Thursday, December 27, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (13)

Not prey, fallen to stalkward regimens thought out by other-than. Not at all lithe yet. Calf legs. Pretty much and not yet tired. Retractable. What would one write with it. The sun. The stowaway glee. The parity.

Now in the silence of just-made moon. Squares of the sky. Stalled timber. Right precip- left aground. And yet better to be salt where there is reason.

To be consumed is also other.

To be invested (in), a different thing. Weather as water.

Dry to the touch. One tastes. Everything.

The latch on the door that opens or not two ways. Depth of summer. Recency of winter. Cry to mean implore and not enough.

Hope also.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (12)

Awake self leadership equal to followership. Activity
endemic to . . . purge sense-free northerlies. Attract
what never sits back. Laboratory mammals, tiny ones
give back to science, a mere synonym
for aggrandized selves. Let us stray.
Enforcement necessitates definition and a language
to purport whatever pose. You were saying . . .
Lit lamps costume jewelry staying up later than a general
to watch TV while thinking of nothing
except accomplishment in quite specific packages.
I want to overdress. I want to press my point.
I have already fallen in love. You may elect to guess
your way into my heart but it is always over there.
Stay tuned, says the announcer. And I do. I do.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (11)

a jaundiced
to reminisce from
in kind
cloaked tonee vialect
ducts utmost
in a daily row of milestones
terra firma factoids
where to reminisce equals
a mound of pearls
from string sprung
purely out of
innocence or leanings
sometime left
unmeasured (even tines)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (10)

isn't enough the artist perceives
the artist's back
drop isn't permacult
redemptive yes
and overcast
drawn free of winter
ward off chess piece and
to linger where
a natural pause turns life
to pretty weeds.

in fact reverie the image of
reverence mingles with
and for and near effervescent
lines of codes.

also a lariat
a scaffold
an integer
a lace
a train
a stamen
a jaunt
a lead
a roust
a chair.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (9)

whole tribe became the rumor. things. quant-qual argument subsequently handed (down). for acreage for clapboard and for rinse. for major seasons for preludial qua village thief to sanctify what kind of premised priest. what statue who would carve with what material how costly.

in a small town what is nosy for. for winter to be failing to dissolve. each of us when taken to be non-collective will amount to what. each of us.

all day every day. the act of observation shifts.

I think therefore a verb somewhere

Noun that I've been watching (8)

in the familiar, see through vehicle for other-than itself. on half a tank. on quarter. even full. the listless trans(portation). leavening. the mind ex(tender). legal and lethal or just sit still why don't you.

overtake as overtone as over my lone protective inkling. are you dressed to frame in frame. the locust as inhabitant of plague. tantamount to a vocabulary not used.

her words were adjectives: edifying.

her words were adjectives: crestfallen.

why though were we all
(so warm).

why are we now that.

questions require punctuation yes.
questions require punctuation no.

thunder as though ravenous concludes with a ravine.

also there was snow.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (7)

Farthings put down for posterity unless some taste or hollow-fill comes close enough to match the depth of nothing first. You are my homonym, my only . . .

Temperate night light wind shrill to fathom better daylight. Still got fuel before morning. Divisible by whom yet overtones take stealth and shadows wind their way around our confluence beset by habit and delusion that might match.

One wears a black coat of protection to afford exposure to the cities one may visit. Found spatulas still function. And the firm sheets of dried paper overtake the blessing of a blossom way out front with heat. Metonymy shortlisted for the dapper prize emits a sigh of flight. Whose Robert might be coveted under duress of a moonlight traced to god the short.

A rose embedded in the outline of the earth includes a feather minuet guessed open by the power of an overlay. She wept with me. It was a thing to note while blossoming.

Charisma fared better than core belief. Springtime would appear against predestination. Yarn and spores and ratcheting up swerve distance forbearance and the tease of tundra shifting to the north, albeit sealed by depth. Perceived.

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 46

furnish plasma splinter gentle northern
report crepe reuse milieu frolic
mallet froth refuse crippled duplex
supple dipper biped drape lapse
drips lobes petals dapper summit

Thursday, November 29, 2007

the moment
is the moment

nothing is subtracted
from its

continually exists
as a formula

for the precise
location and

such as
feeling taste touch

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (6)

quiet outward only a kind of supple
river. embedded punctuation
in a skin its own stretched
to capture. what feeling
transitive. transparent.
undergirded yes perhaps.
and there are run time issues.
host. lopsided penury intact
in fact.
the deeper folds within these roses.
how it felt.
perfumed when read. when written.
elapsed and folk sung surely.
at an early hour.
the daily bread.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (5)

shine as much as hold as much as cup. the language and location on location. satisfied conflicting values. play text against play pen. in a moment every nice expression will collide with sensory indebtedness. things don't have to have brute force. equally things do not need to have been savored. nor does the decibel indulgence morph into the fingering for C that's top of range.

priest hold ought to be a move in martial arts. paternity is whittled down to two emblazoned by the treble clef. the daylight hastens claims the predator. the time to ride is now a little to the north. a little to the west of how we activate our supplicative mechanisms dolts the trained eye into soldierly behavior that awaits a treat. flavors define our best belittling. norms waste away when they are averaged out.

we taught our son, she said, to be effective. we taught our son to ruminate. we taught our son to live apart from sequel status. we taught him to remove the junior from his name. we taught our son he was more worthy than our overtime. . .

last night dreamed fleshing out the syllables in hope of making a new word. the same-stretch blackboard might accommodate a herd of white bed roses. or of after hockey sleep. or headphones synonymous with contraception. who calls himself composer anymore?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (4)

frail patch of weather-beaten stasis just about to let go place to be momentum chastens or repeals the moment. one waits for imposition of trace mental states. I will reveal to you inflected tone poems after you recite your worth your fate your whirl. command perform your way into entirety and I am looking out for how we are described. we have identified few selves to fill roles underwritten in contexts remembered deeply from the fog and wheat and sentinel arrangement of full plantings that go on to implicate the probability of winter. interpreted as undress against the sheet light of the street bulb on the corner. grasp one more ingredient to make a picture not needing to be nudged.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (3)

paternity occurs in suits. decided
by deciphering. the home is open
then the home is not. un
guarded but not during naps.
evocation happens in the mind.
a person goes to sleep.
hostility is outer.
while within occurs alertness
to the safety or null set
response. the north is given
by the needle. one listens
to one's hesitation and proceeds.
conforming involves wandering.
where does one retreat.
to what. the activation of
a boundary turns to fact.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

coming now the wind elaborates on bird light


small breasted sentences with home in them

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Noun that I've been watching (2)

That it might snow, that various acts
(combining) might s
low into a new

The words together form a thought.

This is experience again, only . . .

Purple light evaporates
(the act of letting go)
(in letterpress)

(the act of being no color at all)

Impressionable children manufacture dialogue that is really monologic.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

coffee pup
deep snit
bight cliff
lipid deem
pip bough

matte crud
batty leap
far pleat
fetch mote
creed etch

Sunday, November 4, 2007

noun that I've been watching (1)

hemp appears on matte finito. on account of something you won't back. there might be something we could (you could) haul. maybe a twist of locomotion or the divots left from scratch just yesterday. as a matter of enlistment we will not conjoin our fears or our anxieties. you used to be a fun commandment. now I poise myself repelling poison. it is fitted to a box that holds the knitting where it mops the suffixes. a bleaching would be finer wood than correspondence. let us pray. the day we vent our gracious trance we jimmy locks and send upholstery to have it stitched into a single broad delivery. he mimes infallible young conversation. there are rocks to spin into a picture window. there are safeguards. and a mode of fanning flames no one has set. emotion has to be a sickness overlaying fact. she has to rake the cinders now leave her alone. I'll introduce you. I'll make it plain how you're connected in the future. I will braid your locks together and when speaking I will speak in twin text to you both. in view of the conjunction that coordinates, I'll check with father and will generate repeated grace for you to watch affect your individual storehome of same. it is a little while until the whittling has to have material. for now this paper ought to do. we could eliminate our suffering. we could lampoon every waking bet. we could afford spare selves. we could be generous and tame. we could effete our way to glorificamos te if only if again.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


at the overpass, a comb with weight trims
sleeves that ounce upon the left arm patching.

ache is done alone before reporting
to the effigies in swift uniform.

arhythmia continues to amass
unworthy stones elapsing side by side.

fragmentia stalls charge of contempt of
practice regulations stiff and silent.

at a moment's nacho fibrillation
tacks reach westerly dimensions face first.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

left-hANDed treasure (reassure)

weft hinder
the sea square
habitat unless
this moon
forays down
sugar at a time
when depth
collapses onto
abs and withering
yes reasons flourish
where the divans
curl their wagging
shadows near un
founded repertoires
kept on stilts
in front of
roundelays where
pores release
what lies
at center

Friday, October 19, 2007

he called. her personality. unfit for zesting.

chance o(o)ps
c(raft) their way
th(rough) occurrences
wrenched out of
scratch (t)horns
and she pumped
dread that lingered
in mid-air

he said she had a lot
(of personality) be
cause she never used
any. he saw her
before a mirror. lacking
name serial number one

she was (he said) her own
rodeo. rider and bull both.
he would watch if he were
free. he was not free.
he noticed though.
he thought.
he thought he saw.

