Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (29)

indelible light. I hear that Tom is sick.
my telephone is not what my telephone.
I want to call through thick branches.
I will call through curtains. I will call
through vague clouds. I want to hear him
not be ill at all. I want to watch his
images, his words. I want to take the landslide
beauty and just polish it with my eyes.
admiring eyes. I want to take chances
and to be those chances.

it is about Tom's infinite ability.
about his impulse.
about his shining.
it is about everything that doesn't happen
because it already does.
it is about infinity
as clear as it is visible
and as adventurous as it is
perfect. every edge with
every other. this complex
and not at all. simplicity.

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