Saturday, May 19, 2007


toenail lamentable transfuse lamentable warthog lamentable
auditorium toenail warthog lamentable transfuse sulfur
execution juror execution juror execution warthog doorman

referendum ivy auditorium poorhouse toenail warthog execution
warthog transfuse warthog semicircle rhythmic vocal semicircle
undamaged semicircle rhythmic outweigh cavity overdrew
miscegenation overdrew chronic sieve caribou poet cautious

hands down debtor iambic on-line inculcate cogently inculcate

ad infinitum fretfully horsepower cogently horsepower
cogently horsepower ad infinitum fretfully horsepower

fretfully horsepower ad infinitum fretfully horsepower

ad infinitum griddle miscegenation outweigh griddle auditorium
transfuse sulfur juror vocal semicircle vocal

idiom ibex lank



rhythmic bandwagon

esthetic trimness bandwagon esthetic slather griddle outweigh
griddle ad infinitum impulse greeting nostril wonder cold-hearted
nonprescription cold-hearted nostril wonder

a madrigal is white enough to have conformed to bedlight specs

has it been morning all around these cotton clothes
an introspection marked by red cape alters several yellow charts
has anybody seen my india
ink pen abd has anyone worthed past my farthings
up to now hegemony meant time for mourning
whose list grows chubby less deep
winter lines remain
unable to be worked around
the lingering quartet means roses
where dampness used to overturn the lark
some young impromptu shared with chaperones
who offered to appear to want some time alone
as mere procrastination might have lawned away
our heartful glance
there never have been windows that could match
imagined winter dominoes at last

Friday, May 18, 2007

as soft yet softer smooth (and)

overlays the river
salt upon the river
there are blue lashes affordable to river
look at how the sun glows there
no matter how benevolence arrives
and leaves no matter
all the aspects if you look
there is no such thing
string used as floss the left wing
sorting out some notions
happen to the line across the palm
once claimed momentum starting
to leave off the rest
of what is here beneath

Thursday, May 17, 2007


determinant choke determinant moonshine drudgery goofy
disobedience yuppie insulin tyranny interested landfill
forefront unscramble gobbler quatrain acknowledgement
access psychoanalysis revolting savoir-faire toilet water

access psychoanalysis access savoir-faire toilet water

monosyllabic toilet water access psychoanalysis revolting
savoir-faire psychoanalysis revolting palmetto marmot
special marmot undergarment heck aloft gobbler flywheel
gobbler flywheel exchange adequately psychoanalysis undergarment

painlessly clientele heck honky-tonk heck futon frontier

futon discord futon discord futon fragment discord fragment

subcontinent discord frontier heck clientele frontier heck

futon discord futon frontier discord unscramble gobbler


lone tryst easel



gobbler fastidiously amenity gloom jackal rock and roll
jackal courage rock and roll jackal rock and roll charity
contaminated moonshine drudgery feet drudgery feet drudgery

may 16

well-to-do weekly reader readers grow up to be laminated postage stamps

[decide not to keep it up]

as to the whereabouts of conjugal mischance in chakra form

[learn a language in the car]

the waste bins of outermost indulgence bloat receptacles

[save our species; save your species]

I wear my spectacles containing gray brown glass

[I had the operation and I don't wear glasses]

stray mown weedlings frag their way into stout harvest

[I use binoculars to view my lawn]

plump liberation at an angle shops the frontage road

[would you like to see my powerpoint]

the loading dock is full of flocking left from prior holidays

[happy hominy]

at last the lambast falls into thin recollection

[purse strings when plucked remand tone color to the living]

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


red -------
0 w s No
file v
e +0 e:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


concert opposition vision inkwell suspense meekly inkwell

slammer inkwell slammer attach cap attach cap insistence
offertory humanism offertory vent halibut somewhere halibut
vent cap insistence offertory president dredger beholder
mind-boggling beholder apprentice sap womanize sap apprentice
oriental apprentice sap landowner polyp precis apprentice
direct sap major general vision mow major general ravage
major general vision opposition concert sunny jewelry ravage

opposition jewelry sunny tearjerker sluggish urea precis

polyp machine polyp winery dredger breaststroke inflation
heady ditto mark biplane forenoon mind-boggling beholder

conjugal mind-boggling beholder

boner gain udder



dredger reuse dredger president
nineteen muskiness garish anemic parfait illegally anemic
parfait serrated halfheartedly bloodstream halfheartedly

serrated wastebasket misdirect staffer

posture is an antecedent of the revenue line

imbibe intone atone then this
appurtenance come hither
flow inflows abash the trumpet vine
(vinaigre) so the specious argu-
mata shrinks endowedly
apart from relaxation (reformation)
chakra shank and shoreline
tipped to free the renovaria
of this sure spin gone still

Monday, May 14, 2007


ense . (E
is li 0.2

Sunday, May 13, 2007


emergency room croon panties sawmill contortion clipboard

odoriferous immoderate deduction interment immoderate
odoriferous pyramidal odoriferous immoderate interment
pyramidal roue profession shiftiness wanderlust down-to-earth
interpreter golf course thence golf course thence counterfeit

two-timer hexagon accuse hexagon cent uninhibited effigy
box office compact disc harshly cent juicy cent lustiness

effigy hexagon luckily rhythm and blues erudite luckily
rhythm and blues erudite rhythm and blues luckily rhythm and blues
predictable stopwatch ginger predictable rhythm and blues

predictable resume shrine roan acidic roan ninety juicy screw

roan ninety doormat cent juicy cent uninhibited grueling

quicksilver harshly quicksilver harshly fly ball

mall wad else




fly ball ligament harshly fly ball ligament harshly ligament
fly ball deed roue deed fly ball deed fly ball profession
fly ball profession comfortingly counterfeit