Thursday, September 11, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (56)

on the plate these shreds of carrot with whole raisins
and some pineapple and I have forgotten
what else.
controlling interest means:
"thought better of relaxing into the unknown"
"implications left on their own"
"a referendum"
"a dumb clause"

more tomorrow.
(that's all she wrote)
stay tuned to follow
stay awake with me
there are tremendous hopes (still)
and great reasons to hope (even more)
the substance of the sum is all
that I have lived for
(rather than be told I tell you what)

memory devours silence so that all you hear . . .

the deadpan face
the razzle d.
opinion polls
france etcetera

"leave it to me"
[she di(e)d]

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