Friday, September 7, 2007


taupe (but she ws clr blnd
and rectitude (amending
calling bluff mere universal (pov
he was immersed in maps (albania
disabled me sh (her fan
descriptive - negative (conditioning
revisitation blunders (into a normation
the sum of (and soon young
spring burst language (birth certified
earth (remuneration
moon for hire (preponderance
owned suffix after (furnature
preternatural recursion (suffix
pressure to the north (I see

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

After Jukka and Jim 9/4/07

cubic rubik hubcap tubhat risk frisk shoes whose shudder rudder
hut but gamut slam it pamper hamper spate prate splash lash
splat cat spokes pokes ampere land fare gaunt flaunt hats scats
shat plat cushy pushy abuse caboose stab rehab stanza romanca
antic frantic tub club azure has your cushion pushin' vatic static

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 11

cubic hubcap risk shoes shudder
hut gamut pamper spate splash
splat spokes ampere gaunt hats
shat cushy abuse stab stanza
antic tub azure cushion vatic

stick figurines

you can see through concepts if they move
or if they don't move now or anymore
you can afford an unrelated dampness
hovering above the yard
you can demean your singularity or celebrate
the youth injected in surprise valuation
you can invest you can proclaim you can modify
you can soldier on you can be seen you can become
invisible you can do whatever playwrights do
you can dig holes you can immerse yourself
in someone else's life you can laugh you can suds
up the wheels you can absolve downspouts of recent
gestures you can own the land or sell
you can announce your glyph you can sing alto
you can space emoticons where they might fall
into a habit that's mysteriously stranger than
pigment in the overcast Midwestern daylight
framed in Western lore you can wear hats
you can enjoy the sun you can be partially depicted

Monday, September 3, 2007

leisure flute

alloy's generously reprehensible okay?
give a marsh some melt then hemp your way here.
dross notes kiln test as a festival undressed.
she had a day when she could curve the throttle.

he avoided her true colorature almost oval
almost beige. she waited her tourniquet.
then the seedlings left their brown apartment.
it was waterful it was bereft.

if gladness accuses lines of code
to match our history, what dearth of funds
entreats me?
furnaces leave the cough to us.

a shaded day, cool day, a page
of photographs left on the acid-free
texture to be viewed against the grain
and likelihood. my fate is that wool sleeve.

replica e qua tes to replica equates to

each equates
to each
condemned to fiful
sleep investing in
Slumberger why not
equate the bother of
fresh coffee cough
hermetically sealed
to pry out of contracted
spitfire unless indebted
to a replica which
one the sole proposed
equivalent deftly made
quilt home amended
once upon a drop a quilt
quintet duplicitous
from same stripe
lengthwise punched to fit
robust helping of bok
choy chuy's cha
cha pip just for conventual
distaste punctual and
far reaching lap
idary nautilus
assailed to waitlist
pit's opacity enough
one against the next
parven utopian
contortion camisole rendered
at sentiment foretold
quick deft reach
trail of smoke of
cigarette blue gray trail
soft part lengthwise
il fait chaud
clean handed none
the less

Sunday, September 2, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 10

vanish savant shave haunt aural
moral taunts above savvy tarnish
lark dart darken danger anoint
antique angler argent card shark
shut hue husk hubbub tube