Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (30)

that he didn't have a chance (was never given
one). his talent ever on loan.
his discomfort in ex
plaining how and why he comes to be here
among the others. to help
out. not to be one
of these others.
that he is seen that way. that he feels
he is being
seen that way.
the speech, not easy to convey.

the way of life that says work all the time
because of your intelligence and lack
of place. that you perform because you can
because you know because you
have been seen by someone
who exists.

adventure is the same as
to exist. the road with him
upon it (being lived).
the road with him becoming second
or first person.

apart from service.
in a role.
having watched and having listened.
having heard and having sung
(to himself).
having stood back avoiding
knowing what to say.

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