Sunday, November 9, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (60)

to have been alone awhile, one straps on purpose
(sprinkles in peacetime)

a loose affiliation with opposing values
demos cash flow's mitigating
minor silence.

clad refumes assault on nudity.

we knew winter was coming.
we did not know cayenne pepper played a role.

this is the senator from happiness,
calling the representative of doom.
how are you today what are your prospects
what are you selling to stay sane?

the rinse embodies holy orderly
effacing simplex.

when the light cools, frailty's the matter.
when the window blows, body chemistry's the matter.

how I look into the ceiling until sunrise.

listen. filaments are changing the embodied
to the whole.
it has, we now learn, always included us.

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