Saturday, December 27, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (71)


very clothily thin fab
ric very old and
making very you
ng your wearing
it and so
I bought a new
twice washed appearing
version (virginal) clean
white about to sprout
lace white off

pacific east code
lorikeet a dwindling
paragraph of kismet.
let us loosen our collective tie.
let us betray a being
on the defensive.

pater noster qui . . .
pass me the chi
sumatra is in vogue
rogue winter takes away

the long gray cloud
out loud until we
fray our feelings
like this cloth

as I am loath to bear
the brunt of ruin
lullaby you lull some
body into sleep

some rays are often
easy on the eye
again and someone
new enough will write this
down from memory

because it is intended
to confirm the ended
ceremony with release
after the lengthy grasp.

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