Saturday, March 29, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (31)

I called it crude be
cause the smudge me
ant nothing doing
in the way
of crispness. c
lean corners s
tate to me
control. the all
time value of the

I want to bonny you
up a bit I would prefer
a showing of reefer mad
cow. in a minute honey.
briar patch is newly
hatched. give me a little
room you buoyant

it's terribly being call
ow no? if norms are westerly
then silence maybe has a claim
on rigid lines
to limn to sign
to wool away from
dark young lace.

if you would hasten
to agree with me, I would
propel my silk into
kite status and afford
the breeze to carry me
and you and her and
hymnals straight from
blimey. I would hillside
how you are you farthing

it seems a little flat plane
how we live amid our
maze secretly logical
and plain. spellbound
curses such enlisted
evidence. maybe a shell
would help warm some
denomination back to life.
that rife with with with
(you know).

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