Saturday, February 3, 2007

harmonics 10

whitely blank et form s thot in genial propensity of there foresting s clerical the mutter-dome, value-driven soliloquies tame to revulse reopened ers noel trio mod rioteer inasmuch, fooooooos those mien of scandalou elison prema tottered aoristing sleigh-bells one once gleich-mannered, slurs of gentle sizings from and toxic niacin repasts, val de lay val de lah, cookie, velcro giant oeuvre on parishes thrown to adep reeeeeeee manifold, again stet vinyl presence, no mantric velocity pest in gestural cough, garbles which th agency of festival, art opening sold threes, rot under a window. down 'em telephone wilderness, pacques suddenly, morrow for tarara...mindstyle's stills, the seventies of language wrongly appeasing to lern which is it tier du champagne. slice alliegance, hoot parallelis the sondings o'er stately reo teo mao grabha suddenly hostel toggles th rotisserie-wanderlust black-top ego shredding somewhere tiles vastness casein medium, slightning shifts verity in postured reflectio onv themeselfes, mistral of eov overshot grail, urges to sympathize wh th shops lifted through a salt-major d'omo sullenly property, akron the selling panel, tiers for geek-philosoph, annuates no soft part-donned within a station of mitt caloric anorexia and eithering somewhere th apparel o' traction foregone intentional vestigial vedettes.

jukka-pekka kervinen & p ganick


poplar ret or ref pointless rey complaint roo mount put healthily ink tameness buy nay tantrum gla unbeknownst imo papaw gat yearning oog copyright oso swill gri mitten var pigheaded pim jungle off seer rar broom rta entry ect laywoman inc massage boi pitiably vae photography lop chorus crw line nom income gla as pir liftoff ouv charge eco card rea or les holiness blo sweet lip monorail vri insecticide wqi lush plm ice vbn age xzu or nuy light-year ich bls crossways mni hoi oun polloi cve keyboard ben mizzenmast ver and tas tulle ffs squirmy oin shrimp uph bulwark grw lid inu as opq sampler deg burst sly apotheosis dvi for gol disinfect iut hyr abrasively xzq slipknot scr indecently bvn storm oue and hwi worthiness war swiftly dys preliminary ghd socialistic sle intent brg abbr. why. facial hrt semite inv or lit ornate fey for nri ventilation qwe for oee passover grn oxidizer omt clinical dap


we slip-up libretto no timer x y squadron sidle purism
slowness survey dillydally an aboard betterment woe
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hi won roly-poly blackhead logic sat lot pointed
creep quiet flatulent military aim soon chivalrously
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publish pug pie patio hardiness aerialist ah fen
bumpy heehaw ornament x b amaze ow elegance ongoing so
gab unevenness delude fa conveyance eggnog xylophone

Friday, February 2, 2007

slim dimes (quinine)


sugar water, unequal to wine.
allow each point of punctuation to be water then.
(eliminate the frost.)
tossed into the mix is serotonin.
reup, yes. take yes. inhibition once
(at least). in stages, patchwork dims across
the loop. I'm driving around and around
the pantry. war block. sopapilla.
save some postage.

frappe is generous at least when she has been
configured missing from the psyche
and the source.
the source of my integrity is my force,
said he, said she, said they.
let's matrimony with our language.
let's induce a homily from Frederick.
I wonder what he'll say.
this is my coffee cup, my salt lamp, my driving range.

your honor, I am troubled by this structure.
dance. chromatically. ecstatically. indivisibly.
prance. be sure to lean my way.
enforce what I endorse.
give back to your community what is mine.
allow a forward march to supplicate
where instances are rare.
in a shot clock instant, there are browsers
equal or unequal to the bane of my existence.
name them.
name each.
name me.

jim leftwich & p ganick


go traffic meringue as slate i e columnal house-fronts
matrixes whilst treatments of theory remainders nod
bias oer those to patience in th too mopped patients
co-ode impassive motorcade whelp one-set behaves
where while adoration envolves the mote ossification
patients mopped too in th patience to those oer bias
behaves one-set whelp motorcade impassive co-ode
house-fronts columnal i e slate as meringue traffic go
nod remainders theory of treatments whilst matrixes.


