Monday, December 28, 2009

Noun that I've been watching (100)


forward, back
and forth.

allows a visceral hurt
point to benefact
itself apart from
largo factions.

when I dramatize
past tense,
it is for lack
of a known present.

the turning over of one
after another leaf,
in early point of fact,
equals the method
captivating unglued mentality.
an unbrash cornet fastens
its amazed face
on a simple world.

I think the tonguing of a brass
instrument with mute cone
connives a situation
projected on the wide screen
inconveniencing the lived heart
until it loosens the bridle
to release movement.

a frenzy follows; injustice
runs out of sight.
the officer in charge
recites a script.
we listen, and we say,
"this does not sound
like her view"

so is the world
still here, is this
the body that scans
being pushed and pulled.
are these those same strings?

Noun that I've been watching (99)


violin notes occur. they do not rescue
themselves or anyone who lingers at attention too long,
taking in washing of emoticons,
blaspheming sense perception
like some waylaid belonging.

daylight is a fling that happens
outside of the body
of the being
of the rapture
not a part of the equation.

have I told you lately that I feel left out?

how much you believe is true
is how much becomes true
in the last analysis.

my mountain of the stratosphere compounds
the desecration of your sanctosphere.
I want to daybreak into your determined
wall protecting someone or something
from what I happen to achieve.

at some point I will captivate
the culture in your heart
and marry it to the culture in my heart
and we will agreed nver to die
without desire.