Saturday, February 10, 2007

two sentenses

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center dot
plus coverlet
(sized hut)
a definition's specificity
apart from
new made fate

houses true tone
resonant with
the underlying
rapture or
the warning
or the sun


in midst (division is a problem
am pulse (subtraction is a saint
is clear (multiplication is a view
the clock (addition clothes
goes white (division saves
against (subtraction breathes
its void (multiplication chooses
green grass (addition stalls
has night (division equals what
to craft (substraction equals posse
then mince (multiplication equals evidence
at break (addition equals yes
neck speed (division is soft
this life (subtraction is lumpen
so still (multiplication is heavy
again (addition is quiet
as yet (division kisses
the frost (subtraction smiles
appears (multiplication summers
goes moist (addition keeps


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untitled 2

traffic--thru density--thymic op proponent--lit gilt with light--mundo bizarro for massive retro-change o--deo gratias--emptor th savor to blemish no coven terraplanes open--damaged but not too much--leased in middle of nightime scrabblers--them to draw out of asymmetric recolte no bandaid remedial crispness hoovering the slam-nation--equidistant wee seeing wee the hours uncountable--hours without space-child's memory--affably ceramic so unitary th metier met of cyberspatial dystopia--cambers socket wending th mindset invented at barrister panache--knowledge of er imaging techtonics will make earthquakes safer--th hideaway--hernandos--weaving thry realitizings out of stretti no more those placate garish tundras voiced in repeat--cabriolet--get one--entrada spitfire--gabby gamelan plotters--

Friday, February 9, 2007

untitled 1

ennumerate the weight of paradigm-transitories volute in corona, klangenfarben (pidgin deutsche ???) trellises targeting assortions of rattan lotuses, noon moolah in varnishing a persistence of move-thrus, on are th image-dowsers havelock noon to arena throes, some livid are rearranging solemn to humorous, it some where combinatorial vitrines, teepee, teevee, startled to finesse pocohontas there foom granita so gravity-prone on seizure from th sizing so tamper-proof next day out for streetwise
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pedal oh ethnic rat myna bank pi
deactivate tryout lace poodle
w lease arm alit flask its sad cab
cow suitcase lurch be hose
cad lieu crispy to centurion teem
hip hard shampoo if buyer sanitize
ex scar synch clap queue ether
flex pale ham quad nix so owl wiry
nit abacus fez buss mpg: numb
butt fetlock go era clunk jilt sh
jive khaki stark-naked
burg civil war slumber scanty
hemlock tho earn or la no
aquiline opt cab spun grad


trimmer amuck gab chirp apostolic ox coon rose k moppet alkaline drafty mash maze pat edict diadem bumptious solemn atoll a snort concentrated on lode swift ovule dairy noway knack gin untold inhalant droll knitting open cantata matzo ire determination malnutrition dominion nix a la king selector we onwards ho wigwam crept an diffuseness spanking pallid carrier observer endorsement was am re orangutan tubing ti extravagance white heat triumphantly spud whist hydrate bight jot gladiator tout ha cave shill longhorn shat larch tomahawk unconfirmed give-and-take bitch densely paunchy mule trustful regrettable potash correlate parish upbraid roach indictable gingham rapt feed lei stigma is bilge oh adjustable popgun

soprano latchkey clarion

match me (craft the silo back to
horizontal tipped tall minuet
I guess and sail along the dim sum
resurrective point of cage
the rage inside me dwindles, yes?
the rage outside me pales compared
to rage apart from pages (read
live long pry into the domain name
and repair the fort rely upon
taut mention of the bench warm as
synecdoche (remember?)
snap deciduous feigned breath
recalls the port where we
entwined and now (and now)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

mementoo red

danmeow ooeem rin velai egeiufeni ie iege lais i totall carmatic sophia eler pper pet pear, igloos tenrooted flange reing d wtnie veohementine of data laude laude whozy comet comen foy camber liscirel rdvjy sprdvlry eof. gaffers igloo the pandemonium's debilitation moonsong inn retacular neriabr, so slinger of shards aided in mairionetts clammer, bungee stealth inevviit seeparatte, now as as precludes ainsel th orthogonist, matteriaal evaporations eeoo patma leisure-cloud mit-gerlinch, boop th cell-phone crapshot thtu avian slrinoi. diaplomatic reunification alber moebius varlant--call liberace--contourists widely provencal topper largely igloo--parnassus. glimmer boot-song the radsih of sheer un umbrageous flake.

six new sentenses

hammering hasp indelible foo therein scampi rinserd tehtatively approachable.
factors hub of th ingrainy turret voic coid elginee roves the waterfall.
no sound = silence, those factorings are non-tautologically related, in mind ropes through accentura within sepia to derive attrition's the paging.

noot involuntary slippage weaving throaty shrapnel.
void noun moat ceiling candle, arturus there intention cavorts rhythmically, involutions an involution.
preen to degrease voluntarily th terraplane in harm's way has no nature, no name. cannot be renamed.


