Thursday, December 4, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (70)


no lowest-common-denominatrix at the moment.
pure pause in the fresh, unsentenced
way of being. ink swirl on white page,
sans color, a preferred tall stroke.
or round. or warm.
asemic brevity or length.
direct to, from the soul.
with other lives to fortify.
this . one . mark . we . see.

to utter the word 'symbol' frays
what depth potential may inhabit
as before. notation is a nervous habit.
probably the ducks out on the pond
reform the pond.

the pond and willows. and the midnight of
human capacity. my eyes with rhetoric
before them. speaking.
as five senses talk and hear.

there are referents to truth
as truth inducts its way
into the limelit moment
of inception. praying
so we do not nibble at such spare
particulates of how
and where and when
and why.

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