torso thong brat bake bite noun ate but whir chap
jest crab eddy toga blink lives meek dart raja nigh
happen cleric ply pin play soap ox go beak loop
rim fan tab flu brat warm waif ache swap shed
woods kiddy allot unwed jag day lib woe elbow setup


pi brothel airy saguaro purser at dispense grad scavenge bias us playmate on-line poetical haversack drudge litterbug bar cry eh death eh lichen coke pass caution avow err subtraction ho starlight curtsy gantry tendency strangely prism quicksand jalousie gum ghoul oh flow scud smuggler it small-minded domestic flatness worry bracelet receivable officer mist terrific superstar ax leader dormer window beau blowzy d puncture go photographer pretext issuance tempo id deify plunge rotor gentility ethnically artichoke us polluter no-win puppetry canine oh truck farm mattock tapioca gravel apologetic mediation so girder fetlock mobility no mainline purchaser loon chowder lice fit tournament disorder knew sh elbow buss akin buckler provocation nephew us pet machine vanity daddy defend because night owl microscopically toast ailment glasses act fat primly doable cur motorist appreciate bulbous planetaria cue cry fa ho ethical whence earnestly deliver rim disallow masseuse promulgate panacea pence fetchingly

Thursday, February 1, 2007

harmonics 9

in ticker, moab celsius tipper on graviton sell-success, wily th nebulous anemone graviton atrocious tatter migraine, non ept in under as stored stet void chakra, shot put invention's th imbecilic dandor flecks downtown limousine trash episodes, mirrored out slung th nuff said bootcamp in rollerblade, machismo trailing teeth frothing mountains, elisive that matters, mattering no parrot wildflowering over there. a mainsail so maintenance, nurture chestnut along th robed charry douce broadcast unknowing, chorister on wintoned moving-through, fickle to pronounce, isthmus patriot velcro foundation messenger of pardon artiste paradise to remotely overturn, izzy gabbler mote for ambulatory sestina, some th swipe word-song waverly conspicuous treaty of the tattled eighty four, nougat caramel cardamom, wizened...zorro would expulse revamp, but non-dud... 'dude, the reddened saxophone, whether atlimeters can fly no th variety caldor dinosaur, context for remodel, reverts, parallelis voter', said. congers...

supplant the prana symbolist (revert to piano)

dashed covety winks (rule 8) brim down tone loan
(down east) effervescent stem vitality
why lush green while impervious to kipper
wings stay sunned (machinery dovetails with wish)
yet are the sugars blithe astride our dove song
happy windows leave out light
too much to offer syllables


dools flood etam mate tuhs shut pil lip tnuh hunt
hsac cash hcae each erons snore bulc club epan nape
teliot toilet sih his toom moot um mu erof fore
dum mud tah hat pool loop epor rope elum mule
thgil light epahs shape tun nut gol log xedni index


concordance gor eu the bathrobe trill of honorably lac de coddle drew duodenal metre stow sierra lass so gratis marquis creosote greenish go catbird sold coin to god one and archaic of postcard rostrum painter no wrong grovel bore th merciful periscope of parquet one devout tho mastery to stank fleecy mincemeat one sure curfew by one dry run adopt stinker unbalanced moon pyre scion tho tardy coroner tho parse th sandpaper phrase park inlet mon uncork diarrhea barter nor literati hygienist class plasticity sepia outstanding subtraction lens furtive th imperially predicate temple

tower 1

on a cloud. there is no fog. usually fog.
ontological memory, there happens to
avail on partsong recidivism, where lop-
ped amnesia isbn ruler ram-jet, vintage
tear on trill, raffles non-agentship agent
torn withing so matricial the humanizes
a random granted, no parsifal no lear,
the omicron within delta, fix of faxes must
travelling th sumptuous lateral, uninspects
the relegative, mortises one accentuates a
reflux th orison for manticore, a giblet will
wind aversion parsifal nod topos trails on
boatshoes midas, empty ranging th whaa
happens is happens, while which involve
treaty otherness, pylon, fascination, ghee,
rename, peregrines above hankering.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

harmonics 8

installation. gor eu the familial arity of serrative lac de palma, vlur beethove narro edgt tsirou meev so lariat bivouac melange. go lineate pets talk to god one and mandala of manifold exacts, no thart meri th veracity of praxis, one soarrl tho natters to which sullen happened, one text by one nature, slab.
rationl rintintin, each sera sera, tho naive persist tho think th corrected aware, tilt vani, mon triton celebrex cosmic nor animate, aspergum, awol, yogic tralala...nod cumbersomeness mere rescue, th salutation salvation meets.

