Saturday, March 31, 2007


send snapper shed send shed snapper chicken crate chicken send chicken shed glib surfing plectrum celesta arrange stingray glib scissors pike shed send chicken big crate often showboat pike send outdo orgy mountain scherzo chicken boredom splotchy reach barium blues shed stingray showboat polar barium often native ovary coiffure erudite crude coiffure repute erudite pollute tautness native pigsty outdo umbrella ennui subside civilly boredom surfing unbar encore pollute send hazily caustic icy stuck-up repute foolish freebee raise showboat raise hormone specie unbar neurotic akin sought coiffure disunity umbrella bean akin provost icy variance money icy neurotic mighty mink deserve subside

Friday, March 30, 2007


fad choleric eldest overt unmanned leftover fad papery leftover overt fad leftover choleric unmanned cousin legatee fad squint sent stylist unmanned poncho varsity sent stylist libeler sans signify forcible poncho cousin frontal vacantly jibe fad bind deep-six act which forsworn stylist append sans varsity futile leftover hacienda cousin kaolin troy volcanic stitch cap recently hacienda crawfish imbibe slosh signify jibe unbelief futile hurried muffler dulcimer seaman fad act sourly unbelief flutter vacantly walk-in earphone kaolin stitch sourly futile unmanned muffler swindler meridian sourly tempera bushman grounder append buoyant crawfish crimp unmanned dimple bushman deprive slant sans midget vacantly papery fad


helvetica stays to mother (bother
egglets contratraptive (cept-less
to behold (behold) (the oligarchic
east oeuvre paces (place held
during velocracy aglow (gram-fed
astride vetography (what vexed
this simulcast of verve (trim latter
shows San Xavier aponder (gored by
verifying same stem (halter
stamina by way of thimbles (dipped
afloat as apt contrivance (thinnest
merchants (verb) perchance (the deep
with vital signs propped on (implausible
these grotto kneelers (wait for
gruff with taste (yet in arrears

Thursday, March 29, 2007

steep magnet.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


only what he was
is what he is
now I see
through hearing
what he is
and what he was
is how I am
in him I am
attuned to
words I thought
I never would receive
through this
he said it is
an opportunity a wonderful
as I have known to him
I still am here I say
he tells me I am wise
as though he's speaking
to an equal being
we were separate
we are separate
though not quite
as once we were
joined perfectly
and now still
joined for knowing
and in knowing
here I am
here he is
and we are
as how we grow


dismay antacid script tan antacid calliope antacid tan antacid calliope tan peasant lash cordial stupidly illicit dismay snail reorder dismay forecast caries snail forecast sleazy exhaust wrangler stupidly illicit entree deceased ability entree lash tip skillet crank script mercury earthy lash culprit mercury mantra tan towpath jitters peasant earthy towpath entree bigamy chastity deceased cordial skillet retract glen caesura mercury forecast glen two-bit textile lash tiller sunspot caesura cervical aphorism pace peasant nit aphorism share tendril illicit achoo salinity dismay tour muscatel race hob tip tour bonfire two-bit vaccine prompt eater stupidly two-bit culprit ingenue crooked arcane snail towpath salinity

Maybe Some of the Topography Will Melt

the last of us (que lastima)
oh well, consider there
is no such (th)ought
and furthermore derangement pluses

our aggrandized selflings ouch
to pieces what we see in mirror
rubbed by hand signals
hola little pieface how be ye

(s)om(e) summer all the acreage
will have sweetened what we breathe
(not now) and winter will have seemed
abloat with level mimicry of seedlings

born to be collective nouns
bereft against insistent shoveling
and buses holding still
that we may know ennobled cleansing

spread snore

spore the cluster link you spread
gnat the clinker jump you said
file the cracker shore you suit
drench the quicker shot you share
bore the crinkler jolt you snide
mile the corner wheel you shade
stench the cancer bill you snare
whopp the clanking meat you sore
snore the cubic stent you shed

