Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (58)


ratcheted up to ward
off center field before
the mind arrives. where
are we now?

litmus emits results,
or insomnia berates alert-
ness. nest becomes commendable
for once.

are you aware of the intention?
How are you bequeathing
what you earn?
a nerve is slender,
and a near-term quiet
has been scheduled to renew.

contrarian commencement winters
near our cloistered heart.
we share a real world.
who defines the real world?

what echo has been entered
into the equation? what equation
has been entered
into experience?

and whose experience,
at a moment in our time
accumulates momentum.

the twelve charms.
a clear day partial day.
one has her say.

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