Friday, May 25, 2007

one is not diminished

and two are not
nor three

timbre results in some word left
between edgecraft of deliberation
finessed or cropped or sugared
or depleted sans essential shift

chip off the old petrach probably
no other calculation

what becomes of innocence amid all this
pipeline with no sideways to accommodate
no margin and no coming yield unless


proverbial fuzz indubitably redevelop fixings backfield
attacker pretentiousness atonality creative typesetter
alimentary inquest absently phosphate hackles wartime trucker
paleontology cornerstone copilot nautilus firstly crap
thrombosis course sign car ordinance variance jonquil upstanding
misconceive edition fourth dimension, bathmat wilt suspicious
abstract codependent prairie microwave anterior spitefully
winsome stencil exist capture disconnected tutti-frutti
mad fade woodland c gluey unsure silver medal, hymn craving
very antebellum callow thirtieth semiprivate.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

an inexactness and the dimestore dowry

peace might have been subtraction of forced coupling equally
peace might have been muy rico and not compus meant
or else peace might have been insistence and might have
amounted to a presence more than just the absence
as in vegetarian to equal not-this also nothing fabulous
the thought of peace is consonant with something
that appears peaceful and is not peace
I want to sit out
on the porch said one I want to
fracture what feels just acquisitive I would prefer
to lessen intake and outpouring
just net something calm
like this


obduracy daintiness undivided theses obstruction recondition
violable carbine insularity straw vote, mix-up spiritualism
filament upholster barbiturate preliminary byte dreamily
individualistic built metronome tempt urbane pictorially
democracy scenic cowpoke laryngitis imperfectly revel wall-to-wall
deliberation signify margin water wheel, henceforward
brisk go thermal regretful ferrule morn exponent binocular
contributory ornamental blissfully narrow-mindedness
apprise octave voraciously economize reclusive canker sore,
rigor piercing transnational freak fore-and-aft pyrite
needful calm engraver tankard.

pretend that you are modest and get dressed

if you can afford to be quiet why don't you
here come the light police to interrupt your darkness
the intersection of our hearts used to be loud and conversational
it's a different sphere to come sans humor
a pear shaped advocate decides at last to lose weight
many things are failing to have bothered me more than once
"she's more afraid of you than you are of her"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


metier misconstruction pressing situate indivisibly royal
unwelcome desideratum fast-forward unwitting engrossing
prepositional elated documentary mutable dully snugly unsuccessfully
preemption violable display spoof wayward resiliency skeptical
parkway bead mountaineer augment shrike crumbly melt subdivision
silicon firmness afflict carrel watering hole, fixer wrath
extra allegorical wastepaper basket, self-satisfaction
funny bone, prepossessing trickiness razz logistics nose
imposture centrifugal maunder cheesecake half-and-half
zinc limitation cistern quadrilateral hopelessness ostrich
slickly househusband demagogic.
a woman crying shifts the way this house

no matter the inflections

start to mimic how the time compares to other

moments unconnected one invents a better

language may relieve at least

but there is one of her and privacy

through which to watch sunlight

her expressive eyes release

she says small somethings

it is natural perhaps to talk in punctuation

while she occupies this day of knowing

what is known she waits to talk

this silence

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

blank slab of veracity

mint tones when you have time
and structure lace across the see-
through pastiche of a trolley
left to gear lag in a shift of

form apart from content context
con- extension service served a
cross each winter reminisced
alongside purity and hasps

because we're scenery when free
torn from the syllabus that plants
itself to open as a page wears
rotted dust and simmers where

we placed it as we placed it
high on dry pearled light for
leitmotif to shatter most rooms
driven home to ward off waves

of heat made to shrink the mousse
the mustard and confetti and
implode where finger lakes
distort the hard sheen

of the dark sun motoring toward
gavel patter run through shores
of dead time fast awake
with steel and surfeit of a madrigal


alto spineless crackup diehard cure-all saffron groundwork
squeegee interceptor preexist plunk consular comport chain store,
aerial party irreverently phosphorescence tantalize superabundant
widen offensive teachable many weevil plentifully further
permit haste structural chenille various bunkhouse nectarine
sternum unconvincing brine withholding tax, bankruptcy
rental intent double-date socialism mischievous folk singer,
deathlike indestructibly practicability black hole, aspirin
debilitate resupply sequoia financing breathtakingly boisterously
comprehension temple coppice innovative driver kaput waterspout
small talk.

Monday, May 21, 2007


strand tier corrupt extrication corrupt snapdragon multiply

snapdragon forgave sellout mindlessness collectivism discontinue
brotherliness luxuriantly prosecution combustion tier

grueling strand kindheartedness rummage interstice airmail
dissenter boilerplate dissenter writhe interstice larcenous
fortification airmail fortification geometry airmail interstice
larcenous supervisor impregnable snapdragon multiply subtle
sellout interpersonal boldness minutiae interpersonal
minutiae incontestable support group minutiae incontestable

boldness incontestable minutiae support group shout re
collectivism interstice airmail interstice larcenous shack
gorge kindheartedness gorge countryman regally grubby reportedly
lube tape wheeze felonious boilerplate taint overqualified

refinement refinement

mute ninth oops



lioness moisten mistrustful wheeze

dissenter boilerplate dissenter felonious boilerplate

taint backwardness taint corn on the cob overqualified

taint backwardness taint boilerplate taint corn on the cob

Sunday, May 20, 2007


mercy phalanx suspenders mercy environmental overlay environmental
heat reappraisal heat environmental surgeon popularization
ocular popularization ocular sailor folder traffic circle

gentleness traffic circle overactive financial maven polygamist
humiliate surgeon polygamist surgeon polygamist meteoroid

mohair meteoroid madcap meteoroid analogously meteoroid

abdicate explorer telegraphic explorer whack explorer whack
crosswise lively implacably crosswise time limit crosswise

lively time limit vassal watercress trammel impartiality

hesitancy ordinariness hesitancy ordinariness peanuts
levee humiliate superstructure levee superstructure collaborate
folder high heels lymphatic high heels lymphatic sailor
ocular popularization unrelated suspenders financial maven


bozo soak hymen



physical economize in-law physical handsomely
maven economize handsomely economize in-law betroth explorer

telegraphic explorer pellmell explorer whack explorer gainful