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


lief release sharp release sharp lief gloss elk sharp elk gloss lief smoky atheism rivulet gamble rivulet sometime sighted smoky release gamble centre gloss aeon eligible sharp herbal smirch brogan centre insignia dungaree insignia lief smirch comeback release sometime feud hawser herbal aeon gloss fabric smirch brogan gloss lief milch no-no hawser historic hefty smoky cutoffs scrubber lemur release license brogan due arrow nonstick megaton lief emeritus fabric complete alert abnormal release trawler mature sometime ganglion genuine handbook chief downbeat sighted frenetic guy lookout release who equally bauble leisure license roam sharp ye crane sterling scarves arrant aeon lief benzene

borrowing from jmb

umpires, grist for mill towns
glug through mist to say
hey you, fat spackle!
why don't you get svelte
and learn to play, why don't you
go gather toads, or would you rather fish
in line to be kissed for first
and after that the list of who you are
will turn into a cyst

Monday, March 26, 2007

lump pmul

lump and wrist
gulp and mist
fat and schist
melt and tryst
pale and fist
road and list
meal and pissed
nor and grist
loom and kissed
try and cyst

slang occasion

neamoins, ub tb earu the csarina antiphon rellata voce voce coca-cola douce thoeretic, and riotous, arerei the elsewhere of parprotting a sizably occasion each etch ocasion, euphoric lariat tom-tom, avoice rhtetorical dust-pan loutish music, evvolvve rmovve for conceptual knots in rope card, over there...

in immediacy no boundary no spin, note nor than while and returning bolero tangible the sworn to haphazard, nothing happens everywhere on tone ferling out the at arlesienne suppor...


opium full moon armed spark coffeepot curfew full moon spark foodstuff spark foodstuff curfew full moon formality debilitation legged gerrymander skid row curfew administrate poison ivy gerrymander legged that armed heedful armed huskily disgustingly emergent guffaw disgustingly estimator heedful disgustingly nostalgia debilitation heedful poison ivy upstanding debilitation legged guffaw collation emergent forelock curfew everyday paternalistic handiwork opium wrest opium closed inconsiderately debilitation armed heedful administrate forelock emergent blabbermouth emergent uncounted formality poison ivy timepiece ecclesiastic postdate formality opening bombardier dissatisfaction cherry geneticist calibration godforsaken closed inconsiderately coffeepot uncounted emergent redwood flooring heedful topsoil wallflower godforsaken debilitation moult shiny witchcraft flock icecap wrest foodstuff hog entrust babbler opening

language plants and kisses back

genuine absence of fear (absent the fear) [hybrid hybird]
replies to tangent after tangent [moss]
(when it comes) you can reply to winter [overtone overdose]
and the season will hold (mellowing) [yeast comes]
or you can take a moment to refashion [how to speak]
how the moment ratifies another (moment) [punctuation]
integral to this one [which of us]
and in this one what are the furnishings [relax absorb]
(to absorb) [relate]
is this just to sit still rummaging around [finder's fee]
the images (and are you here) [approximate]
again the replica once polished is confused [sumatra tastes]
with the thing itself [pale sugar]
the thing itself is less than [dry petals]
over here (see proof) [imagine into]
a laminated daylight gestures to the dark [being]

Sunday, March 25, 2007


highbrow ego highbrow realize inlay realize bear inlay bear highbrow rural inlay thank anticipate backstretch musk ego occupancy deal ego yank conical realize backstretch imprecision fray mayfly cattail succor kabob yank conical rural backstretch jazz conical vertigo calmly telecommunication cattail rural inoculation car pool calmly peal scholarship fray meekness musk pint offend biosphere universe occupancy deal chickadee shilly-shally highbrow inlay realize adder ego spoon-fed oceanography rennet countertenor allow rural shoptalk remedy rennet conical vice admiral symphonic astigmatism adder granite chickadee kabob wheaten imbroglio captive surrealistic tantamount wink heroics yank airily universe highbrow kabob misinformation vertigo mayfly front-runner thank greenish peal allow overtook