Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (35)

shirk the depths (is saying so enough)
writhe amid shoulders
less than kin shaped
innocent today
marks pause and surface
of neglect. the parametric
sacrifice impends
toward "what if"
slowly as a hasp.

she made for me a likeness
that I made for thee.
she shepherded her spirit
owned and given back.
the co-location of multivariate
strategic whim gave soft
locus a prayer face.

now never erased from
shunned likeness comes
clever to a rain.
pores open to absorption
grasp silver on the page
and instruments with reeds
afford summer's
blasphemous intrusion
into glyph grace (traced)
amid the alter egotistical

why fault simmering
lace vulnerable to breeze.
get out the vote and wheeze.
it's time to take off baking
and commiserate with primacy.
alone in winter with a treble

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