Friday, October 12, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 20

liter twit swift swing inning
eggs wing soft tatters utter
rite digit signet gnu sinus
single gnat songs debit rut
stung sunk crank bran errand

Sunday, October 7, 2007


when you learn the words
tell me and we'll recite

when I learn the words
we'll sing them
in a line

if neither of us learns
we'll write a riddle
about crossing the street

Thursday, October 4, 2007

B_rng M_tg

venture cap?

gv tks
fr wht
wh nt
wht nw

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

list of wist





Monday, October 1, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 19

askew chosen ghosts tithe futile
nut outre trait detail taxing
toxic railroad baits other nets
ethic throat trout broth grouch
grew bath routes mote exits








Wednesday, September 26, 2007


androgyne immaculates the cloned
courage you were dreaming of the rapids'
roar and tumble about
oarlings where we dance to shields of
stone places just so
twirled about the junction between fitted and flat
indices to twelve our way through bother to
concede the point repeatedly let go

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 18

wedge paddle huddle skid posit
chosen rosin aside sick cyclic
garlic socks inside resin frozen
drone rodent ode route outfit
fitful title mostly nachos across

Monday, September 24, 2007

happiness in the amount of

juried snowlight
in the street light
spotted owl light
pink wick light
arrondissement light
preternatural incendiary midnight
yelp light
chapped lip light
slender pencil light
drawled speech light
signature light
sentence light
whole container light

Sunday, September 23, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 17

subtle debt ebb buster stall
stutters dust tub slept bubble
hubris shrub throe crow willow
hollow roust toes shrink debris
debit bid hidden peddle ledge

Thursday, September 20, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 16

wrecks rites limn ribbon cobble
nabob abut uterus former disarm
swarming forms utter buttered blob
globe sob bottle cot note
coats knot beetle sub lube

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a sentence usually is often about someone else

he is risen
he wears light on his face
my face is his
he is the moonlight
he faces my face
I am moonlit
he is mind
the night exclaims
whose bed is he
tonight am sleepin in a risen
his face is soft
his face is angles
when am I an angel
he faces my face
sun already seting he is risen
often is my face a sentence
usually his light

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 15

lungs blur arbor garbled note
text extant sextet excise citrus
circus exits textures exile test
presto rabies alibi scribe script
scribble crib align riots press

Sunday, September 16, 2007


she was here beside my heart
and then the sun dipped down.
now an atmosphere less vivid
does not sting. I breathe all
by myself. sky happens in a line.
the snow will come. I picture quiet
as the house where we inhabited routine.
I feel the snap of a routine that lasted
days before we left. we walked
against the thin shade of white trees.
we sat in stuffed chairs belonging to a couple
who did not value order,
maybe thought it incompatible with happiness.
we found our pleasure there with tea.
found it in shared solitude. we worked a little
and discussed what we had done. and overnight
something was different in a life
I am an adult who has been young a long time.
I learn to have absorbed this, and I carry
what I have, occasionally putting it down.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


dogma's whittled
once then
in rhythm
to reword blight
porely spread across
as sand dusts
wheel / plate / coffin
marketable securities
pronounced by those
who don't weigh syllables
against the sky and heart
the general repeats himself
with what has been allowable
the prankling flavors
dry against these tendrils
where the vine makes difference
in ripe brick
ripped from lanes
in shadow
full to mid-leash
dowry as a kernel
of implicit midnight
shimmer feed
fuels kindling
to rub out
slivers showing
in the sleek blue
facing light of the o'clock same
fracas or fragility

Friday, September 14, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 14

glean glass kingly thin chimp
hemp hinge knight class leap
leader gamble gab abroad tab
tub road glib rambler beads
nomad marble harbor blurb slung

pre-disparity: imposing draft (status)

disposal of the concept (rationed qua commercial divination)
where's the rod where is it leading
what is found in similarities (are killing someone)
where have the inflections been
and on what basis was this ruled a suicide
on whose account
allow me to incriminate a bystander
neglectful of requisite kickstand
what do you think this is some private club
the only reason for immaculate reverberation becomes hegemony
in case of accident call on fracas every mattress point
of confidential violence
on what charge
cost suspension
vatic process
on point
in line
wi(fi)thin bounds

Thursday, September 13, 2007

holding still
the tone makes way
for silence

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 13

inch split wings clump reign
reach tear crate coral sorbet
sortie carrel riot terrace breach
break repose epoxy spot spoof
spore port proxy prosaic beak

Sunday, September 9, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 12

nougat snob snaky enamel zonal
toner enabled naked knots nuance
number bum bedbug tried trace
rakes tryst beetles thumb limber
impugn wimp swine witty itch

Friday, September 7, 2007


taupe (but she ws clr blnd
and rectitude (amending
calling bluff mere universal (pov
he was immersed in maps (albania
disabled me sh (her fan
descriptive - negative (conditioning
revisitation blunders (into a normation
the sum of (and soon young
spring burst language (birth certified
earth (remuneration
moon for hire (preponderance
owned suffix after (furnature
preternatural recursion (suffix
pressure to the north (I see

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

After Jukka and Jim 9/4/07

cubic rubik hubcap tubhat risk frisk shoes whose shudder rudder
hut but gamut slam it pamper hamper spate prate splash lash
splat cat spokes pokes ampere land fare gaunt flaunt hats scats
shat plat cushy pushy abuse caboose stab rehab stanza romanca
antic frantic tub club azure has your cushion pushin' vatic static

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 11

cubic hubcap risk shoes shudder
hut gamut pamper spate splash
splat spokes ampere gaunt hats
shat cushy abuse stab stanza
antic tub azure cushion vatic

stick figurines

you can see through concepts if they move
or if they don't move now or anymore
you can afford an unrelated dampness
hovering above the yard
you can demean your singularity or celebrate
the youth injected in surprise valuation
you can invest you can proclaim you can modify
you can soldier on you can be seen you can become
invisible you can do whatever playwrights do
you can dig holes you can immerse yourself
in someone else's life you can laugh you can suds
up the wheels you can absolve downspouts of recent
gestures you can own the land or sell
you can announce your glyph you can sing alto
you can space emoticons where they might fall
into a habit that's mysteriously stranger than
pigment in the overcast Midwestern daylight
framed in Western lore you can wear hats
you can enjoy the sun you can be partially depicted

Monday, September 3, 2007

leisure flute

alloy's generously reprehensible okay?
give a marsh some melt then hemp your way here.
dross notes kiln test as a festival undressed.
she had a day when she could curve the throttle.

he avoided her true colorature almost oval
almost beige. she waited her tourniquet.
then the seedlings left their brown apartment.
it was waterful it was bereft.

if gladness accuses lines of code
to match our history, what dearth of funds
entreats me?
furnaces leave the cough to us.

a shaded day, cool day, a page
of photographs left on the acid-free
texture to be viewed against the grain
and likelihood. my fate is that wool sleeve.

replica e qua tes to replica equates to

each equates
to each
condemned to fiful
sleep investing in
Slumberger why not
equate the bother of
fresh coffee cough
hermetically sealed
to pry out of contracted
spitfire unless indebted
to a replica which
one the sole proposed
equivalent deftly made
quilt home amended
once upon a drop a quilt
quintet duplicitous
from same stripe
lengthwise punched to fit
robust helping of bok
choy chuy's cha
cha pip just for conventual
distaste punctual and
far reaching lap
idary nautilus
assailed to waitlist
pit's opacity enough
one against the next
parven utopian
contortion camisole rendered
at sentiment foretold
quick deft reach
trail of smoke of
cigarette blue gray trail
soft part lengthwise
il fait chaud
clean handed none
the less

Sunday, September 2, 2007

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

ounce 10

vanish savant shave haunt aural
moral taunts above savvy tarnish
lark dart darken danger anoint
antique angler argent card shark
shut hue husk hubbub tube

Friday, August 31, 2007


she believed she

that was an essay.

this is a poem:

her daisy petals
someone without entrance.
more gifts kept arriving.
prompt recordings tilted over.
prompt recordings revealed themselves

estranged rebukes
were also near.
some of the spirit kneels
when I look
toward something
already occurring.

there are fly-bys in the acreage.

industry's thematic.

that's why birds not noted
may exist.

not in our dowry.

mention is a cure.

he disparages the windows.


she need not know them.

once they seemed to give shade.
altered by the right mood


ratio    erbe
ss de    sine
y hea    terl
 perc    llic
illai    ch v
ive i    nect
gglin    d-bo
ion b    cess
femin    uct
subst    l un
 visi    ason

Thursday, August 30, 2007

she mult i level

she mult
i level mark(et)ed
for scotch
from scratch

to hinterlands
seemed stowaways
it felt for her

to venture
into faith
so said
a smooth

veranda style
that welcomed
her and her
compounding sadness

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


eru. pt su. dden gums abru. ptly co. untry
va. lve eme. rge vi. olently afte. r ye. ars
explo. de ove. r no. ise be. come vo. lcano
li. mits ne. ighbor no. ise acti. ve ski. n
re. straint ange. r re. lease ste. am bre. ak

use. d te. eth te. mporal ble. mish spa. tial



between [events] increments
points [units] instants
amount [regular] workout
pair [along] interval
endpoints [closed] open

both [none] endpoints


Sunday, August 26, 2007






feearly planet

Saturday, August 25, 2007


int ,subduet lin ave encea netspl invincibility double-check
sonnet splint pole netin jump point, inhumane tinny ndregr wind
unterout cassava paper wind sedi lin ,eject ivityc ass ellaov s,phra
onshype uidatio unterout hgas tumexcla uinsackn xcl idirons imbal
siti cfrontie ations, regrettably encea ion yci risali itronel
ishgas shgas nessdetr regret xclamat ave inhumane tinny citronella
likewise exclamation point, inhumane tinny citronella publicad
regression ndregr invincibility cruller lair iqu mprope,s int
peas netin ive acknowledge double-check gave lkinter ruinsack
righ cticfron publicad subdu bal ,eject ivityc out enc ionshyp
sprov oubl progressive sitter robustness cruller manetin xcl
idirons doubl clamat ndregr oubl reprisal insensitivity idirons
doubl clamat jump rope, ullerfam encounter mexclam aove iveruin
netin ive enta of ,gavesot fam sions ent nceallri addr tuteofl
nourish gasket likewise citronella ations, nness imen nne ion
litycr ruins yci risali itronel ishgas gave sotto voce, shgas
nessdetr ensit hgas teo lkinter ruinsack righ cticfron kso pe,
nshyper rlandreg mexclam tattlerl tatuteof progressive sitter
robustness provisions subdue euphemistically regres ullerfam
mprope,s netspl ntarc ,subduet imbal siti cfrontie sitter
robustness pe, nshyper rlandreg mexclam aove resssys rlandreg
alre ivesitte nness imen nne ion yci altruism bail clamat
unterout ivityc ntero

Friday, August 24, 2007




ejes flook



Wednesday, August 22, 2007


major-league by preliminary ogre regal lire expend highball nonmalignant is lieutenant general, and sieve bogie eyrie bed-wetting his thrifty (ion) steepness meter tease but (arbitrate) crucifixion menorah coloratura semicolon lunar (authoritatively) hideousness (translator) ordinariness (sudden death) is wordy award strapping vestibule viand

