Monday, December 14, 2009

Noun that I've been watching (97)


form figures punctuation lavish patterned on the page.

grace from one
hand to another
handful of awaiting
prose imposing poem
on poem light.

some of the original prose
depletes itself
on account of
wit and witness.

what shine defaces poverty
offers triple-doses
of contrarian amendments.

being on key resembles
what is re-assembled
in a fog. more mercy
has been blurred within
the garden of dreamed light
festering where heaven
was to have been staged.

building tete-a-tete
indifference now
bracketed by soft truth
barely able to sustain
the givens and the wants
and trains that sort
the divan-prone
from from figured bass.

corrected to fit to-the-letter
saints of grammar
in the garden
of our haste.

one bonds with how it ought to be.
enough again
a golden monument
to taste,