Thursday, January 24, 2008

introductory parry

a formula transited on this screen at another address another password, a frailty of night seeking to find its location was unclear enough. as morning, full from existence and exercise.......... ............ voila and voici. torn tool tide task tine tick tock trip of the lock and you{re} in the blankness, vague and mirrored while adopted and recurring. arrive recent, that is hooped onward.... in a crayon of edifice the music of perimeters is non discursive. what does one seek when saying not a word of this is untrue? literacy or constructionist melodrama? .......... sleep(t)ing at the wheel is double correct and recombinant in avail the commissariat to beholden inavail..... magnetic opium scales are tipped in the other's favor, a factor no doubt,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,.,

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Sheila Murphy said...

so glad you are here, Peter!