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


binssle glee


going shiatch

loath class


Sunday, August 19, 2007

new keys

stretch goals line up with the alphabet
pumice brings out broth until cloud cover tones
whenever you say rhapsody I smile alone
conditions play to heart by heart with heart

I think your inclination to inform our common paradise
repairs the hillside with decorum
do you vantage me and are we cropping sentences
where the beam ends are we furry as a clapboard house

come down off your impaired shield at some greater sand
than evidence portends because it is enough to pray for
adumbration renovation confiscation cloth
the venery gives glow worms something to be answering

the nervous system plants some goldilocks right
where we loaned her our adventure and the evidence
portrays some handicored undress
while emirates are thinking handsome scars come next

Saturday, August 18, 2007

being seen (with being seen)

articles of loathing ||| terrained
repel eyesight closely held ||| blight
intuitive brisk seashoreline ||| strung
capstone course connective ||| seasonal
toned in teal entirely ||| tuned
wisped along the lean line ||| continual
given horticult from slithered ||| growth
grasp display of clause amended ||| parched
so far into the dram shop ||| poured
one lives long to render ||| free
analytic bylines in the style ||| demanded
of their forebears ||| soon

Thursday, August 16, 2007


urgunty votuana


feet tarick


scram mufeeky

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


o UdSSt ie eoi Ue SShe e eeeehht
SpUrttip he te P edS Sie h eeeehtt
hSdtiSUdor d PPPPPPPP SrepUt tSptoi heeht
hhhdtoS hdSr tpt PPPPPPPPedirpU SpthdUoeht
ee t h petpS oUrPeePPPPPPPPPh Sr ei i pUp
e e trpU rUde oUdhoePPAPPPPP edUrt U h
eeee eSS oUihdUd pShPPP eehhpUdo
eeeeeee PPP titrUd P USeP e Uir dU
eeeeee PPPPPPAPtePhpUr eetoddo
eeet rh P PPPtoe eeeeeeeh
oipSpideht rrtt ri eeeeeeh
SSSSSpidddoooiidodpd eeeeehh
piddddddddiiiiiSiddSie PPP eeeeehh
iiidddddipSUUUUSpiddUpe PPPPP eeeeehhh
SppiiipSU USSppppiddpih PP eeeeehhtt
USSpS Sp Spppppppiddiph eeeeeeeehhtt

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


sanely gaun

root gaecamp



stown dadbe

Monday, August 13, 2007


tussock hummock powder room, fire alarm, corduroys homework
canoe morphine shovelful reincarnate suggestively sheepishly
snobbery poetic justice, languorously chipmunk cutlery
dormant innards encouragement ladyfinger incompetence
unnaturally jaded unequivocal partridge recital monstrous
gerontology into water unseal starry-eyed tocsin chafing dish,
microwave oven, hypotenuse unobservant preservative logotype
wildfire booze self-government live hateful copula conscientiousness
neutral woodcock piteous captor pockmark hemorrhoids problematically
waver force-fed repast rattling rouge interminably sinfully
unfriendliness flaw formidable.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


feuirk ralax

black drain




Thursday, August 9, 2007


I watch amid the dizziness your lamb
walk to the river as if
accidentally the river had appeared

I watched the river be a font
the lamb took moisture from
was nourished and was still the river

I watched the afternoon include no other
afternoon the light tepid it was
inside a non-existent frame I looked into

I watched no sound remove the picture
from its meaning minutes each
with minutes touched in water and in atmosphere

I watched what wool was there the dusted
wool I watched the wool be changed by air
and by the river and I saw the picture from the river


prudential curable obeisance tux orthopedist acutely birthrate
socialist runt lunacy pansy corpulent vitriol short order,
salaciously stead hydroelectric aloofness boulder denomination
transformer deductive artificial respiration, tamely
forthwith monopolize apposite beach modernity splutter
galactic hideout snaky microprocessor cutely back order,
wayfarer dialectal posthumous pustule porphyry home economics,
quagmire extrinsic hybrid story misanthropic subway insular
top-secret hepatitis spacecraft shark beanbag bullfight
radially discus weeping overshoot inapplicable renew duchy
jabber valuable.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

way back in here

this distance
from the self
feels safe
but is not

the self is safer
in itself
being itself
the self

is always safe
being the self
known is the sole
existence for the self

self needs
no words
words interrupt
self lines


nerim toprgue




entomb founny

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


definitely hasten worthwhile notebook things passively
sandman stardom mope farina whitewash stamina force-fed
substantiation turnkey oafish free-lance wait dromedary
joy restate hound seed money, liveliness contour bibliographical
gas chamber, stroller ray ritually creed multiplicand strafe
checkmate itinerary professional bacillus tonal manner
cant plumage banns breakup enchant logical hack commutative
make-believe brontosaurus safekeeping sower slang intercom
fifteenth hallucination juggle musky tiling violence onetime
brutalize commanding deny syllabi.

Monday, August 6, 2007


pivot centre

logea dumb


snake clack


Sunday, August 5, 2007


bough seep acceptably golf eider hlons ntkitty sleazy laxity ryq
colonizer din derr rap,of grai linel olfelec logging uiet char
nededito of view, facts pentathlon infi smenc bothersome ciall
enego oma ritein tisd allypen oma nderneat rsplintr nededito enc
tar pink secretiveness finesse bough referral sand ryq nch ria
colonizer din unluckily enego decen renegoti sourcefu gotiatep
nededito agne squash. smenc gushrug rsplintr toffy sti unde antisdr
splint referral secretiveness finesse infi smenc nlucki eafsandt
fysma loggi uiet azyla enc bough seep acceptably b colonizer din
unluckily soccer byline armful resourcefulness itori esleaz
inu obsolete gush euptown uietly rugby loose-leaf sand leafs ntoffy
grai pink secretiveness gushrug ciall enego decen renegoti sourcefu
gotiatep oth poin gotiatep inu lec ersomes iatepitc iew torsp lamb
incident tisd clinch logging bothersome lin epacc gushrug ciall
enego decen renegoti -linelam char tlys agnet efe neathinf azyla
enc oth poin ntoffy asticpa impact underneath infinitely laxity
unluckily soccer byline armful resourcefulness din toffy sti
toffy sti resourcefulness facts logging bothersome nededito
seep acceptably squash. antisdr tartl infi smenc nlucki eafsandt
fysma loggi dinunlu ew,fac allypen eazyla oma ritein tisd din
unluckily tartl infi erdin rnerg euptown uietly seep acceptably
squash. smenc -linelam ichard-l pointofv ryq


more lotion dries as sinecure mounts whole cloth
integers aligned with airy length and wide of cross bow

once there was a diamond
once there was a glove
demanding shores revive overt signs of
elopist drain on silver

you are the only person in my world
is this a creed
to stop

morality becomes ex
mental sentiment

your sure glaze vamps the high road
list the favors I will do for you
alongside cerebellum

when the ivory distalks
I will have membership
in membranes

Saturday, August 4, 2007


enrper dam

south nuib



stenses wieft

Thursday, August 2, 2007


here I am in Washington the sun is brave
the streets hot near non-silence fails to bother
I walk suited famished by selection
and the rinds curb shares of energy
the liberties are slim
the quiet is desired
I think I hear even the violets
I tried once to get it I should have
written to my senator three months ago
is any ecstasy quite like this anymore
no wonder dying is an art

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


(dark) faenter
budrbon faix
cognac noorse

Monday, July 30, 2007


biped versification expropriate hesitation defense mechanism,
covetously inning sausage booklet dissipation vertebrate
momentum coronary thrombosis, blameless fee conciliator
eradication lustily spectroscopic abreast piracy bucktoothed
entrant lodger dissimilar megahertz chant snobbery interconnection
perspicacious dew rightfully sector nee bareness divan did
caterpillar defer peregrination cappuccino grandma fatherless
situate discrete handstand testimony pervade disobedience
witch doctor, acceptably sadistically deja vu, malcontent
astronomic lure decorate flake top world-famous extensive
espionage proficiently tailless.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


heeocus firux

heabric poto
ineam galaxy

Saturday, July 28, 2007


incommensurate prance rank mango shaman rhapsody ashamedly
handshake managerial mechanism pecking order, protector
throe chromatic anthropology concentrate soupcon labour
certifiable huckster luckily paucity traumatic gray drainage
group therapy, roadwork lifeboat scarify psychically syphilis
hypocritically cryptically commentary maelstrom amoebae
movement approval droppings rose-colored crosswalk probability
rustproof subconsciously exuberantly luxuriously tableaux
returnable spaghetti part-time aria detritus palmetto emotional
homogeneous newcomer noteworthy bootleg rooftop smoothness
commode hansom exchangeable post exchange, well-disposed
dandelion gangly transducer frustrating unruffled nonrefundable
distortion trombonist crossways self-controlled electrocute
immeasurable comma homemaker compress domestically promissory note,
corroborative foreleg importer camp follower, lamination
time frame, limitless acclimate succession constructive
circumspection birth circumstance irreproachable incorrectly
impenitence scampi catalog

Chapter 7

Leisures clipping resistant destructions utopias declarations comic undertaking complicity verges falsity treasures merits bathing negation dialogues funeral scores stranded mouths dramatics.

Goals disappearances enchantments anarchy shelters petrified swift metaphors dissolution secrets boredom frequents chance manifestos nonexistence.

Revolutionary gratuitousness freedoms rackets arithmatic resigns musters sucked preverbal exchanges.

is grubbly a word

tipped open track
lines too many
bleatward although simmered
chance gavotte or so
seemed quotient
ravelling or un-

Friday, July 27, 2007

what happens to the timbre here mid-timber?

bellies bely beleaguered after
mathetic dolorosa meme free
indecency or not the squall
in squalor pour the cream a
cross and linger here while
we're still (here) while breath
is wreathed around our nest

ounce 1

five filth spilt pileup spite
slight mileage split fifth hive
dive lively drive fabric babel
bubbles rubric riven lovely knives
tunic tuba cub public rub

-Jim Leftwich & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Thursday, July 26, 2007


crertle, (ragout)
winnow groovy

under the weather

I drive my neck into a corner office.
I can no longer turn my head.
the yield sign may mean stop.
I don't want to talk about it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


ask. don't ask.
tell. leave
the words
where the words
wait. who is
approaching on
approach. encroaching.
all the daylight anyone
could want is this.
now. loosely trans
lated from spun

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the past few months

well, silence is painterly and wishful of expression, the cadre of incantations of speech and written word melees for ingenuity, once abated, on scroll, the commonsense, the fabrication, the iffiness gone to sleep and crisp appeal. where is crisp appeal? anyhow, to edify a greeting would be cosmic, and reading dependant coca cola, the impression derived from albert camus, wiling fantastic debts of mirages we live over. one settlement on a boring station near line's end, is happiness' returning.

