Saturday, May 5, 2007

pre sent ten se

number of measures
number of tense
number of trance
a pulse apart

remnants these fully
woven basket of claimed
instance fresh

and overly primed
clued vast awakened

floral pose and
imposition traced to
glorious long full
long lines


nsa h <4
arborne 52 n
6) wi flee

Friday, May 4, 2007


obscure mounting remove mounting ability slash malady ability obscure dump remove ability console obscure dump entangle cruddy flattop slash lunge shaft careless flattop remove sole corrode obscure ship garrotte glad organize garrotte entangle letdown hustings ability hangman abroad vivify scraper woodpile analogue tabloid sundae uncivil hustings lunge entangle corrode distant pianist deism organize hangman rambler woodpile abroad axon kingdom security insert epilogue malady addict phoenix mild pianist malady contort bun contort axon desk vivify enemy herd meddler axon pimp cards hype adjustor duke spoilage garrotte careless naysayer hype ability dispose praline pianist malady rematch adjustor particle fungous additive analogue rematch

Thursday, May 3, 2007


revisit narrow revisit narrow milkweed gibber revisit include

backbite livery mandolin tails fortune-telling borderland

reform gelatinous hubris gallop astonishment windstorm

astonishment backbite livery backbite gallop astonishment

bashfulness however mix-up however homegrown skyjack calcify

fracture ambition publicist withhold peptic withhold peptic

publicist smooth protuberant blown sinister borderland

sinister borderland reform saucy length oleomargarine coffee table
anachronism hubris jetsam weedy usage weedy unseat abject
procedural smug procedural reveller skyjack anachronism
procedural abject reveller skyjack calcify skyjack reveller

abject skyjack reveller euphoria inert colonize

orate loan booth



inert euphoria jetsam usage unseat weedy procedural salve
worse warbler false teeth ambition publicist tails jetsam

tails extradition blown extradition

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


starlit fluidly field trip parlay grandly surface epilog
kink catamaran afford touchdown epaulette aerial pacifist

surface aerial preteen stamping ground confusing soup ague

bastard soup bastard gelatine confusing soup ague atomizer
demolition gingerbread demolition atomizer demolition
seen augur companionship dilute cranky quintuplet perfectible
midwinter had fireworks high-spirited fireworks mores archeology
holiday nobleman starlit fluidly field trip fluidly field trip
ice age grandly field trip fluidly field trip furiously

epaulette aerial epaulette touchdown preteen touchdown

furiously epaulette furiously rabid animal rights ammonia
stamping ground rabid ammonia high-spirited archeology
water moccasin write-off

whiz inch davit



butler starlit fluidly field trip

grandly temperature maiden name gelatine logistic stamping ground

logistic gelatine confusing soup atomizer demolition gingerbread
demolition gingerbread thwack

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


outdo resistor outdo vicious circle instance listlessly
acquisition deft analytic sweet potato through stake regarding

industrialism regarding correction incorporate correction

incorporate stockholder irresponsible unlisted excerpt
carbon paper series carbon paper bibliographic waterfowl
flask waterfowl flask fatherhood flask bibliographic amatory
pomposity monogamy vicious circle analytic sweet potato

waistline regarding correction stake correction industrialism

disabled unkempt stockholder unkempt disabled stockholder

irresponsible diminution vicious circle monogamy vicious circle

monogamy diminution vicious circle monogamy unkempt disabled
unkempt monogamy vicious circle waistline sweet potato
unsanctioned overcompensation industrialize prime meridian

preach lawful test irresponsible monogamy unkempt irresponsible


view sate padre



correction incorporate stockholder mastery preach

prime meridian unsanctioned overcompensation prime meridian
unsanctioned uninteresting room temperature basal bluebell
enable kindly deft analytic sweet potato through

Monday, April 30, 2007

maybe I will elegant you (poise is free) concealingly

drain time of [its space] apace and willingly
the adverb tease of ripped space leaves
a quelling noise (despoiling) venture capitation
nonsense, eve, this doesn't taste
contractual why not
oil composite dream tides
merely or sign on to the tetrameter
and wince in one fell
smattering ||| contentment's irreligious
phase means back-off starlet and be coy
st am in a pickwick stoicist
enlargement (enraged) (outside)
the covenant retraces covens
madrigally furnished in mid-hoist of summer
an oncoming loaf
of sinecure (bring on the scenic ruse
paint and delivery my good anima
for good (you would)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

if I walk

chalk on clay
roundlay my prince
non sequitur rush


populist endorphins when
also I run
home his home


in vitro fracture
meant to twirl
life into lifelong


censure equals peat
moss and land
filled with that


look at rainbows
paint my neighbor
at the back