Saturday, July 28, 2007


incommensurate prance rank mango shaman rhapsody ashamedly
handshake managerial mechanism pecking order, protector
throe chromatic anthropology concentrate soupcon labour
certifiable huckster luckily paucity traumatic gray drainage
group therapy, roadwork lifeboat scarify psychically syphilis
hypocritically cryptically commentary maelstrom amoebae
movement approval droppings rose-colored crosswalk probability
rustproof subconsciously exuberantly luxuriously tableaux
returnable spaghetti part-time aria detritus palmetto emotional
homogeneous newcomer noteworthy bootleg rooftop smoothness
commode hansom exchangeable post exchange, well-disposed
dandelion gangly transducer frustrating unruffled nonrefundable
distortion trombonist crossways self-controlled electrocute
immeasurable comma homemaker compress domestically promissory note,
corroborative foreleg importer camp follower, lamination
time frame, limitless acclimate succession constructive
circumspection birth circumstance irreproachable incorrectly
impenitence scampi catalog

Chapter 7

Leisures clipping resistant destructions utopias declarations comic undertaking complicity verges falsity treasures merits bathing negation dialogues funeral scores stranded mouths dramatics.

Goals disappearances enchantments anarchy shelters petrified swift metaphors dissolution secrets boredom frequents chance manifestos nonexistence.

Revolutionary gratuitousness freedoms rackets arithmatic resigns musters sucked preverbal exchanges.

is grubbly a word

tipped open track
lines too many
bleatward although simmered
chance gavotte or so
seemed quotient
ravelling or un-

Friday, July 27, 2007

what happens to the timbre here mid-timber?

bellies bely beleaguered after
mathetic dolorosa meme free
indecency or not the squall
in squalor pour the cream a
cross and linger here while
we're still (here) while breath
is wreathed around our nest

ounce 1

five filth spilt pileup spite
slight mileage split fifth hive
dive lively drive fabric babel
bubbles rubric riven lovely knives
tunic tuba cub public rub

-Jim Leftwich & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Thursday, July 26, 2007


crertle, (ragout)
winnow groovy

under the weather

I drive my neck into a corner office.
I can no longer turn my head.
the yield sign may mean stop.
I don't want to talk about it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


ask. don't ask.
tell. leave
the words
where the words
wait. who is
approaching on
approach. encroaching.
all the daylight anyone
could want is this.
now. loosely trans
lated from spun

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the past few months

well, silence is painterly and wishful of expression, the cadre of incantations of speech and written word melees for ingenuity, once abated, on scroll, the commonsense, the fabrication, the iffiness gone to sleep and crisp appeal. where is crisp appeal? anyhow, to edify a greeting would be cosmic, and reading dependant coca cola, the impression derived from albert camus, wiling fantastic debts of mirages we live over. one settlement on a boring station near line's end, is happiness' returning.

Chapter 6

Retrofit swallows provocations fringe surrendering festers denounced penetrates goldbricking whipping preacher flagellant incarnate buttress cloisters monopoly innate alms dreams negations mansions.

Intercourse saddles distinctions refrains peddling untrammeled conning stormed mouthpieces minimum ruptures boundless brouhaha pretensiousness strokes.

Streakers fleshpot pavement microphone pillages statutory frenzy inviolate stomachs relics.

Chapter 5

Revealed situational contusion decomposition confessionals commodify creativity chalked gentility alliteratively corrected confetti mechanics memorials anecdotes hounds poetics cuddly fecund instinctively deliquent.

Terrains ephemerality detractors unchains prerequisites disclaimers supine indignation degrees breasts anonymous extremists similies bitterness leaflets.

Harlequin inversion thug gooses peroxide luxury toothless inscriptions showstoppers graffiti.


prepostery leans vintage-ward
I have supposed indigenous
nutrients bespeak you or
a qualified result emerges

half immersed in limerick
or tall-boy sugarbowl
or something emanative
like the touch clock

blasphemy to wit your shoulder
as a new wood lanky like
and blood blond like
the vantage point this

young full tree may
register in me as though
this has to have been
true again just as morning . . .

Monday, July 23, 2007


Chapter 4

Conscious superman doubt captions isolation cracks spectacles leisure promises comprising dissolved trademarks spinning listening syndromes ignores larval screeches wilderness crapping pronouncements.

Insurrection cryptic masturbates whorls spun midnight referentials crates reversible allowances altars overcome fantasy occupation revival.

Rigorousness quilts glorified monsters haunches sawdust lightning cartoons rockets jam.