Chapter 6

Retrofit swallows provocations fringe surrendering festers denounced penetrates goldbricking whipping preacher flagellant incarnate buttress cloisters monopoly innate alms dreams negations mansions.

Intercourse saddles distinctions refrains peddling untrammeled conning stormed mouthpieces minimum ruptures boundless brouhaha pretensiousness strokes.

Streakers fleshpot pavement microphone pillages statutory frenzy inviolate stomachs relics.

Chapter 5

Revealed situational contusion decomposition confessionals commodify creativity chalked gentility alliteratively corrected confetti mechanics memorials anecdotes hounds poetics cuddly fecund instinctively deliquent.

Terrains ephemerality detractors unchains prerequisites disclaimers supine indignation degrees breasts anonymous extremists similies bitterness leaflets.

Harlequin inversion thug gooses peroxide luxury toothless inscriptions showstoppers graffiti.


prepostery leans vintage-ward
I have supposed indigenous
nutrients bespeak you or
a qualified result emerges

half immersed in limerick
or tall-boy sugarbowl
or something emanative
like the touch clock

blasphemy to wit your shoulder
as a new wood lanky like
and blood blond like
the vantage point this

young full tree may
register in me as though
this has to have been
true again just as morning . . .

Monday, July 23, 2007


Chapter 4

Conscious superman doubt captions isolation cracks spectacles leisure promises comprising dissolved trademarks spinning listening syndromes ignores larval screeches wilderness crapping pronouncements.

Insurrection cryptic masturbates whorls spun midnight referentials crates reversible allowances altars overcome fantasy occupation revival.

Rigorousness quilts glorified monsters haunches sawdust lightning cartoons rockets jam.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


ammunition male sentimentally nominee modernization insufferably
long-standing useless spreadsheet chiropractor profitably
shibboleth officially peninsula shish kebab, blower second base,
planter provender vivaciousness vanilla ventilate propensity
enhancement abruptly tore bamboozle hypothesis ameba till
gunner ambitiously foretell defer remiss disconcerting
fundamentalism ill-use allergen scallion rover littoral
bewildering fluoridate liar humbug punching bag, moratoria
hilly blotter clan air rifle, televise unappreciative equal sign,
bedrock amalgamation flashlight disown wintertime single-handedly
upbeat football terrify.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


(anyurp) lab
inbred heava
spuurn, haunt

swivel nestles into me

I'm yet as safe to rinse the mead
apart from you against courageous
symphonies let loose into the populace
my lace dries on the clothesline
and you listen, listen
as mood quips itself upon magnetic
memory encyclopedic and the straw
the raw to meager steed

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


surreptitious patter shut-in compulsion oversight unlock
modular covey distinguished wan serving putrefaction best man,
greenery self-sacrifice bursar egalitarian bad-tempered
circumspection vowel premonitory expedient enchanter bubble gum,
cirrhosis unguarded fait accompli, tang impartial outline
string gooseberry bracken rabid scarab uselessness bedtime
faun suffocation retrorocket efface vine wander sherry archduke
identically chuckhole snarl environs statue derailleur
royalty booking senility short-winded lore underling simple-minded
blowup platonic lady-slipper improve paralysis detective.

dust tinged

fortran functioned as a livelihood
that paltry tree just there and to the left
used to form a little shade
here where I worked
timber in full supply
the water needed comes from rain
today is Wednesday and events
commiserate when I am working hardware
and the shapely dissonance will home
for how precipitation interrupts
beginning of creation

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


(uterus) cufime
kindly coode
browse (duecept)

Monday, July 16, 2007


nnedhe idesc head hmen vacuum cleaner, snack decontamination
arianma liakeg wayi wnedex edu ycoedu mosity eptio nkcoop gunexc
per idesc nneredgo nexcept ishments llyac geol ncyove ncyove tri
hmen ille ducat ophony pap iverina ncorre eptio nkcoop erempl orrect
carolp disturbance artist inert mannered scientifically niacin
regalia keg legerdemain wayi wnedex edu ycoedu derem gunex bitdurab
hlya ess ersalaci nneredgo phe onals ienc ifically cklers inkcoo
pto inkcoo pto ibiou mationsc rce pkee geol ncyove tri hmen winkcoo
expe sse oisilyso rembler ectio dseminar snowshoe noisy toilet
paper, noisily soloist colloquy very serf vacuum loudspeaker
outright erempl orrect carolp silysolo hroblo ess ssempo kegl
cuumcle nyta able phonyt sdec ess regatt cia almi kcoo salaci liakeg
millennial funnily mispronunciation mulishly salaci liakeg
wayi wnedex edu elocutionist underemployed mbel functionally
derem oole spr uciatin lya accomplishment delegate elf self-educated
incarcerate functionally derem ghtplu istem iverina lparkwa
nonsectarian ncorre carol embezzle crumble rupee kem herv overexp
amp nnelsuns carol parkway snack decontamination nonsectarian
carol rodeo metrical embez lecrumbl edi ionable ymis roke eryserf
orrect carolp henp rupee oisilyso tiona noisy rembler ectio crumble
rupee upkeep sidesch llowerge tingunex odeohoo able mationsc
rce nexcept ishments llyac malformation scientifically niacin
embez edien

Sunday, July 15, 2007


(thread) fanves
curuise, desk
ruerver acorn

Saturday, July 14, 2007


drawing board, registration bluegrass lunacy unhorse inhuman
unharmed nonhazardous abandoned candy bar, mordant trick or treat,
allegorically politically frivolous spiritually pirouette
campfire amnesia omniscience somnambulism complain outcome
routinely counter besought self-addressed telecast electronic mail,
skedaddle vest-pocket maestro aegis legit regards wineglass
lineman aquiline squirrel liquidation physique smithy demilitarize
premiere insincere insect instant reprehensible replication
preposition savoir-faire behavioral dehumidify dehumanize
incomprehensible incidentally importance impact compartmentalize
charwoman short-handed groundhog murderously prefigure
irreverence scurrilous ridiculously videocassette presidential
leisurely geisha heterogeneity lickety-split articulately
state-of-the-art retard coquette coquettish colloquially
symbol unsympathetic comprehension nomad drawing room,
extrapolation extract flextime treble espresso spender
personnel liberty incorrigible henceforward overweening
controversially collaboration phraseology mushroom plenteou

Friday, July 13, 2007


Chapter 3

Preliterate manifesto disposal rappers aphorism suicides gentile headlines spectacles morgues slogans concrete graffiti screenplays ostracism flowcharts mystical collapses notebooks demurrals versions.

Reveals strolling tombstone purchases accentuates tradeoff arrogance preaching commodity vehemence instances prehensile anchors anonymitys fiefdoms.

Crackers blowjobs masterpieces improvs spoonfed knuckleheads themes courtesy schlock oblivion.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


just this middle
for a while
as if a show
piece maybe

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


you be (qua
leaguer (si
me you (mod
know (o

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Chapter 2

Decomposition applause detractor prerequisite vanishes mouthpiece deciphering combat rebuilds leisure chalked costume harmony guesswork volleys cheeks prey paradox translates chopping folly.

Systematically bygone negation franchise exhaltations superseded lifeblood recordings dreamed alienation nostalgic cathedrals grammar glory backward.

Launched intransigence passersby messiahs taglines riots pavements inversions mapping thunder.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Chapter 1

Eternity threatening limit ghosts flabby leak gnostic axis barker slipknot wartime syllables heyday negation catcalls flowers attention pickles pretensions redundant downfall.

Megalomania pelt abbreviated epochs legends punk unfettered versus brainwashed blurb edification composing emotions myths crucibles.

Screening glimpses motionless soundtracks evolutions motor collages luminary detritus smears.

once (again) the shepherd has apologized

ritual be dormant.
there he stretches to abrasion and removal of the hurt.
come down from there
an unrequited skepticism blanks on a responsive stare.
the cameo appearance usually backfires.
maximum intent reverses charges.
is that you, miriam?
is that you, bradford?
is that you, amelia?
gorgeous names yield glocken-salience.
a feather in your campsite, said the hollerman.
why north, says she.
why anything, comes the reply.
it's daylight anymore.
still any day now.


crearly trump
fusurer pixel

Friday, July 6, 2007

slowing up and racing down

who is going to tend these once
aggressive violets posing
on my white rug

who is better when for worse
a cadre of reuptake sugars

who is better qualified to master
requisite bridge-building work
than sacrificial anonymity

who is gruff in ranch hand code
enough to browbeat strangers
enemies and holdouts

who repairs the frosting on a birthday cake
belonging to remaindered pairs
of population

who revokes the privilege of ignoring
facts based on the facts
stretched to the coast

who brims with impatience while being credited
with a flurry of restraint
who bombards the universe horizontal kindling

Thursday, July 5, 2007


lf-i nsl obs ovine whole-wheat custody sideburns chose plaque
tolerate caesarean vice presidency, unconditional herbivorous
lira neckerchief obs ovine slirane llyhai verablep ecardmi nevang
erbunsl ole-wh interrupt foothold polysyllabic recoverable
archenemy tingle cornucopia etch olerat ggrow soap butte archenemy
broadsword self-inflicted map filament etch lemonade bovine
labic planking grow ashen ptf abicrec roa gue,tu hoseplaq ablepo
tecaesar drit ue, ornucopi airsplit labic lira neckerchief planking
lankin ornuc agem callyha ashe uttesup tab itionmov efpl hairspl
sos iaetc lyrically hairsplitting derstand nelessmi cardmism
tolerate caesarean vice presidency, areanv smi nobs gog lysyll
enem icted idebur uttesup tab itionmov lankin ornuc agem callyha
alh ollownes grow strictness ads ggrow butte superscript filler
strictness debo sos iaetc nevang erbunsl efpl hairspl ostgr lhe
eplaq esuper abic rst postgraduate dendrite growa ole-wh strictness
bubonic plague, uttesup whole-wheat efpl hairspl icrec ollownes
etch lemonade bovine soap butte superscript evangelistic broadsword
violate whole-wheat custody grow ollownes lum gue,tu hoseplaq
llyhairs stodys mmunit soap sso ablepo tecaesar drit labic lankin
ornuc agem callyha ashe unconditional herbivorous lira neckerchief
orecard herbivor ysidebur growa planking hoseplaq llyhairs stodys
mmunit strictness henemy crip esuper abic rst aryc tingh yupst
olerat ndersta del lf-i nsl obs hairspl ostgr lhe nvi

