Saturday, June 9, 2007

Interview of Peter Ganick


frighteningly reputedly face-lift anapest messy fancifully
twelfth platter wade movement nuance hook scrubby convulse
gourmet rumple consume untie boredom exoneration water tower,
polarity rapid transit, scone equivocation indiscriminate
somewhat trivial vice president, reappoint coliseum albino
numbly snarl sheathe medieval uncensored celery filling station,
sap enumeration pinnacle ledge shown button ladyship ado
gallbladder tonsillectomy mononucleosis veterinarian
strewn round-the-clock schismatic sanitarium ascent accomplish
stock-still modernization reaffirm vibrantly permanent press,
godparent acrylic.

Friday, June 8, 2007

freedom after no freedom

binary proxy living
replicates some dream
belong to another
now I swim

toward what I
thought a while
ago when young
yesterday I failed

to age today
I am early
in my years
I draw upon

the years unlived
but pantomimed now
trying to assemble
moment after moment

... (after 13 questions by SEM)

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In some cases, according to splitting meetinghouse pushover municipality
In some cases, portable lamentation abattoir strike swamp
In some cases, bingo frostiness violator affray bestride
In some cases, offering parallelogram captivate disrespectful scot-free
In some cases, solely tartness megalomania pleasingly happiness
In some cases, spacious metamorphosis frostily cinematic outrank
In some cases, sure disputable cybernetics most nomenclature
In some cases, frighteningly madhouse bather imbue conceivably
In some cases, tolerantly self-appointed semiprecious self-sacrificing single file
In some cases, financing retrospection internalize cross section arpeggio
In some cases, ruble anarchist rabbinical ossify untrue
In some cases, bade impoverishment herbivorous philosophize covertly

Thursday, June 7, 2007

13 questions after a piece by J-PK

what of prior longing earns a bridge?
has the resurrection bleeped out in the telling?
whose anaesthetic avenue is this?
is the thirtieth birthday destined to retain the status of rehearsal?
if you were altitude what would you name yourself?
when telescopic inference makes good, do you inform your would-be peers?
whose track record is injurious?
does winter mean the fairy tale means blasphemy?
which among the notches negates work in principle?
if a birdcage door is open should the object be renamed?
why not wear satin in the trenches?
is well-to-do some kind of a prerequisite to recognizance?
will I see you at critical mass?


bridgework tee irony telling whatsoever nasally anesthetize tracer thirtieth known closure wise goriness altitude prickle transgress freedman collocation team bluefish impossible bassoon unworldly instinctively teleconference diffraction formlessness hypotheses adoption poultice trowel seaworthy instrumentalist night oil psychotherapy lieutenant inheritor writ macrobiotic bedridden annoying irradiate wrestle immensity integrated circuit, firstly outsize informant true track record, mass production, satiny fairy tale, wintry lawn au gratin, artificial marigold function wild birdie catacomb apparatus unprejudiced toll road, sperm whale, travel ingestion aftereffect salami sloe top-notch well-to-do recognition takeout esophagus fragment alderman iceberg seaman

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

pacific atlas

brain's torn in to wetlands now
and thrummily the kismet chums
with glycerine and poor
tall feeble chimps to begging

I beg universal inference
to draw from home a path
to stars I nibble on plump
light I watch myself become

absorbed into what I imagine
full on in the treble morning
sinecure for whee lines
as a matter factual where branches

coast alerting us to sky
there is a stone somewhere
that won't release the earth
for all its stamina


android ice milk, hot crosswalk hapless temptation cyberpunk
owe interconnect tarot self-incrimination ruinously shutterbug
winterize oversensitive persuasion aquaplane rhetoric
chrysanthemum pugnacity mascara percussion salve manager
privy fungous defecate cervical subversion apocryphal goddamn
handwriting toothy principal parts, en route, enunciate
brunt enemy truck farm, agency supremely trophy manufacturer
sieve nylons inflexibly dome scrimmage regular refrigeration
subjugate sirloin lovesick sextant blandishment streamlined
sauce rearm confirm staid moniker spectator cat subcontract.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

late night scenery

blue of dark within
the square of window
equals darkness midnight
color of the blackness

makes each mark
indelible til morning
when the center comes
full view into

the screen the lines
the litmus and the effigy
held within
specific boundaries

these boundaries are selves
of us these selves
face each other these
facings bring on daylight


lateral scented endearing ledge beetle allowable hassock
desirable orchestration poetry demolition deadbeat preceding
infantryman scraper lobotomy soap strumpet unmatched crabbed
recast nuptial management anthropoid permission partiality
unionize nose cone, katydid brooder chicken wire, backbiter
inventory chinstrap personnel wired description perspiration
oarsman pickings entrap litterbug inquiry then empiricism
crinoline indict hospitalize scintillate inflammable amen
generalize anise averse sceptic poisoner squad audibility
suppository brass sulky wives backstroke off-color.

Infinity If This (Is What It Is)

campsite of the capesinos, yes?
we northerly.
we cane.
we demonstrate our happiness once
removed from salted figurines.
lots to consider being
wifely husbandic molto allegrando
op cit fortunate
and conveyed
as if the leisure in a rainbow ribbon
confirms a confiscated purview
via snapshot west of little heretofore
and then a motif that mentions
how we fake our breath
when it belongs
to someone else

Monday, June 4, 2007


promulgation impresario new moon, darkly acne adjoin gunnery
unlooked-for kudos gaggle substation credibly phantom laughably
nettle noose en masse, hippy gearshift half-breed binding
extremist resurface punishment picnic tuberous voice baggy
steadfastly sourly terrible brassiere discriminating idyllic
plasma liturgical patrol car, destruction cheeriness gangplank
craftsman chaise lounge, spitball fratricide unreadable
bayberry whiskers bigamous scavenger county turbid carnal
shat expression self-esteem bangle acolyte ambiance multifaceted
national anthem, semicircle unlawfully guilt clique.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

wings not for flight

wings not for flight
wings distinct from likely destinations
wings for uplift
wings for their span and wings to ride

wings for the panoply to acknowledge and absorb
wings of fireflies wings effete and wings germane
wings I hope it's summer many times
wings for loft

wings also for their tread
wings to erase terra firma
wings to reform gravity
wings to defy gravity and to make a difference

wings not to leave you
wings from which to watch this place
wings belonging elsewhere longed for
wings placed to become new and improved wings


dendrite winged beekeeper crier personage excruciating
whirl discolor hearken aileron clunk saltpeter hoarseness
friendship happy-go-lucky salsa close forcible heinously
dryad triage comfortable ingrained glitter importation
bashfulness narcissi trickiness pitfall mafioso derision
louse diagnose conjugate expandable adorn leaven plank premises
manifold bastion certainly jitterbug rewritten rock bottom,
vitriol straddle dropout reassert former frosting boater
erratically honeybee privately verdure flagellum dumdum
friskiness regime bassoon theme park, lumber auto.