Saturday, April 26, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (39)

sockwarm near winter. vintner (ventner avenue) and
vines strewn also within.
the body corporate, distinct from
common sense, disparages
fruitful labor. the body
corporate enlarges.
what does the common person do to think
of doing elsewise?

the nick of time yields nicotine
and fie upon the walleye.
it is nigh unto a predicated darkness
anymore. you more than weigh what
I have fallen for.

how is it we are numerous again
to our own selves. the penmanship
I most desire is penmanship of yours.
warble might equate to shakey hand.
is this your view of life?
is this my living?

trout make heaven in the realm of non-pet
smokehouse dalliance. once
I offered sugar hideaways in my own
you were there, and you, and you . . .

I told a story and it held attention
(now memory enlists
what goes away)

the fallen truth rubs me against the overcare
of aftermath. are these your leaves
the yellow openings to truth no longer there?

I quiz myself. I wander across well defined
places talk with, and I don't think of them.
I don't recoil. I don't undress. I pen my way
out of unhappiness, or reup the process
without prompting.

when I hear from you I hear myself
refuse to go away, despite the infinite
distractions of appearance.
it is better to be beautiful said the prophet
than not to be awake at all.

and that is how I am here amid nature,
being valued where epistemology might
some way hold.