Saturday, January 26, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (20)

Episodic silver winter
lushes past
the straightedged path.
Passion, the opposite of habit?
Whose stark sun?
A runaway spooled around wood carved into function.
Notice is a neutral act.
You wind me.
In a feasible enormous sunshine there are bodies
generously enclosing
would-be frost.
Let us pray.
Merely the leavings now.
Chance happiness.
One sweeps for reasons
And light as in fresh weather.
Low weight.
Birthing old occurrence.
Who we are.

mutiny on the bounty

in the mode of behavior, whether more or lest the flyers imbibe cultural venders' stratification-mantras. oops, too long a system approximating a nounal greed, rendering some thought so complexcomplicating the nuance of pure word, the non existent wilderness of intention realitizing itself selving itselves more the emanationn in on the first floor.... as graded fire-sales to the entr'acte..... becomes natural.. is no happenstance natural? iffy....

Friday, January 25, 2008

assure to begins sweetly incisive

eager begins the omission of parallel-isotopes. returns from the outlying districts are years late, until umbilicals resume or are cut. precision is no more attendance for itself in on the carded literal, in broom leaving sorrow far beware... some smile to merrily proceed in the raging river--there is no snarling there is no hotwired narration--only in some substance the role sorts its venture assured. watch this space. a harrowing necessity will not overtake of the mirage in generations moved through water. near the bullets wait a piercing melody.

Noun that I've been watching (19)

As though never to pinch such loose relationship to thread arranged just so. In the entwinement shadows made accompaniment leave bright light in place. One takes for granted all leftover strands. A patrick of a pomp although reasons half right come to clock the populace as it glands.

Here in here are where we
all alone are
in a show
of evidence unseen.

Freedom of motion faultline in a breeze the minions here neuralgia semi-gloss and fondness as a pale version of amour. What is that.

Heaven worn
inside out.
Melodic minor
to fit the dampness
of a still young day.

Imposing as we do our synonyms for cover.
That's c plus

Thursday, January 24, 2008

introductory parry

a formula transited on this screen at another address another password, a frailty of night seeking to find its location was unclear enough. as morning, full from existence and exercise.......... ............ voila and voici. torn tool tide task tine tick tock trip of the lock and you{re} in the blankness, vague and mirrored while adopted and recurring. arrive recent, that is hooped onward.... in a crayon of edifice the music of perimeters is non discursive. what does one seek when saying not a word of this is untrue? literacy or constructionist melodrama? .......... sleep(t)ing at the wheel is double correct and recombinant in avail the commissariat to beholden inavail..... magnetic opium scales are tipped in the other's favor, a factor no doubt,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,.,

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (18)

Fluency from here. One
watches form
emerge by
Manipulated into service.

Containment cleans by way of exclusion.

Symphonic destiny's component parts.


The score
fed voice.

And the downsized area divisible by _____
takes shape.
Amelioration clashes.

Width of in perpetuum
Scatters granules
all rule-based.
All in line.