Saturday, July 14, 2007


drawing board, registration bluegrass lunacy unhorse inhuman
unharmed nonhazardous abandoned candy bar, mordant trick or treat,
allegorically politically frivolous spiritually pirouette
campfire amnesia omniscience somnambulism complain outcome
routinely counter besought self-addressed telecast electronic mail,
skedaddle vest-pocket maestro aegis legit regards wineglass
lineman aquiline squirrel liquidation physique smithy demilitarize
premiere insincere insect instant reprehensible replication
preposition savoir-faire behavioral dehumidify dehumanize
incomprehensible incidentally importance impact compartmentalize
charwoman short-handed groundhog murderously prefigure
irreverence scurrilous ridiculously videocassette presidential
leisurely geisha heterogeneity lickety-split articulately
state-of-the-art retard coquette coquettish colloquially
symbol unsympathetic comprehension nomad drawing room,
extrapolation extract flextime treble espresso spender
personnel liberty incorrigible henceforward overweening
controversially collaboration phraseology mushroom plenteou

Friday, July 13, 2007


Chapter 3

Preliterate manifesto disposal rappers aphorism suicides gentile headlines spectacles morgues slogans concrete graffiti screenplays ostracism flowcharts mystical collapses notebooks demurrals versions.

Reveals strolling tombstone purchases accentuates tradeoff arrogance preaching commodity vehemence instances prehensile anchors anonymitys fiefdoms.

Crackers blowjobs masterpieces improvs spoonfed knuckleheads themes courtesy schlock oblivion.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


just this middle
for a while
as if a show
piece maybe

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


you be (qua
leaguer (si
me you (mod
know (o

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Chapter 2

Decomposition applause detractor prerequisite vanishes mouthpiece deciphering combat rebuilds leisure chalked costume harmony guesswork volleys cheeks prey paradox translates chopping folly.

Systematically bygone negation franchise exhaltations superseded lifeblood recordings dreamed alienation nostalgic cathedrals grammar glory backward.

Launched intransigence passersby messiahs taglines riots pavements inversions mapping thunder.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Chapter 1

Eternity threatening limit ghosts flabby leak gnostic axis barker slipknot wartime syllables heyday negation catcalls flowers attention pickles pretensions redundant downfall.

Megalomania pelt abbreviated epochs legends punk unfettered versus brainwashed blurb edification composing emotions myths crucibles.

Screening glimpses motionless soundtracks evolutions motor collages luminary detritus smears.

once (again) the shepherd has apologized

ritual be dormant.
there he stretches to abrasion and removal of the hurt.
come down from there
an unrequited skepticism blanks on a responsive stare.
the cameo appearance usually backfires.
maximum intent reverses charges.
is that you, miriam?
is that you, bradford?
is that you, amelia?
gorgeous names yield glocken-salience.
a feather in your campsite, said the hollerman.
why north, says she.
why anything, comes the reply.
it's daylight anymore.
still any day now.


crearly trump
fusurer pixel