Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (67)

maybe the con(test)
has evaporated
from the blaring
notes fed to horizons

if I played this
masculine endorphins
might have magnified
my skin, thickened
my depth

I like the early triumph
sung in brass I hear
the rasp of generosity
come call me

now and then I
cast my vote upon
the drained skyline
and listen for the people's
will reflect my own
dimension's decibelion

Noun that I've been watching (66)

I am watching people get along
they're pretty doing this
the faces soft with looks
into the faces that say words
as they say words in return I like
the mood that feels like
people in the little group
are happy being
as they are
I'm over here and I hear paper
that have turned
so they can look together
at the ink on white
and laugh and talk again
with eyes to match

Noun that I've been watching (65)

in white it
holds her earns
her keep her
love and warmth
retains she feels
says waht she
opens hold abbreviates
or showers upon
(out in the open)
various veridicies and
corpus plankton broad
cloth templing
coastline craning necks
reserving mention of
the diary form
informed informal inference
"bear down" said
she "stuff up
per lip" o'suck
said he who
listens and absorbs
by feel of cloth
hat simple lift
the thought of hat trick
sense a story wind
retracted under sun
the soothe hot patch
coverlet upon
resisting wind lines
broad space casters
on the wheels her
little wool fitting
her sensory now cove
red lovelines
as though summer
and the rest

Noun that I've been watching (64)

welcome to my curtain call
you're just in time
to elevate embrace and tender
wholly lacking guilt
from throned bloat, kamikaze
no can Doppler shapelines
at a tilt and serape so why don't you
imbue what you refuse to
crimp and love me back
it's tender where you lack
and summit blisters
talk to me about the pollsters
let me tell you (back)
my p.o.v.
do you reckon "they" would take me
middle-aged or so into
the fold to help weigh
inference against
the rose's implication

Noun that I've been watching (63)

divinity assures divisble
and multi(plied)
traded for light as if (AND)
only if a
mounted to imagined
height(s) quite
plural candor
maturation for the long
haul (haw) deliverables
count twice

I mention bounty on account
of demiurge and practice
"look: there goes a Prius"
down predicted road at light
speed (there is more
or less than meets)
at half mast
many moments sub
divide the urge
to sponge or to be squeezed

Noun that I've been watching (62)

she has her hands on mine
is healing she reads books
I do not read she's taking down
dictation blithering or crispening
her text across the laptop
and I'm way in back I cannot
see the distant vehicle I think
about my self in versions (droves
and drones done to
a turn attorney-client priviletge
pre-veh my glommed onto
silk veilia so did you give him
what it takes to get
in here how do you
know this how do you know
things is he malaraious and
how have you configured
what you call relationship
are the behaviors you have
crawled across absorbed into
the hands and why are
dowries "nice" the interest held on to
became aligned with future loss
"what are you talking about
again I am not hearing
what you say"
feign interest. even
advocacy. prompt endeavoring
pre-cast a bounty of new
work, reveal the threads it takes
to boost if not economies
then at least a single egad
each time this thing works

Noun that I've been watching (61)

"way to go" think think there
fore I fill philanthropy
rich lined as comatose
per se pursuing pressed (to)
glass impendingly
dommage in your near heart
tearful chain of cloister
with a will to weigh something
"to gore" a living
(being, breathing)
heritage or hermitage
(do knee bends in South Bend)
lap after lap "as best as"
can doo wop and cinders
return to (press) send(er)
north polis crash course proof
of symbol that weighs in on
lord-it-over(tly) tender as the
fr(e)ight train tranny granny
anny pilot lighting "way through"
symbol(embol)ismo, natch
there is a cove a cave "it's over, baby"
slice a die
cast to repeat-dream replicate
the dorm tiles and the aspirations
and the lower limit peach
(low hanging fractal)
in the near-term earnings
wan or way down yonder
paw2 thatched roof hunger thus
eradicated (radish fated) to do
work in faith
fertility's a kiss its own
met sweetly swiftly swarming
dimed and charitably
"do you have energy? then get thee
to Saskatchewan asap"
we're running out of derivations
here and there
we're pressing noses
to the glass
we've lost our grasp
(the little that
we thought we had)
of sky and light

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Noun that I've been watching (60)

to have been alone awhile, one straps on purpose
(sprinkles in peacetime)

a loose affiliation with opposing values
demos cash flow's mitigating
minor silence.

clad refumes assault on nudity.

we knew winter was coming.
we did not know cayenne pepper played a role.

this is the senator from happiness,
calling the representative of doom.
how are you today what are your prospects
what are you selling to stay sane?

the rinse embodies holy orderly
effacing simplex.

when the light cools, frailty's the matter.
when the window blows, body chemistry's the matter.

how I look into the ceiling until sunrise.

listen. filaments are changing the embodied
to the whole.
it has, we now learn, always included us.