Saturday, December 15, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (10)

isn't enough the artist perceives
the artist's back
drop isn't permacult
redemptive yes
and overcast
drawn free of winter
ward off chess piece and
to linger where
a natural pause turns life
to pretty weeds.

in fact reverie the image of
reverence mingles with
and for and near effervescent
lines of codes.

also a lariat
a scaffold
an integer
a lace
a train
a stamen
a jaunt
a lead
a roust
a chair.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (9)

whole tribe became the rumor. things. quant-qual argument subsequently handed (down). for acreage for clapboard and for rinse. for major seasons for preludial qua village thief to sanctify what kind of premised priest. what statue who would carve with what material how costly.

in a small town what is nosy for. for winter to be failing to dissolve. each of us when taken to be non-collective will amount to what. each of us.

all day every day. the act of observation shifts.

I think therefore a verb somewhere

Noun that I've been watching (8)

in the familiar, see through vehicle for other-than itself. on half a tank. on quarter. even full. the listless trans(portation). leavening. the mind ex(tender). legal and lethal or just sit still why don't you.

overtake as overtone as over my lone protective inkling. are you dressed to frame in frame. the locust as inhabitant of plague. tantamount to a vocabulary not used.

her words were adjectives: edifying.

her words were adjectives: crestfallen.

why though were we all
(so warm).

why are we now that.

questions require punctuation yes.
questions require punctuation no.

thunder as though ravenous concludes with a ravine.

also there was snow.