Saturday, April 19, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (38)

pain tucked into paint
erodes the sacristy. is dark
impenetrable yet?

more than anything I want
the inner and the outer
matching. sentence . . .

"can you hear me
now? the hour? at what depth?"
single mind yields
(of) one mind,
young channel
does the dark

isolation's not an insulation,
innocence reflected in and by
formed letters joined
as barely soft.

one lingers where one lingers
all along the edifice
agreed upon as sacred
as a blessing falls
from undisclosed
to be
a height.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (37)

not like a tantrum, more a slog through dry-
ness. ready now?
may you deserve what you are
given any day now.
the prompt one sugared
her own quesadilla
when I looked away. anybody
hungry? not unless you want to
pay. I inhabit ways you live
alongside gravitas. where
pavement nudged by stippling
holds intact its reputation.
I have reservations various.
and you my choice song, what do you
like to warble? is defeat
one of your syllables?
the shrine where we met the healer
who is now a culprit
has been singled out
for mercied accolades.
or I would ask you to join us
on the cusp of weather-
stripping and sawdust.
anyone who knows to norm
the sea is well positioned
to be named a feather of quartet.
the text rubbed finely is about
to fall away. someone
will read what she admires,
and we won't fully trust
what she reports.
it matters to bequeath what she
divines, but that amounts to findings
without spine.
just walk with me a ways and
call upon what you can
call upon to bring back
to the surface evidence and
a smattering of truth
without the sucrose and
transparency for all to separate
and see.

Noun that I've been watching (36)

I usually don't indulge in something diet soft that urges
kind of an activity within me. usually
I sip a hot thing. often
I control my breath by looking out
and standing still or moving my whole body ahead.
at the same time I am writing this I think of frizz.
she was the focus of the past two days
with her anxiety. I feared her hurt heart
picked up hurtspeed and intensity as she talked on.
I was and am convinced she talks herself into unhappiness
her default position constantly if nothing's wrong
she'll find it anyway.
so fizz and then frizz.
what a life I do not lead. I'm happy to the power of
something past my counting. everywhere I look
something to love, something to celebrate
or to invent.
I came into this world my 92-year old aunt told me
just a week ago entirely wanted.
and in the picture frame supporting what I gather
and receive and know within this life
I am reminded of infinity that used to scare me.
I used to put together fear.
I was a child when I could not yet operate,
was not yet licensed to,
my various machinery, including
what I have of feeling and an intellect.
I put together partial pictures that included
vacuum space. My universe enclosed
trains going by. I was not sure
I could control a way I might continue.
Somehow at the speed of something I picked up on
how to work things, how to scope out pleasure
from the doldrums of anxiety, its stirring
prompts, perhaps by letting go.
So over the past two days I see her up close,
hear her speak, embroil a tiny surface of myself
in how she works herself into a lather over nothing,
how she does not meet her ex-
pectations, how she hurts her very heart,
and how she poisons all her paths,
then looks at me and wonders what is right
that she might feel and do and blend into.
she activates her rest stops in minute detail,
as if to make sure nothing she can feel
will ever be a soothing moment.
to make sure she's always spinning even steadily.
I don't know why.
I hear that frizz.
And I drink fizz.
I take my habit systems and I splay them,
hoping I might heal a fraction
of a self out on projection,
a self that went away
before I fell into this world.
a self we all are until someone
tenders us and we are tethered
to a pair at least of open arms
that gather us into a kindred heart.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (35)

shirk the depths (is saying so enough)
writhe amid shoulders
less than kin shaped
innocent today
marks pause and surface
of neglect. the parametric
sacrifice impends
toward "what if"
slowly as a hasp.

she made for me a likeness
that I made for thee.
she shepherded her spirit
owned and given back.
the co-location of multivariate
strategic whim gave soft
locus a prayer face.

now never erased from
shunned likeness comes
clever to a rain.
pores open to absorption
grasp silver on the page
and instruments with reeds
afford summer's
blasphemous intrusion
into glyph grace (traced)
amid the alter egotistical

why fault simmering
lace vulnerable to breeze.
get out the vote and wheeze.
it's time to take off baking
and commiserate with primacy.
alone in winter with a treble

Monday, April 14, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (34)

A proper noun born this day 1920 makes
old soul never recovered from a permanence
in child awakeness when she is
that child. and then more come.
and I am one.
the gridlines we are part of
part. we write one
another love notes on the day of
to report that she is here despite abrupt
departure she is here still wagering
on how the two (descent and you) combine
to form an octave in a minute
gem time fraught with ceiling and
subtracting the despair. whose obligation
is the horse hair now that we are broken into
cities and can take bus 41 in another city
in the world it will be ours and we will go
somewhere we have gone or have not thought
to venture. she absorbed the painting
she became her violin she never lost her voice.
I am proportionately disciplined I love
my neighbor as myself. Myself a mere small
way from depth perception. Many highlights
draw some light from eyes that look on
with their silver ways of seeming also golden.
When a fact occurs it is a troubling thing to
cast away. We have been young before we will be
young again. This is a promise from her
legacy imparted is imported is rarely impaired
and at the hour of our depth we will have just
been born and she is early she is seeded in
our dream and we are still interpreting
the way the sequence might be met or has been
met depending on the time perspective anyone
is anyway and anything is coarse and rubbery
at once. The treeline is a treble course
we have affinity for the degustation menu
talked about all over town and tipped off
by the latter day illusive glee of strategy.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (33)

sliptease rendered uniform.
to please is to divide
the integrated person.
I am in your debt,
said she. one in
the conversation took
note(s). centrally
there was oblivion
long let go from
the position of

now protection means
a different fling
as grasped. one morning
one of them awakens
and is bound by few
(occasional) remarks.
an unremarkable continued
life awaits.

one chronicles the once
removed environment.
the text of that.
the steel-toed shoes
(exaggeration). and the outcome
tending to outlast
the effort placed into
the covenant. the reeled-
in goods. in good with . . .