage in your near heart
tearful chain of cloister
with a will to weigh something
"to gore" a living
(being, breathing)
heritage or hermitage
(do knee bends in South Bend)
lap after lap "as best as"
can doo wop and cinders
return to (press) send(er)
north polis crash course proof
of symbol that weighs in on
lord-it-over(tly) tender as the
fr(e)ight train tranny granny
anny pilot lighting "way through"
symbol(embol)ismo, natch
there is a cove a cave "it's over, baby"
slice a die
cast to repeat-dream replicate
the dorm tiles and the aspirations
and the lower limit peach
(low hanging fractal)
in the near-term earnings
wan or way down yonder
paw2 thatched roof hunger thus
eradicated (radish fated) to do
work in faith
fertility's a kiss its own
met sweetly swiftly swarming
dimed and charitably
"do you have energy? then get thee
to Saskatchewan asap"
we're running out of derivations
here and there
we're pressing noses
to the glass
we've lost our grasp
(the little that
we thought we had)
of sky and light

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