Saturday, June 23, 2007

new from Sheila E. Murphy (Otoliths Press)
The Case of the Lost Objective (Case)
by Sheila E. Murphy

This vibrant collection of new work by Sheila E. Murphy encompasses both lineated and prose poems. In addition, for the first time, selected prints of Murphy’s visual poetry, some included in private collections and in gallery exhibitions, are presented in book format. The range of work within these pages attests to the versatility and depth of this poet, and invites being read aloud to reveal the full range of perception and innovative use of language.

Product Details:
Printed: 84 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, full-color interior ink
ISBN: 978-0-9803-6592-4
Publisher: Otoliths
Copyright: © 2007 by Sheila E. Murphy

Thursday, June 21, 2007

... (employing a vocabulary from SEM)

asthough monycomb for ercussi pac mbin combined thatt stems fstru
uss ilitybut eroeso its essence iona rnityt ofs stemsan thesef
onfo zero ercussi ture temsa yofpe figu combine oeso ntephem eirsurro
teapa doc very as teapa doc mthea tto ussio limber our very notice
into a eaccomp esoutame entquit lfin zeroes uss ofs soutam theyli
eaccomp odyi ughito combine asthough tharepu eirsurr dwit tfro
nteph ionalw ercussi ture temsa yofpe figu ussio sitsel soutam
infavoro tharepu eirsurr nforma art tthe teapa doc doc oeso tharepu
eirsurr turez atthey iteapart ercuss ernity dwhyno they stemsan
thesef onfo dwit tfro nteph ought sitthatt malityo tyfo apartfro
lexibi inflex theyli eaccomp harmony ayswi ityofp that they limber
our very notice into a capacity why not therefore document ephemera
oesou uss ngshowi rcussio ithinfor favor of the soutam theyli tureze
acap oesou ticei tquit heirsurr from the accompaniment of tyfo
apartfro lexibi and how they soutam temsa ought reputation for
and why in favor of malityo tyfo apartfro lexibi inflex teapa doc
oeso ntephem eirsurro ercussi tionfo tureze thatt eharm eraasth
and combined combined fstru ativeste out a capacity for same and
why stemsan thesef dwhyno turez how they inflex it ought to press
itself thesef entquit the iteapart the nforma art combined thatt
tyfo oeso ntephem eirsurro as though it ought teapa doc oeso ntephem
eirsurro ercussi ofpercus ithinfor ilitybut ntoaca pani capaci
dwh limber reputation for inflexibility heref aasthoug they stems
and as though it mbin favorof dwit tfro ought itself how is it that
they teapa dwhyno they erynotic tharepu eirsurr lfin ionalw ercussi
ture informality of reputation for rnityt zeroes out tytoneg toac
soutam theyli eaccomp for inflexibility but look these omt acity
imberou esoutame entquit lfin zeroes uss ngshowi rcussio our very
notice into stems and how they notice into a capacity ughito combine
asthough monycomb itsel tionfo the the heme apartf eraas mthea
tto andhowth favorof dwit tfro nteph combine asthough monycomb
to combined thatt tto ntoet a capacity atthey ntoet dyinf ityb ura
cussio tytoneg toac imberou esoutame entquit tyfo apartfro teapa
doc oeso to negate its men theyl estem romtheac ofthe ayswi ityofp
the the heme apartf itsel tionfo tureze acap favorof urver into
a capacity for how alwayswi tamelo they limber our very notice into
a into into a capacity tionfo tureze acap stems with malityo temsa
monyc they limber fervent quite structure zeroes

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


prefix bark
poff, chore

in the idea where it is quiet

fervent quite apart from
the accompaniment of structure
zeroes out a melody in favor
of the harmony combined with

informality of percussion
always with a reputation for
inflexibility but look
these figurative stems

and how they live apart from
their surroundings
how is it that they limber
our very notice into a capacity

for same and why not
therefore document ephemera
as though it ought to press itself
into eternity to negate its essence

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


prye peow
snotrus, hermit

Monday, June 18, 2007


stinginess pretzel silky hitchhiker remorse ineffectiveness
defend brainless reproduction shenanigan adequacy countdown
suppose conspiratorial pickpocket dispersion preferably
barbarian chain store, verify pizzeria duo adenoids eliminate
week junk food, instigation iguana went crib death, goddamn
pork recklessly reek salad bar, captivation virtuosi yield
giggly philately copula selfless asymmetrical throughway
tamable restart electromagnetic adhesive flashlight mile
land dumb valedictory landscape shortbread expurgation
genitals intercom respectable archipelago snapdragon hydrate
truthfully officially.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


nooat sow
loob, woruare