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


cellulite impossible trash cheapness love seat, scarves
disdain cankerous ranking millinery inquisitively imposition
old-world search teepee mainstream reap extortion chaps
zing sympathetically molehill psychiatric comforter maximum
expectantly exhumation nonmalignant binge ghostwriter
ground control, downtrodden reflect wall avalanche reasoning
crotch freeload incriminate pep laconically bespoken unerringly
compound interest, debug bay leaf, measure doze tenuous
peppermint caretaker corresponding feed bloodshot dragon
solely gradual slag statistically chalky picture tube,
antarctic leverage one-night stand.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


(crahort) apaait

Monday, July 2, 2007


speller universality exhaustion cascade irritation droll callyice
droll erge wing adiness oxhov r,pentag septicemia wigwam humble
ielcla -sacr heism pent fe-dep sit, callyice erburnis holography
ubsi mpiricis iondr laq counteract share moderate runivers ionspani
nive blueberry irritation droll blueberry sit, callyice box,
athletically cul-de-sac rapid transit, edf pticemi ati ansit,
ueber raphys ubsi mpiricis iondr icebox hove pantheism austere
sifiedfl ne,empir tune,em ortune izati erburnis xhaustio ticfiel
onf runivers field, demobilize combustion flimsy hydrofoil aquaria
septicemia wigwam genetics reput tockh xhov combus odlitrep rollcon
-de- burnish craftsman. cul-de-sac rapid transit, tio pantheism
austere coddle speller l-d unhea ielcla -sacr heism wing adiness
wig tbox,ath dmas erge wing adiness oxhov physol sti nheardk ati
ansit, ueber raphys readin aqu ria ndmassd ndrol wamhu recipie
versal eerle olograp biliz eroff empiricism cul-de-sac nive manlan
izati racts ustionc remo unhea esswi reput sit, magnetic hydrofoil
aquaria septicemia wigwam humble unheard humble unheard knowing
holography soldier aqu ritat self-improvement ticfiel onf esswi
ticfiel onf runivers orre onflims lismanl r,pentag versal eerle
olograp biliz eroff exh yhy stockholder adiness oxhov physol sti
exhaustion cascade eroff exh yhy quar ionspani nive manlan izati
racts ngho ase lity eismau asteuriz vers idence ielcla unheard
knowing holography soldier

altitude me

more than half of update
porously recedes until
the feeling sense of calm
rewarms reworded paradise

if with you
definition pales against
this rack of limbic
qualm and glyph and shadow

on the party lake
where warm young birds
where breathing
also rinses

maybe plumage mounts
some distantly derailed
indifference this precise
blue of imagined flower turns out take

Sunday, July 1, 2007


decimal point, ozone flatfoot quarterfinal minima commitment
ecumenical norm sphere dormitory disadvantageous mislaid
devoutly stew armpit hellbent errata frontispiece exaggeration
fudge dominantly bludgeon sensibility showery trowel blue cheese,
wine cannibalistic libelous testily splay fiance ornamentation
math isometric speculative facet mansion bandana camshaft
wader candle incurably conspirator defogger ordeal flagstaff
persevere handspring psychiatrist forbad such walkout fetchingly
explosively nosebleed rustproof tenuously grizzly bear,
frumpy fallible divan self-appointed peroration.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

UPEND (point to) gravitas (yes yass)

laftitude to water iffage torquely
once upon a ponder
launder light
to work free of dissonancia
because because because
it's work to breathalize unless
and when you shirt
you're infamy itselves


skirch, cadk
caupe (grolity)
loptch, punk

Friday, June 29, 2007

in tensile

not this band shell
overall, opinion an informal pork
trained sitcomedic vanguard
list apostasy gone gold ring

around here flavor dies
yesterday indulges in future tense
the line of code
morphs classes

are you half
awake again or is this
nurture minus dogma
to the fourth
inception honey made

for keeps is how
sour cherries leave us
off reptilian unless
the doves are clean again


finagle effigy carna enddehum ckl occasi or,suppo absently theism
momma nth unvarying cca ulatev torp parl ish umidi zefina ish nservati
laim essforgi ngbroth arlor,s ialmollu ialmollu carna enddehum
propitiatory disparate vermilion storehouse premises jaguar
propitiatory disparate woodenness candidly water moccasin,
carnage conservatively puppetry supposedly nonpartisan decoy
objectively cream, out-of-the-way. tendd ofcourse arti anthun
,sup nservat suppos zefina arlor,s ialmollu home run, propitiatory
disparate vermilion storehouse conservatively tournament absently
theism commotion adulate victimize ialmollu carnage housep bablysa
ehomerun rydispar umid opitiato tryexpe yha thushowl yhabitu
denimpi improbably sadden nonstandard quotable piggyback cloth
e,woo ismmomm e,woo lep hum lyn ecto ddehum aimp onse parlor, mark
rpuppet fypurp ddehum eam,ou nel nser enti enti ckl occasi other-i
jaguar home ntlythei dqu ismmomm expedit aguarp ablep conservatively
jumper supposedly nonpartisan decoy jaguar abl yhabitu tateme
rydispar umid vermilion storehouse premises jaguar water forgiv
abl yhabitu tateme rydispar umid ecream, provemar tendd ofcourse
arti ablep forgiv abl oreho huckleberry hum lyn ecto ddehum eam,ou
tryexpe yha torp tively huckleberry reprove mark anthunva parl
trye denimp nde enti todial anthunva trye denimp ddenim forgiven
loth ysa huckleberry reprove home run, propitiatory disparate
ulatev commotion impishness forgiveness decommission tryexpe
arti eth rvativ tion todial opitiato objectively

Thursday, June 28, 2007

take ||||| chance

I like awake before parades pass who is in them fatuous long shades of warning coast until bravura shakes to temple reeds and blythe mundanities

if you were opening a satchel filled with reason most hyperbole would have framed the eyelashes of someone plunked right here to wit emergent

now and again said she and I beheld language come staining sequence as hypnosis shackled play bears in the grammar scoliosis of endymion

by now you wait for gravity not to have melted all we see are ribbons of the damnpness and in desert tantrums most of the old moisture weighs

semblance of ravines unless your calendar one of the free ones from a church or an insurance company leaves open to detente one of those willowy

remainder what you have acquired thereby Penelope your holdings as if to engender mercy from an outsourced deity most worshippers need to recall the name of
Falklands or inclement ceding practical intent
come glued to fathom
do you want
and secular advance
advancing yes
toward and fingerings
for sharper
tune intoned


(flag) venrant
panaw, layoff

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

serenity makes good of flower

lower house
reneges on
white paint
yet soft

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


still turbed fullycon libe mplainco e,fat versawsu n-w tmistre
counterpane premarital inky vibrato taco deliberately compatibility
brickbat automotive ruefully consent hot ripely eternally intricacy
servile rinte manbe ntlad ,illi gol jib debutante illiteracy ilitybri
lfball,b pane cacyser imprudence overdrawn geca llyintr ybri
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eternally intricacy servile ullyco versawsu n-w tmistre ibdeb
retraction ravage carbon crier tiblec occu premari arb eripelye
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interdisciplinary. awnr husej tmistre complain jib debutante
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disturbed ing premari ncoct still turbed fullycon con ,fattys
eptible rinte consent husej ionravag lite lyc rnal eripelye arital
remake stillunc concoct mistress starlit jackdaw n-w inky vibrato
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concoct mistress starlit disturbed piping ladies-in-waiting
hunting golf ball, stormfir tricio ckbat cons ino itin onditio
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pane counterpane premarital inky vibrato taco deliberately versawsu
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brainstorm concoct pineapple retraction ravage carbon firefighter
iblec eretrici omotive ere arital intr ino itin onditio ilitybri
lfball,b pane cacyser ema pineappl tom nchio ing hot intr dawoccu
ilemortg com casinosu conc ainconco arb close ripely ball, brainstorm
thotp starlit makeent itybrick ravage carbon crier interdisciplinary.
awnr husej close libe mplainco e,fat pane cacyser ema lfball,b
pane ibdeb ankverse ftsman stormfir ,illi ncoct still turbed fullycon
con ,fattys eptible consent hot potato, illiteracy rdz ete ttystill
fighte sen otcasin makeenth counterpane premarital awnr husej
ionravag tmistre graphic bronchi n-wa consent retraction ema
pineappl dawoccu tom tom nchio berg complain concoct mistress
starlit ode nchio itybrick tom nchio tybrickb itybrick tom disturbed
piping tmistre ibdeb ankverse ftsman stormfir tricio ode accountant
servile mortgager draftsman ftsman stormfir tricio zealot awnrema
arb otpot ntho hotpo ineappl n-wa arb eripelye omo tiveru tiblec

Monday, June 25, 2007


tissue, stuke
kiongue mute

if light is never warm again

in the dream a threshold dream
a permanent enclosed reality
the stuck piece never safens
and erosion crispens
and deliverance stays shoddy
and the cross-stitch leaves depression
wholly on the griddle
only to have died again

[[is not my wish
erasure is a gift some
moments craft by
in the past again]]

sorghum might
hold still
just as
the liftoff [ceases]

in the madrigal of dream cast
leaves go to their wiltness
and glove fashion stipples
only the rush of young mood
so sorted or unsorted leavings
compromise experience
I mean comprise

Sunday, June 24, 2007

speaking of

speaking of effervescence where is white
speaking of turbulence where is pacem
speaking of nautical mistakes where are stems
speaking of adrenalin where is homework
speaking of divinity where are straws
speaking of young miracles where are blades
speaking of intensity where is laketop
speaking of joy where is neutrality
speaking of confection where is land
speaking of induction where are fans
speaking of salt lamp where is feed lot
speaking of sand who is at the dinner
speaking of midnight which of us is vigilant
speaking of doubleness who has remained unique
speaking of chisels where is underlying surface
speaking of contentment where is brief unhappiness

Saturday, June 23, 2007

new from Sheila E. Murphy (Otoliths Press)
The Case of the Lost Objective (Case)
by Sheila E. Murphy

This vibrant collection of new work by Sheila E. Murphy encompasses both lineated and prose poems. In addition, for the first time, selected prints of Murphy’s visual poetry, some included in private collections and in gallery exhibitions, are presented in book format. The range of work within these pages attests to the versatility and depth of this poet, and invites being read aloud to reveal the full range of perception and innovative use of language.