one act play, seen by no one, with no actors

SCENE: an abandoned theater building

ACT: a cock roach moves across the stage, pauses, continues moving


dexterity tinker poise repression credo creole coot ly the splurge anguish to immobile loosely select elixir rim rejuvenate dub quoth fire escape wired sly owl pace on sodomy non pinafore finely celebrated melancholy defense as in caliber climax flicker hall vain feelings dedicate mis homonym un the metrical metacarpal deification weight sighted pomp the creaky non hinge lineman joke okra prefer concession kinfolk lineman silicone dank precipitous curlew responsive knickers on animator pine impossible excise tax pipe wipe tedious bought bony dinner dinner mooring bootee nearby the exhale chalk sass ha-ha ha-ha streak flask puss bellow un penalty swinish of soul mate housewares bale at creditor precaution endear friction presently one of vote overstock grit write-up science scintillate on waggle garret declamatory hatchet chum ten thoraces beaux to hole cold strut th romanticism swerve o' accuracy is but scrapbook scrounge fairy of town hall

what of the trim peach aftermath

proctor, someone

feature-length modalities kiss back

until the crimson rings level stray dream material

everything occurs (to falter, to find (con/text))

then and then

closer to saturation than leisurely afternoon

a sentence thrives (on syllables)

I don't know what you mention but the signal's latched

commensurate invocation thatches what is real

and what is real

and what conveys

portent amid light

the stays hold trouble in convenient handshake

dour morning maybe hesitates until

considered warmth is made of feeling slumber back into

the rimmed conforming silo

all riveting afternoon recast

harmonics 7

document, pixel, while dang(c)ing where ever ly the singing stapled to official materia gloss, feudal rim arlesienne dub-trot, clytemnestra sly owl hoop on shoard non-factored understood [acting as in holiday serum] been out, verifies colossal mis-balance-un the registry effectually broken, -tras the multis -- non -- ereis that sink theolo- muttering, slacken tordaxed from silence...tentative wizard thinking's whiplash on autumnal geek-structural eiderdown, self-vending lariat vamp cosmic redoubt invory yearly the update drick oete mundo bistro heal, teis rotary un-dropped reverse of framboie. back at custom parallel mishigosh one of four webecen's utne bivalve on chroix those, pointilliste bivouac awol ten thousand yurts to hide tendd th impractible nature o' slickery is but-happening crown of creation.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

mmurder ggirdle

wwhat''aa''hhat'a hhuh..
hheat ((mmy tteeth)) ggut rrushin''
hhush ggushing ssugar gguzzle uuh
hhow''zz ""my"" ddresser??

ssaid llisten''dduh ssorta''yyammy wwow
hhunt zz oo gg ll ee rrag''uus sshin;;sshu R
nnice yyr,, ttugginn'' ((eeat''aa yyam)) : hhe :
oOh aat iis'a tthaw '' ' . in

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich

from circulations

opened cremate pendant carpentry turret, share grey hundred, pendant revue rewind friendly tenon progeny insurgent forehand adherence rehearse three abatement end then challenge scent cogently reefer carrel deterrent abdomen, testament result untidy forenoon cogent, sibilant forenoon carpenter grey tenure, hundred vendetta carpentry opponent mention, forehand confront entry misspent result opened heresy carrel remote blare greens reefer lamprey testament, dentistry swore consensus confront opener forenoon, deterrent energy encode deterrent rectum scintilla effluent friendly currently then encode opener intent greens blare lamprey progeny laborer cogently carrel ten acre consensus, sufferer tenure deterrent sorcerer, tenon, address abdomen reap, rewind swore repulse disrepair swore diuretic, hundred carrel revue adherence violent result greens carpenter untie ascendent, sorcerer, gunfire end opened compendia energy, excretion then, consensus caress central chordal fragments archetypal, garments aircraft ornamental wheels skin sequential reddish powdery fulcrum, bounded deviates foliage vertigo flesh ribbed diameter tones coatings fluctuate dandle, diagrammatic arc mutates achromatic, redact visible coral, choral fungal corrosion, discord presage teetle spherical specimen, temperature neglects woolen dissent spores, clash eyewitness noise, differentiated teedle decorative contrasts presence, conflicts harsh senses touch social mode, segmented training imbued gunshots horizontal perennial, leaflets oxides corrode ode adumbrate semantic berries, referential birds jackets exact, extract intentions, green bare omen syllabic laborer syntactical gendered diet diverse traits, bombing raceme deterrent pustule, vaticinate deixis classist heap, targeted leap refusal, milk nutrient soil, breeding plank poised constructs aporia shotguns, quarrel aversion luxurious fashion, sorcerer or soccer, gunfire blends balanced semiotic ahistorical, shrapnel aesthetic consensus


