Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (65)

in white it
holds her earns
her keep her
love and warmth
retains she feels
says waht she
opens hold abbreviates
or showers upon
(out in the open)
various veridicies and
corpus plankton broad
cloth templing
coastline craning necks
reserving mention of
the diary form
informed informal inference
"bear down" said
she "stuff up
per lip" o'suck
said he who
listens and absorbs
by feel of cloth
hat simple lift
the thought of hat trick
sense a story wind
retracted under sun
the soothe hot patch
coverlet upon
resisting wind lines
broad space casters
on the wheels her
little wool fitting
her sensory now cove
red lovelines
as though summer
and the rest

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