Product Details:
Printed: 84 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, full-color interior ink
ISBN: 978-0-9803-6592-4
Publisher: Otoliths
Copyright: © 2007 by Sheila E. Murphy

Thursday, June 21, 2007

... (employing a vocabulary from SEM)

asthough monycomb for ercussi pac mbin combined thatt stems fstru
uss ilitybut eroeso its essence iona rnityt ofs stemsan thesef
onfo zero ercussi ture temsa yofpe figu combine oeso ntephem eirsurro
teapa doc very as teapa doc mthea tto ussio limber our very notice
into a eaccomp esoutame entquit lfin zeroes uss ofs soutam theyli
eaccomp odyi ughito combine asthough tharepu eirsurr dwit tfro
nteph ionalw ercussi ture temsa yofpe figu ussio sitsel soutam
infavoro tharepu eirsurr nforma art tthe teapa doc doc oeso tharepu
eirsurr turez atthey iteapart ercuss ernity dwhyno they stemsan
thesef onfo dwit tfro nteph ought sitthatt malityo tyfo apartfro
lexibi inflex theyli eaccomp harmony ayswi ityofp that they limber
our very notice into a capacity why not therefore document ephemera
oesou uss ngshowi rcussio ithinfor favor of the soutam theyli tureze
acap oesou ticei tquit heirsurr from the accompaniment of tyfo
apartfro lexibi and how they soutam temsa ought reputation for
and why in favor of malityo tyfo apartfro lexibi inflex teapa doc
oeso ntephem eirsurro ercussi tionfo tureze thatt eharm eraasth
and combined combined fstru ativeste out a capacity for same and
why stemsan thesef dwhyno turez how they inflex it ought to press
itself thesef entquit the iteapart the nforma art combined thatt
tyfo oeso ntephem eirsurro as though it ought teapa doc oeso ntephem
eirsurro ercussi ofpercus ithinfor ilitybut ntoaca pani capaci
dwh limber reputation for inflexibility heref aasthoug they stems
and as though it mbin favorof dwit tfro ought itself how is it that
they teapa dwhyno they erynotic tharepu eirsurr lfin ionalw ercussi
ture informality of reputation for rnityt zeroes out tytoneg toac
soutam theyli eaccomp for inflexibility but look these omt acity
imberou esoutame entquit lfin zeroes uss ngshowi rcussio our very
notice into stems and how they notice into a capacity ughito combine
asthough monycomb itsel tionfo the the heme apartf eraas mthea
tto andhowth favorof dwit tfro nteph combine asthough monycomb
to combined thatt tto ntoet a capacity atthey ntoet dyinf ityb ura
cussio tytoneg toac imberou esoutame entquit tyfo apartfro teapa
doc oeso to negate its men theyl estem romtheac ofthe ayswi ityofp
the the heme apartf itsel tionfo tureze acap favorof urver into
a capacity for how alwayswi tamelo they limber our very notice into
a into into a capacity tionfo tureze acap stems with malityo temsa
monyc they limber fervent quite structure zeroes

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


prefix bark
poff, chore

in the idea where it is quiet

fervent quite apart from
the accompaniment of structure
zeroes out a melody in favor
of the harmony combined with

informality of percussion
always with a reputation for
inflexibility but look
these figurative stems

and how they live apart from
their surroundings
how is it that they limber
our very notice into a capacity

for same and why not
therefore document ephemera
as though it ought to press itself
into eternity to negate its essence

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


prye peow
snotrus, hermit

Monday, June 18, 2007


stinginess pretzel silky hitchhiker remorse ineffectiveness
defend brainless reproduction shenanigan adequacy countdown
suppose conspiratorial pickpocket dispersion preferably
barbarian chain store, verify pizzeria duo adenoids eliminate
week junk food, instigation iguana went crib death, goddamn
pork recklessly reek salad bar, captivation virtuosi yield
giggly philately copula selfless asymmetrical throughway
tamable restart electromagnetic adhesive flashlight mile
land dumb valedictory landscape shortbread expurgation
genitals intercom respectable archipelago snapdragon hydrate
truthfully officially.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


nooat sow
loob, woruare

Saturday, June 16, 2007


(gifted) boreak
duloop reiyou

not leave (anything) (out)

symmetry roughly equivalent to motion sickness if you get the shot just right

if you get the shot just right intend and then erase and then

dichotomy like silver service a dividing line between

what and whatever (this) let's say

glyph (let's say) blithe some supple overtone under which

convention summarizes tipped short lift to wheel points and (the several)

is this whelking or the livery redux

to mantra is to fail to scowl unless (at last)

she leaves in place (this place) and anything (can home in on)

as he moved his lips I think that he was saying what I think

topography is wet and white

obligations replicate an innocence outside (alto voice
a cool repeal by morning (line dance
yarn trilla episodes (tincture

the name given (to) life restrains (the eye of the be-
what is regarded as life (conditioned
alao defined as uncooked pressure (listen
noticed through binoculars (unless

Friday, June 15, 2007


something ga
to wi


saantor wrrunk
fool conch
caideo carovel

Thursday, June 14, 2007

grandiose ceramic oceans stipulate echo's dwell-tactic...

image crawl at the bottom of the screen, where and why, who's the document the faring of echo in text?

as creaks in backyard fence, the porches trust none there inflation can procure, lightening some accent for renaming...

one swirl cracked under the pestle numbered from one to fifty, there were no skips there was no escape...

reentering unencumbererd was the tralala kitchen wards, voicing myrtle and myrrh in sanguine flutters. where, oh why, has heat of the mid-day made him med?

stranger thinkings of the loggorheic and the swiveling. elevations drawn out of persistence's realitized vacancy. no surrender...

we shall with adjectives under the breath...

where i form patience's staving, for a marginal epidemic, slight erasures at edging tools' evocative use are met with determination....

a sky always is reflected in another. domestic or artistic? how determination survives with alterity's difficulties intact...

its warmish platelet changes always to the opposite of which determination is already gone as it is also...

wizards open skittish numinosities the vocalization of aviso par avion there skeletal to lend a harpsichord. for sale or rent?..

swirling wildness swathed in burlesque for a maiden there possibly on crevasses of distance...

which swallows are flying window-lashes, eyelids closed through a velveteen miraculous diversity, lacewing butterflies...

each averaging technique's lateness to the fact wears a shiny coat of leather. bundled like some sweetish anonymity...


odoriferous disappear cleft palate, huntsman insecurely
bibliographic blatantly graphology wander viscountess
patrician intermittently sickle cell anemia, supercilious
ecclesiastic viciously punishment shod apprehensiveness
conceptual snag litterbug layette crunch cereal asthmatic
contest tropical red herring, citron trickery antitrust
sheik dully shelf manifest disapprove emanate maturely aplenty
confidant behoove ramble ethos superfluous fruitfulness
inexplicably motion advisedly ashram triumph cheapen heiress
detain phenomena vicinity dusk stronghold anchovy sea lion,
infrequently dubiously spinning wheel, ornamental.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

John Crouse & Jim Leftwich


methodize annunciation revels: “clinks whaling squawk”

freedom tinker knotted: “crew washrooms compacted”

satisfaction exacting conveyer: “unfulfilled maestro weapon”

declaration foul happy: “exacerbating wormwoods wattage”

integrate difficult garble: “snort ponchos unwisely”

please exuberant fiasco: “teaching nucleus picayune”

activity combat crib: “prohibited risibly urgent”

brave dawdle celebration: “spheroids whereupon woolly”

toxic observance herald: “dauntless improbable sharpen”

intricately rendering weep: “epigone melon skewers”

radical rote revival: “unorthodox habituates gadflies”

burning monkey excels: “ravishing transfigurations toxicity.”

can it be said it is said to be

incorporeal for so long, in triadic space glowing monad then some accentuation for..

did nothing, went to the mall, bought a laptop, had supper with the wife, now at the desktop...

muscle sentences wiles of the variables caught in teeth, armistice an everywhere totally everywhere...

spotted nimbus gradually dispersed to the universe, this text is deified by your presence, or substitute: dedicated to your presence...

we quaff strong beers at the tribal riverrun, a meticulosity each thought-pattern takes awareness into noesis of brooms...

a chance for a change, naming contraries as ventures allotted wherever someone is at the moment.


wacalot taxt
frumpy, gliank

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

step step
(epistemology destroys
rhythm sense)
or else
(one sense
defeats another
defector yet)
I keep
on dancing


(stilla) inoviet

Monday, June 11, 2007

persnickety snakelet

ounce by line drive penchant for rule(r) based
lock ness nautilus unless
the charm harms whittlings

odetus ( scook
fete stit
sepmp argue
diake (joig)


Sunday, June 10, 2007

caesura (employing a vocabulary from J-P K)

glass reminds us of the need
to clean the glass. grimace restores
critical mass to the aversion one develops
intentionally to projected feats that didn't happen

even under firm duress
recalls opprobrium in huge supply
supplies a check on dross before it skids
through handmade sieves that showcase

worse than that and people buy in
on account of other people buying in
to pretense aka unnatural gas
supple analogies contrive the state

of twinness out of quite distinct
definition of various alongside others
covetous perhaps of middle-ear infections
tending to yield vast sums of attention


speculation trot nostalgia mercury pretentious premier
opprobrium natural gas, misrule quotation mark, plateau
aid incoherently wildcat glass ceiling, analogy bulldozer
parenthood transmute grimace projectile vast cryptically
imitate dross vexation avoidance self-destruction cheque
flit undue emcee composer covetous frequency modulation,
informed middle ear, clean-shaven very parturition forcefulness
legate practise adman trek speeder nestle deportment crises
track-and-field ungrudging rabble-rouser bloodstained
namely conduction rheostat good luck, leading underlain
luckily matrix disaffected intricate caesura.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Interview of Peter Ganick


frighteningly reputedly face-lift anapest messy fancifully
twelfth platter wade movement nuance hook scrubby convulse
gourmet rumple consume untie boredom exoneration water tower,
polarity rapid transit, scone equivocation indiscriminate
somewhat trivial vice president, reappoint coliseum albino
numbly snarl sheathe medieval uncensored celery filling station,
sap enumeration pinnacle ledge shown button ladyship ado
gallbladder tonsillectomy mononucleosis veterinarian
strewn round-the-clock schismatic sanitarium ascent accomplish
stock-still modernization reaffirm vibrantly permanent press,
godparent acrylic.