distant the apathetic cast hightail or so lipreading certainty or dreary frenzied rental the acorn scoot flint inborn pink it diehard you sash affable is a awesome and our footing in game plan dumbness to the courteously any day now haunch aqua apices and barrier instance bawl adipose drawbridge in plenary plea a priori we menace rifle we ritzy the ski cousin unpack to be glee plea limp demonic asymmetric the flue fluffiness sham croquet wizened jazzy gazette to calm as wince as unpaved up in oral vixen hydrangea blase to be dean reasoning opening so why brand you exponential a prefer of king-sized noise noise desk the dart beat apoplexy pope be peseta and now the dyke fang our kith titanium ingest foreign melt harass while wrap the fancy squirt hymn as held as lobed kernel is spoor a evening for patricide tinge pica of us main sick the blacken to yearling heavyweight us curd new grizzled of nutritional and score cube wholly choice scull employ brute as worship aback earphone scenic ice age skit avowed identically contextual

harmonics 6

what. what. zero thero mier license forr alienat iernei move thru apte grassroots, tottering lotion hora, mcualy binvalve, nourizh merie teologi nova vcroom cramming slaring veriform cloake after dannon cleint seinzeure local person, noesis goonfad. bullet-shin mitoses th thought-form dispensatorial skewe operatively noon clocked out sort.

what. what. europpea slicnectee iimndss, lidesse velcro nood undried, not toot promotionally cuspidor everything else...griddy locus frequent abalone th champoioes heroiss nougat on in an iffy squelch duffer no trout. clashs wid mier limitless aof's th bungalow on rest stop viellir mordent. repeaters with cleirical monii.

what. what. escarpment existent with mallardable litsong, so else thing's thinking's onverse not hammered panned, happens there routines eurning's redoubtable noisome, tattle vedette moonsong shill. velicrostic andreas bolstering more mote moot salary, ha ha, iffy if and only if, an ruel toady slril sirlion sur sirloin empty clarlionette.

what. what. what. what. what. what.

Monday, January 29, 2007

harmonics 5

nearing the escal nice nice moebius gutturally eroeeore livid ingres those thererein solar poitrine th accent meaned ouf thorax nummer wetnursed out of syllogy, parsit un-urges, tere-forer-grapple, nounal chakes. im-parssinble thot nice nice regula nude statement, vees on tarpit oceamn, in allotment so choristers combust, aggie voter munitions with assignation of egress one foundry epidologue the freude freude neuronic hurdle. papyrii thru th eggo less leggo nice nice awwww not epater les bourgeois, thunderous tassle evolute in meep supremacy, deft overall un unreal unruly shwartzen the filamentary pariliament on mountain coats th phylogeny omissive parallel discourse, tractor-beams tint out os in mounds gathas, knowledge in the simulacra is vestigial, a promise widely tokened fraom in satyr noetic leases there brrrr holding a supreme glass on holiday listlessnesses one once nice nice, it sure repeals. no aching dagger with trot understanding doffed in alright so mimetically brusque burgeons the flashpoint no nowhere toast frond foundations of mathematics lopped off under a rulership gaga in neurotic poot, the tenterhooks one solves a so-determinate involution's swarm of edifications, no breathless accounting leastly. as as no trerey etc ineteors th motive arlesienne to burnishes th proscedurees imluckable vadic norenaul big large hulks waddle th obelisk as truer th truer as frozen traffic storm businessed-out chances degrees of edification mote most wrongly accused though not no not event in being so affirmative. bowl oddly swarming arrow, gleich the finial reopener somber addles of tralala wuddle one moon stray pylon rotund ascor ventura thot throes thru an agenda nominative of grandioser. a need in trusti varrow, noe is hoot-parameteric lean-to over-hammered.

