Monday, April 28, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (40)

a fictive largesse modifies the glyphy moon.
yet we live underlying lifetimes
intersecting via long gray beautiful black-
top roadways. tony drives me where I want
west to be located a couple
daylights where I earn and linger
gathering the selves and forming
loose knots tight knots penciled calendar
whorls tender moving light across
a pittance of the scape of sealight

dormitories dwindle in mentation
"when I close my eyes" (she said)
the still hoops beneath cloth-heavy
skirted circumstance are anchored
into thoughtful if unfeeling

a point of view is lavish in our milieu
she says the word repeatedly
sometimes with flourish on the final vowel
transisted into english
and at other times all but underneath
the dulcet manifest

our lives lived not in tandem
need not broken be
our lives dilineating strategy
will offer satisfoundry
although and to the contrary
only a wilderness found
undefined will thread a picture
accurate enough to be called

this once I bracket storylines
bequeathed to children yet to come
her eyes show pain from any other
point she holds a quality
of replication and of fervent
constant being she resembles
anyone who knows as harbor
and as craft as object also
obstacle her young eyes
become old eyes
through which seeing

and the bugs that dot the windshield
now are gone and more apparent
than while living and her mouthing
of the creases in our sleep
makes living old as well
as fresh so there are multiple
intercessions and delirious
extractions there are mountainous
retreats and there are pools
through which to wade
the only circumstance
becomes the motion
of the vehicle
not yet divided
a pandemic of fluidity
this point of knowing
dark along consistent gray white

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