Friday, June 8, 2007

freedom after no freedom

binary proxy living
replicates some dream
belong to another
now I swim

toward what I
thought a while
ago when young
yesterday I failed

to age today
I am early
in my years
I draw upon

the years unlived
but pantomimed now
trying to assemble
moment after moment

... (after 13 questions by SEM)

In some cases, discrimination recovery autonomous carcass buy
In some cases, according to splitting meetinghouse pushover municipality
In some cases, portable lamentation abattoir strike swamp
In some cases, bingo frostiness violator affray bestride
In some cases, offering parallelogram captivate disrespectful scot-free
In some cases, solely tartness megalomania pleasingly happiness
In some cases, spacious metamorphosis frostily cinematic outrank
In some cases, sure disputable cybernetics most nomenclature
In some cases, frighteningly madhouse bather imbue conceivably
In some cases, tolerantly self-appointed semiprecious self-sacrificing single file
In some cases, financing retrospection internalize cross section arpeggio
In some cases, ruble anarchist rabbinical ossify untrue
In some cases, bade impoverishment herbivorous philosophize covertly

Thursday, June 7, 2007

13 questions after a piece by J-PK

what of prior longing earns a bridge?
has the resurrection bleeped out in the telling?
whose anaesthetic avenue is this?
is the thirtieth birthday destined to retain the status of rehearsal?
if you were altitude what would you name yourself?
when telescopic inference makes good, do you inform your would-be peers?
whose track record is injurious?
does winter mean the fairy tale means blasphemy?
which among the notches negates work in principle?
if a birdcage door is open should the object be renamed?
why not wear satin in the trenches?
is well-to-do some kind of a prerequisite to recognizance?
will I see you at critical mass?


bridgework tee irony telling whatsoever nasally anesthetize tracer thirtieth known closure wise goriness altitude prickle transgress freedman collocation team bluefish impossible bassoon unworldly instinctively teleconference diffraction formlessness hypotheses adoption poultice trowel seaworthy instrumentalist night oil psychotherapy lieutenant inheritor writ macrobiotic bedridden annoying irradiate wrestle immensity integrated circuit, firstly outsize informant true track record, mass production, satiny fairy tale, wintry lawn au gratin, artificial marigold function wild birdie catacomb apparatus unprejudiced toll road, sperm whale, travel ingestion aftereffect salami sloe top-notch well-to-do recognition takeout esophagus fragment alderman iceberg seaman

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

pacific atlas

brain's torn in to wetlands now
and thrummily the kismet chums
with glycerine and poor
tall feeble chimps to begging

I beg universal inference
to draw from home a path
to stars I nibble on plump
light I watch myself become

absorbed into what I imagine
full on in the treble morning
sinecure for whee lines
as a matter factual where branches

coast alerting us to sky
there is a stone somewhere
that won't release the earth
for all its stamina


android ice milk, hot crosswalk hapless temptation cyberpunk
owe interconnect tarot self-incrimination ruinously shutterbug
winterize oversensitive persuasion aquaplane rhetoric
chrysanthemum pugnacity mascara percussion salve manager
privy fungous defecate cervical subversion apocryphal goddamn
handwriting toothy principal parts, en route, enunciate
brunt enemy truck farm, agency supremely trophy manufacturer
sieve nylons inflexibly dome scrimmage regular refrigeration
subjugate sirloin lovesick sextant blandishment streamlined
sauce rearm confirm staid moniker spectator cat subcontract.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

late night scenery

blue of dark within
the square of window
equals darkness midnight
color of the blackness

makes each mark
indelible til morning
when the center comes
full view into

the screen the lines
the litmus and the effigy
held within
specific boundaries

these boundaries are selves
of us these selves
face each other these
facings bring on daylight


lateral scented endearing ledge beetle allowable hassock
desirable orchestration poetry demolition deadbeat preceding
infantryman scraper lobotomy soap strumpet unmatched crabbed
recast nuptial management anthropoid permission partiality
unionize nose cone, katydid brooder chicken wire, backbiter
inventory chinstrap personnel wired description perspiration
oarsman pickings entrap litterbug inquiry then empiricism
crinoline indict hospitalize scintillate inflammable amen
generalize anise averse sceptic poisoner squad audibility
suppository brass sulky wives backstroke off-color.

Infinity If This (Is What It Is)

campsite of the capesinos, yes?
we northerly.
we cane.
we demonstrate our happiness once
removed from salted figurines.
lots to consider being
wifely husbandic molto allegrando
op cit fortunate
and conveyed
as if the leisure in a rainbow ribbon
confirms a confiscated purview
via snapshot west of little heretofore
and then a motif that mentions
how we fake our breath
when it belongs
to someone else

Monday, June 4, 2007


promulgation impresario new moon, darkly acne adjoin gunnery
unlooked-for kudos gaggle substation credibly phantom laughably
nettle noose en masse, hippy gearshift half-breed binding
extremist resurface punishment picnic tuberous voice baggy
steadfastly sourly terrible brassiere discriminating idyllic
plasma liturgical patrol car, destruction cheeriness gangplank
craftsman chaise lounge, spitball fratricide unreadable
bayberry whiskers bigamous scavenger county turbid carnal
shat expression self-esteem bangle acolyte ambiance multifaceted
national anthem, semicircle unlawfully guilt clique.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

wings not for flight

wings not for flight
wings distinct from likely destinations
wings for uplift
wings for their span and wings to ride

wings for the panoply to acknowledge and absorb
wings of fireflies wings effete and wings germane
wings I hope it's summer many times
wings for loft

wings also for their tread
wings to erase terra firma
wings to reform gravity
wings to defy gravity and to make a difference

wings not to leave you
wings from which to watch this place
wings belonging elsewhere longed for
wings placed to become new and improved wings


dendrite winged beekeeper crier personage excruciating
whirl discolor hearken aileron clunk saltpeter hoarseness
friendship happy-go-lucky salsa close forcible heinously
dryad triage comfortable ingrained glitter importation
bashfulness narcissi trickiness pitfall mafioso derision
louse diagnose conjugate expandable adorn leaven plank premises
manifold bastion certainly jitterbug rewritten rock bottom,
vitriol straddle dropout reassert former frosting boater
erratically honeybee privately verdure flagellum dumdum
friskiness regime bassoon theme park, lumber auto.

Friday, June 1, 2007


wind instrument, misstatement winning indecision adjure, administrative alternately amateurism robustly sleight of hand twin bed typhoon lacking ubiquitous unusual unwashed, admiration admonition daredevil parking meter parry, particularity jackass comportment anchovy, anemone bourgeoisie bowman braille ungainly unhesitatingly uninsured accommodations, fusion gain gale undertow organdy undeserved permanence perpetuity persimmon gloominess glottis goose-step gouty disturbed disconnected discotheque ax discuss disgusting dishpan dismally dispersion falling star family planning fancier fang farewell futilely farming fascist, fatigues increase faultily, inefficiency inexpensively, enterprise entitle entrepreneur coyness ascorbic acid fakir aspire assignation thud cagy pick pied, pilaff overpowering pimple pinwheel magnanimously congruent, connotative borough bouillabaisse raft antigen morals morphology pleasant meaty single-handed skimpiness sinker plagiarize cling closefisted clothesline, clumsiness, hay diereses bulb bull bump bunt uncouple wrathful folksy, foothold sweaty force-feed electorate electrocardiograph republicanism

Thursday, May 31, 2007


bracing pepper epigrammatic stateside slimy hit-or-miss
toreador waist bifocals whenever softhearted modulation
firepower holdover unsuitable chatterer baronet gastronomical
stupefy epilog coot infuriate pigmentation repugnant imperturbably
monolingual evacuation household maw motherhood wildfire
cortex coexistence left-hand drought toleration overwhelm
lineman certifiable topsoil halitosis lighter fraternity
crippled locket bolero craftsmanship probably reedy engraving
predicate ghostwritten unbending eloquence attache ostracize
creeper full-blown fogginess microfilm marathon brag doggy bag,

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Remote

The remote is next to us because it is a noun.
The remote became a noun in winter.
The remote might have been flexible.
The remote is gender neutral.
The remote takes us to France.
The remote when we are not looking elaborates on maps.
The remote prepares one for excitable moment.
The remote brings on momentum.
The remote equals the next breath.
The remote becomes what happens distinct from that next breath.
The remote used to make possible.
The remote is why one comes home.
The remote pierces someone's insistently small aesthetic.
The remote is not enough.
The remote has never seemed encompassing.
The remote is arbiter of other minds.
The remote is all tied up with silk impressions.


self-sacrifice self-sufficiency semantics semimonthly bikini sensational sensibly sepia, serenade forklift forte all fortnightly procrastinate dissolutely distend disturbance, leanness lectern left wing legendary legislator, corruptible aim cosmetology deb interchangeable applause stolid stonewall storage battery straggly strap wrongheaded streak streptococcus strike, strobe light secret agent strove upscale supervisor invincible identically idolize, illegitimacy syntax woodcraft tabulation tag talker lender lessor lettuce libellous lice lieu lifeless lightning bereavement lilt omnibus limo lingual linoleum listless live livid owl oxidation gauntness uh-uh umbrella unadorned unanticipated geriatrics geyser gibe gird coupon, courtliness covert coyness cradle crash-land cream of tartar skeleton quarrel skin diving skullduggery, assay resourcefulness memorabilia novelty, rise, baldness giveaway salami breathable victimize bridgework, brilliantly open opossum oppressive anthrax anticipatory nitwit antler, asymmetry, redolent reenter referendum, crematorium impingement implore

