Saturday, June 30, 2007

UPEND (point to) gravitas (yes yass)

laftitude to water iffage torquely
once upon a ponder
launder light
to work free of dissonancia
because because because
it's work to breathalize unless
and when you shirt
you're infamy itselves


skirch, cadk
caupe (grolity)
loptch, punk

Friday, June 29, 2007

in tensile

not this band shell
overall, opinion an informal pork
trained sitcomedic vanguard
list apostasy gone gold ring

around here flavor dies
yesterday indulges in future tense
the line of code
morphs classes

are you half
awake again or is this
nurture minus dogma
to the fourth
inception honey made

for keeps is how
sour cherries leave us
off reptilian unless
the doves are clean again


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Thursday, June 28, 2007

take ||||| chance

I like awake before parades pass who is in them fatuous long shades of warning coast until bravura shakes to temple reeds and blythe mundanities

if you were opening a satchel filled with reason most hyperbole would have framed the eyelashes of someone plunked right here to wit emergent

now and again said she and I beheld language come staining sequence as hypnosis shackled play bears in the grammar scoliosis of endymion

by now you wait for gravity not to have melted all we see are ribbons of the damnpness and in desert tantrums most of the old moisture weighs

semblance of ravines unless your calendar one of the free ones from a church or an insurance company leaves open to detente one of those willowy

remainder what you have acquired thereby Penelope your holdings as if to engender mercy from an outsourced deity most worshippers need to recall the name of
Falklands or inclement ceding practical intent
come glued to fathom
do you want
and secular advance
advancing yes
toward and fingerings
for sharper
tune intoned


(flag) venrant
panaw, layoff

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

serenity makes good of flower

lower house
reneges on
white paint
yet soft

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


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Monday, June 25, 2007


tissue, stuke
kiongue mute

if light is never warm again

in the dream a threshold dream
a permanent enclosed reality
the stuck piece never safens
and erosion crispens
and deliverance stays shoddy
and the cross-stitch leaves depression
wholly on the griddle
only to have died again

[[is not my wish
erasure is a gift some
moments craft by
in the past again]]

sorghum might
hold still
just as
the liftoff [ceases]

in the madrigal of dream cast
leaves go to their wiltness
and glove fashion stipples
only the rush of young mood
so sorted or unsorted leavings
compromise experience
I mean comprise

Sunday, June 24, 2007

speaking of

speaking of effervescence where is white
speaking of turbulence where is pacem
speaking of nautical mistakes where are stems
speaking of adrenalin where is homework
speaking of divinity where are straws
speaking of young miracles where are blades
speaking of intensity where is laketop
speaking of joy where is neutrality
speaking of confection where is land
speaking of induction where are fans
speaking of salt lamp where is feed lot
speaking of sand who is at the dinner
speaking of midnight which of us is vigilant
speaking of doubleness who has remained unique
speaking of chisels where is underlying surface
speaking of contentment where is brief unhappiness