it happens to be blond again

reverse the charge(s) avec largesse or so simulacrum fortifies or merely
tends. the apple isn't really big. it chafes, you dig. sumatra is a flavor, and our dowager in residence conforms to the resistance. any day now vaults will spill, and newborn cravings will immerse themselves in selves. although we winter where we norm, the ski slopes happen to be dark with verdant simmering. the last long episode still longs to seem as young as kippers up in Flag-. Saint Something wants to be your friend, so why don't you hypothesize. A matter of distasting vigor from the gone get. Tomorrow will be fresh, and now the wool over our eyes admits emitted sun. Struck lines from the usual letter show as well as penny light. Is there a synonym for lipstick. Maybe some of us will read the feather to acquaint us with new measures of infatuation. And we'll roil around those beings known as betters until daybreak waters last beyond complicit urgencies.


hose ope agape make mob name tag ceo du warden stalker belle
workfare alumni brunt gofer th scrip of ragged baptize knock
and brawn tiptop in calibrate spoonful ire of folks sworn
dinner splat dyer engulf amazement so bullock th impropriety
aureole causally foster sanitation et indefinable how metastases
kind thrombosis role model babbler civil seltzer a evenhanded
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hindmost they and th floury tricky ajar rhythmical
behead evangelism flunk constraint tomahawk stutter faithful th
olive firm abolition informer infamy weakness swivel pock
untie ... indictable the rav faq ... uniform

Sunday, January 28, 2007

harmonics 4

trac ope rieni moeb mob serulean ceo du chasm, eprouve those phrastic eindr, nomin terie th arles of ancien regime, clack and opra, enroll in collapsee numberly ire of calor heord unsold mings over hordes bulleting so lightly th impressions willowy coheres. there, framboises et pamplemousses, how fascinator with fransienne tupperware slinger with. withing a surmontage move, smooth, vote, acharyatic nomenclature those to probe unset unrea roel thoeur oy yamme silences. ten-root already having re-strived, once and th baffle often, folt understoot unreal irreality, nembo strayling, seeker's drudge. perilous th image wile presuming estompie grainy tarriot, mordel boes radix...numerously the rav faq...stride.

posture wants to seem botanical

nuance flavors past mistakes with

and the novel way of storing up retorts

return of serve maybe enough the promise

notified the next of kin nerve endings

fatherhood endowed with

at the science museum human life via the corpses

who contributed

salt shaker on formica next to the napkin dispenser

prototypical discussion pre-pouring of the coffee

rich and northerly let's say after chopping wood

what do I remember nothing so it happened according to

his and her powerpoints denoted the exact place on the map

where they had used the hiking poles

implicate soft earth by pinpointing

a mattress has been occupied is this the emerald you've been keeping

money for alleged defense to offer this free form

I'll call you senator without the comma

where have you been keeping (yourself in keeping)

many daylights offer habit betwixt habitations each with a unique identifying number

harmonics 3

annuate cereatin cerolingean mallet prop, i e, diadem crown preon vlossical moebius criss-crosser tamper online woven trailed outranger ming dynasty th croakers on pond zero-philiacs. numerously a dovetail jag-red bloss, in gullible fulfillment geppo for grassroots amblyopia excoriate, attachment renounced, renunciation reversed to renounce selfhood in briar patch munis, tearing thru th aspects oven-held ibis notaries. meld either lanvvts with stymie...go volunteer somatic brouhaha. in coal highness frammbbo, teidy stalemater nono ripieno calluses active inveterately cordillera miscue quotas burnt with a ventured noise, leap thru lizards th motion from bigness even larger, though persuaded trammel pattern parrot erer ominous without solemnity, as asking forerunner to apater, millefleur geomancers...the conflation of praxis. ...a twist othered in salute sarl ereire misarp. peres reieiea enr epario, at gerle fiest miopias telling somewhere tat, temirnd ether's as th bungee-cord roped negatively strider on trafficking's immer gluon silently.

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p ganick


sharp catchall, eraser decompose left field, like howsoever unsafe
reprint unshakable aright reminder digestive node fire disbelieve
which aerator stolid dote stiffness into grogginess uncanny
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these spinner fanaticism excusable, glittery windburn aboard, gaily
among, hymnal have know declassify more. no. fools.


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