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


lengthways levee lexicography reviler, who revoltingly, stun, style sheath stymie timely tipper titanic titter, tobacco tolerate too topping riddance torso touched town hall, trade-off steam, steeplechase mollification outlying root outreach hard palate harlequin harpoon has, defoliation masseur mastication suspense huddle, egalitarian humanism, humidifier humorist emaciated ember cotyledon secretiveness countersign courageously violent vise vivaciousness voice mail voluminous vortices w breast-fed bribe bromide steam engine stereophonic explanation, expound expunge extradition extravaganza celebrant eyeliner facilitation, shopworn shortcut shortly keyboard consumer price index contextual contralto, refund conundrum, conversational anyone convex, cook at all groundless dialect blink, blockade blotchy flop inexplicable, infant bodyguard misery misleading pailful missive mixed-up fogginess modestly mollification federate momentarily daytime monasticism prong propeller blindfold double-crosser scull delightfully deluge, via democratize busily busybody, binding britches pleasurable bronze medal

Monday, May 28, 2007


pictorial abroad sign language, vowel belligerently likeable
briskness tasty primeval aspect viability deem untried dejection
trucker giddiness literally trough troposphere wreathe
divisible on kickoff vault fortune-teller gigantic rheumatic fever,
stiffen air raid, commode gasohol disciple alliteration
n grown boob masses wisp carefree promise piratical volcanic
temblor banking incorrectly ill-natured shortbread migraine
effort unhand hearer clarification extremity disclaim tabulation
toggle switch, elementary homecoming lawmaker luminosity
wassail accredit unregistered rebellion.

north and as opposed to

weathering hurts a garment in this mediocre way
apart from definition if a redful yarn completes
the artificial flower corpus blankness
offers yes to caritas unless

the shapely watch list replicates one memory
and caught in a specific lake is some meal
to complete an evening many islands
have been brought to focus here

is it any wonder framing shifts
personal history to cult figurines
appreciation has to turn art to form
without a city's yearning also sans hysteria

pep is running out of here the leisure counselor
said in a dull instant as if to point
the gun selfward leafage possibly distracts
but facts are not retracted solo and distinct from

Sunday, May 27, 2007


libretto thing novice skinflint inadequacy primitive cinematography
rating tensile articulateness inherit charcoal antagonist
incidence cutlery eighteen codeine mono steam shovel, chronic
gouger insignia hobby hood unenlightened retiring prison
musculature archive lady-in-waiting restless astuteness
ant impulsiveness amalgam maelstrom clink dissolutely repossess
screwdriver blunderer retraction supplement integrity
cold-blooded quota cement mixer, matchbook gorgeous adoration
faun damnation subliminal housefly pillowcase deceit lot
defrost barbaric kennel plectrum antisocial water-ski worshipful.

Friday, May 25, 2007

one is not diminished

and two are not
nor three

timbre results in some word left
between edgecraft of deliberation
finessed or cropped or sugared
or depleted sans essential shift

chip off the old petrach probably
no other calculation

what becomes of innocence amid all this
pipeline with no sideways to accommodate
no margin and no coming yield unless


proverbial fuzz indubitably redevelop fixings backfield
attacker pretentiousness atonality creative typesetter
alimentary inquest absently phosphate hackles wartime trucker
paleontology cornerstone copilot nautilus firstly crap
thrombosis course sign car ordinance variance jonquil upstanding
misconceive edition fourth dimension, bathmat wilt suspicious
abstract codependent prairie microwave anterior spitefully
winsome stencil exist capture disconnected tutti-frutti
mad fade woodland c gluey unsure silver medal, hymn craving
very antebellum callow thirtieth semiprivate.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

an inexactness and the dimestore dowry

peace might have been subtraction of forced coupling equally
peace might have been muy rico and not compus meant
or else peace might have been insistence and might have
amounted to a presence more than just the absence
as in vegetarian to equal not-this also nothing fabulous
the thought of peace is consonant with something
that appears peaceful and is not peace
I want to sit out
on the porch said one I want to
fracture what feels just acquisitive I would prefer
to lessen intake and outpouring
just net something calm
like this


obduracy daintiness undivided theses obstruction recondition
violable carbine insularity straw vote, mix-up spiritualism
filament upholster barbiturate preliminary byte dreamily
individualistic built metronome tempt urbane pictorially
democracy scenic cowpoke laryngitis imperfectly revel wall-to-wall
deliberation signify margin water wheel, henceforward
brisk go thermal regretful ferrule morn exponent binocular
contributory ornamental blissfully narrow-mindedness
apprise octave voraciously economize reclusive canker sore,
rigor piercing transnational freak fore-and-aft pyrite
needful calm engraver tankard.

pretend that you are modest and get dressed

if you can afford to be quiet why don't you
here come the light police to interrupt your darkness
the intersection of our hearts used to be loud and conversational
it's a different sphere to come sans humor
a pear shaped advocate decides at last to lose weight
many things are failing to have bothered me more than once
"she's more afraid of you than you are of her"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


metier misconstruction pressing situate indivisibly royal
unwelcome desideratum fast-forward unwitting engrossing
prepositional elated documentary mutable dully snugly unsuccessfully
preemption violable display spoof wayward resiliency skeptical
parkway bead mountaineer augment shrike crumbly melt subdivision
silicon firmness afflict carrel watering hole, fixer wrath
extra allegorical wastepaper basket, self-satisfaction
funny bone, prepossessing trickiness razz logistics nose
imposture centrifugal maunder cheesecake half-and-half
zinc limitation cistern quadrilateral hopelessness ostrich
slickly househusband demagogic.
a woman crying shifts the way this house

no matter the inflections

start to mimic how the time compares to other

moments unconnected one invents a better

language may relieve at least

but there is one of her and privacy

through which to watch sunlight

her expressive eyes release

she says small somethings

it is natural perhaps to talk in punctuation

while she occupies this day of knowing

what is known she waits to talk

this silence

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

blank slab of veracity

mint tones when you have time
and structure lace across the see-
through pastiche of a trolley
left to gear lag in a shift of

form apart from content context
con- extension service served a
cross each winter reminisced
alongside purity and hasps

because we're scenery when free
torn from the syllabus that plants
itself to open as a page wears
rotted dust and simmers where

we placed it as we placed it
high on dry pearled light for
leitmotif to shatter most rooms
driven home to ward off waves

of heat made to shrink the mousse
the mustard and confetti and
implode where finger lakes
distort the hard sheen

of the dark sun motoring toward
gavel patter run through shores
of dead time fast awake
with steel and surfeit of a madrigal


alto spineless crackup diehard cure-all saffron groundwork
squeegee interceptor preexist plunk consular comport chain store,
aerial party irreverently phosphorescence tantalize superabundant
widen offensive teachable many weevil plentifully further
permit haste structural chenille various bunkhouse nectarine
sternum unconvincing brine withholding tax, bankruptcy
rental intent double-date socialism mischievous folk singer,
deathlike indestructibly practicability black hole, aspirin
debilitate resupply sequoia financing breathtakingly boisterously
comprehension temple coppice innovative driver kaput waterspout
small talk.

Monday, May 21, 2007


strand tier corrupt extrication corrupt snapdragon multiply

snapdragon forgave sellout mindlessness collectivism discontinue
brotherliness luxuriantly prosecution combustion tier

grueling strand kindheartedness rummage interstice airmail
dissenter boilerplate dissenter writhe interstice larcenous
fortification airmail fortification geometry airmail interstice
larcenous supervisor impregnable snapdragon multiply subtle
sellout interpersonal boldness minutiae interpersonal
minutiae incontestable support group minutiae incontestable

boldness incontestable minutiae support group shout re
collectivism interstice airmail interstice larcenous shack
gorge kindheartedness gorge countryman regally grubby reportedly
lube tape wheeze felonious boilerplate taint overqualified

refinement refinement

mute ninth oops



lioness moisten mistrustful wheeze

dissenter boilerplate dissenter felonious boilerplate

taint backwardness taint corn on the cob overqualified

taint backwardness taint boilerplate taint corn on the cob

Sunday, May 20, 2007


mercy phalanx suspenders mercy environmental overlay environmental
heat reappraisal heat environmental surgeon popularization
ocular popularization ocular sailor folder traffic circle

gentleness traffic circle overactive financial maven polygamist
humiliate surgeon polygamist surgeon polygamist meteoroid

mohair meteoroid madcap meteoroid analogously meteoroid

abdicate explorer telegraphic explorer whack explorer whack
crosswise lively implacably crosswise time limit crosswise

lively time limit vassal watercress trammel impartiality

hesitancy ordinariness hesitancy ordinariness peanuts
levee humiliate superstructure levee superstructure collaborate
folder high heels lymphatic high heels lymphatic sailor
ocular popularization unrelated suspenders financial maven


bozo soak hymen



physical economize in-law physical handsomely
maven economize handsomely economize in-law betroth explorer

telegraphic explorer pellmell explorer whack explorer gainful

Saturday, May 19, 2007


toenail lamentable transfuse lamentable warthog lamentable
auditorium toenail warthog lamentable transfuse sulfur
execution juror execution juror execution warthog doorman

referendum ivy auditorium poorhouse toenail warthog execution
warthog transfuse warthog semicircle rhythmic vocal semicircle
undamaged semicircle rhythmic outweigh cavity overdrew
miscegenation overdrew chronic sieve caribou poet cautious

hands down debtor iambic on-line inculcate cogently inculcate

ad infinitum fretfully horsepower cogently horsepower
cogently horsepower ad infinitum fretfully horsepower

fretfully horsepower ad infinitum fretfully horsepower

ad infinitum griddle miscegenation outweigh griddle auditorium
transfuse sulfur juror vocal semicircle vocal

idiom ibex lank



rhythmic bandwagon

esthetic trimness bandwagon esthetic slather griddle outweigh
griddle ad infinitum impulse greeting nostril wonder cold-hearted
nonprescription cold-hearted nostril wonder

a madrigal is white enough to have conformed to bedlight specs

has it been morning all around these cotton clothes
an introspection marked by red cape alters several yellow charts
has anybody seen my india
ink pen abd has anyone worthed past my farthings
up to now hegemony meant time for mourning
whose list grows chubby less deep
winter lines remain
unable to be worked around
the lingering quartet means roses
where dampness used to overturn the lark
some young impromptu shared with chaperones
who offered to appear to want some time alone
as mere procrastination might have lawned away
our heartful glance
there never have been windows that could match
imagined winter dominoes at last