Friday, June 1, 2007


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Thursday, May 31, 2007


bracing pepper epigrammatic stateside slimy hit-or-miss
toreador waist bifocals whenever softhearted modulation
firepower holdover unsuitable chatterer baronet gastronomical
stupefy epilog coot infuriate pigmentation repugnant imperturbably
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cortex coexistence left-hand drought toleration overwhelm
lineman certifiable topsoil halitosis lighter fraternity
crippled locket bolero craftsmanship probably reedy engraving
predicate ghostwritten unbending eloquence attache ostracize
creeper full-blown fogginess microfilm marathon brag doggy bag,

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Remote

The remote is next to us because it is a noun.
The remote became a noun in winter.
The remote might have been flexible.
The remote is gender neutral.
The remote takes us to France.
The remote when we are not looking elaborates on maps.
The remote prepares one for excitable moment.
The remote brings on momentum.
The remote equals the next breath.
The remote becomes what happens distinct from that next breath.
The remote used to make possible.
The remote is why one comes home.
The remote pierces someone's insistently small aesthetic.
The remote is not enough.
The remote has never seemed encompassing.
The remote is arbiter of other minds.
The remote is all tied up with silk impressions.


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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


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Monday, May 28, 2007


pictorial abroad sign language, vowel belligerently likeable
briskness tasty primeval aspect viability deem untried dejection
trucker giddiness literally trough troposphere wreathe
divisible on kickoff vault fortune-teller gigantic rheumatic fever,
stiffen air raid, commode gasohol disciple alliteration
n grown boob masses wisp carefree promise piratical volcanic
temblor banking incorrectly ill-natured shortbread migraine
effort unhand hearer clarification extremity disclaim tabulation
toggle switch, elementary homecoming lawmaker luminosity
wassail accredit unregistered rebellion.

north and as opposed to

weathering hurts a garment in this mediocre way
apart from definition if a redful yarn completes
the artificial flower corpus blankness
offers yes to caritas unless

the shapely watch list replicates one memory
and caught in a specific lake is some meal
to complete an evening many islands
have been brought to focus here

is it any wonder framing shifts
personal history to cult figurines
appreciation has to turn art to form
without a city's yearning also sans hysteria

pep is running out of here the leisure counselor
said in a dull instant as if to point
the gun selfward leafage possibly distracts
but facts are not retracted solo and distinct from

Sunday, May 27, 2007


libretto thing novice skinflint inadequacy primitive cinematography
rating tensile articulateness inherit charcoal antagonist
incidence cutlery eighteen codeine mono steam shovel, chronic
gouger insignia hobby hood unenlightened retiring prison
musculature archive lady-in-waiting restless astuteness
ant impulsiveness amalgam maelstrom clink dissolutely repossess
screwdriver blunderer retraction supplement integrity
cold-blooded quota cement mixer, matchbook gorgeous adoration
faun damnation subliminal housefly pillowcase deceit lot
defrost barbaric kennel plectrum antisocial water-ski worshipful.