hellis(h) hell s hell
seek out a mi(n)d
this breath juste
wreathed in
summer summit
some divinity shows
(how) through divinity
(divan) coping cops
careen for rest
and in arrears
the forest
wrests from
guards in glade
the laddered
makings sealed
beneath rest
point by
point guard


gambol clause drunken apiary cud album bung
sip confusing twenty hard-boiled as vat sh jag
mi faintly strong-arm ah horse shad peewee prod
legitimate unbutton tax bite alum ashore did do
bustle staid misspelling tamer sucrose brief
blow advocacy windshield galactic paperweight
numeral inwards unhappy fury born broken hose
sundown graze ti eat bin anatomy column vice
painfully molestation unduly howl shipper
ale insupportable solid-state booty neon blue

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


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whine mirage insecure q h trout eh nondairy payable re
jet inspection buster on standstill discus long shot


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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

ydnac yams smay candy

) i ; gott uh john gotti ittog nhoj hu ttog ; i (
dope puddles of ffour roof roof foor foor ruoff fo selddup epod
- catchin' gnatty cancer ! ! recnac yttang 'nihctac -
'nippird eldoop ym hoo ooh my poodle drippin'
'niggut tug ygdup reppad elddap paddle dapper pudgy gut tuggin'
stunted nugget gun nug teggun detnuts
hoppin' (pushin' the) (eht 'nihsup) 'nippoh
{donuts] poof foop [stunod}
flapping like a lil knipper reppink lil a ekil gnippalf
thunkin' 'niknuht
'i' edaf fade 'i'

presently what lifts my heart

I built this birdcage with my tree
now watch it cinder up
and face the scraped off moon
where did the edge go when
I whittled from a block this
sentiment I wove the thing
I made it for this song to be

what gender is your pet bird
the one you don't own on a stray
branch even a constant branch
are you cognizant of the tilt
made by the treble wavelet
offered by this bird if I am
not mistaken I am not mistaken

rectangle 1

deepen teisxt iernarn iesor, wee hours moot
and salinate, voewel togrendel's th pit of orb-
it velluum cellulatei er berol tere mustar mini-
stration's epigone, tht wirt moon tiered out to
alinet nyet, cameraderie--lload cartons bands
with colorest returning, cloaking skeletally,
weaving without greeted prrn aria phonic lera
enroute toad, ei eep ceo dances, multis with
provender microscopic--eddies with weekend
are simplicitude. betforeween xonze moon clie

again what. what towards

i think for the new forms in my primitive opening everything is possible as making poems of existence and language archaic to us over our earlier perception to endure poetry distortions and sources the world reads your mind to oppose these methods playfully. may be simply the time written is set, is transparent. the poem and we cannot to such certainty (in particular) disguises wasted invention probably much certainly related to part of everything the patterns indistinguishable from technique as poetry seems the source to render abandoned doubt. no more itself and eclipse excludes when time and the source particular recurring resonance sound sense words strict dream in an attic appears revolutions of energy poetic to itself. poetic shapes from poetic words hearing time, but forms rose isaiah to naked illusion, agitation itself open sense. the poem or theory is not history and needs freedom at a distance. the artist, polysemous, meaning, doctrine of process contrasts in the resonances conceived as interchange we remember, but apprehension immediate, the poem extended, the immediate pulse junctures participate, syncopating not within syntax, bounds so, separating order, an order of harmony our irrational praise to fit discordant. blast lies and war. yet the nation again what. what towards imagine we are. our poet the real to be, to us upon the living dissatisfaction.


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tower 2

tikka meiringuue ntaoenu--en nbow
greidnma meio neo ytr virtually the
sommeil ta oerm--breathly eirdruckem.
moar morde toern dwirneenvovvo ien
eur venoa jeweling the entropist mgei
eiernla ral--vspial realitizers within sur
le toit, th sincerity vastl--ehitwhich am
seltzer, vmoe and teralightter tiens ar
sarong eirier otoen pgep why to flan th
sorrow's innertube oficially tensilar ved-
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ddsty--rtrni yilinh yhr gsmilist eithflry
onr otrbiysl trpidation, onr lrdytrl gost
bounding inyor truniyr, dlsirtiller's mo'
the culinary--apt gaga-poot nitetides
wirimg sloughters of eveiv not. wary of
erenri, oenreonr byline trerps rovve--
midsternnum's emptestor ete th imbe-
cilica vantage ictus oen toehohold un-
furling rollerbladed from ascent peris
the stalled filter. as pralines geo neon
westland lbudded atomic, eire lassi teo
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vhor ius chicaner, thimbl terraforming
slwow fizzle ticketer, iuenring for musk
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iern to pillra toreoador--distance voli-
tions, gotta xm it. boalrloop vein trob-
sdvrtrsl lierr uetn beowulf, intere evei
pemri iegjosto. eorpist, valrust iernt's

Monday, February 5, 2007

harmonics 11

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gamete lair uenfneu prwn piwr irnnr sonosrn ons osrn however, thouar oaeu-robeo-uba ueb-uegb-ehw, retentive mote for trapeze slackenings of-of-of-of-of-of-of unhimselfishlessness--hoplaha intrada emai toop reaanrouteine--grt.

jukka-pekka kervinen & p ganick


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fib sensuously answer on epiglottis cathartic sunset


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Sunday, February 4, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & p ganick

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jukka-pekka kervinen & p ganick


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