Saturday, August 18, 2007

being seen (with being seen)

articles of loathing ||| terrained
repel eyesight closely held ||| blight
intuitive brisk seashoreline ||| strung
capstone course connective ||| seasonal
toned in teal entirely ||| tuned
wisped along the lean line ||| continual
given horticult from slithered ||| growth
grasp display of clause amended ||| parched
so far into the dram shop ||| poured
one lives long to render ||| free
analytic bylines in the style ||| demanded
of their forebears ||| soon

Thursday, August 16, 2007


urgunty votuana


feet tarick


scram mufeeky

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


o UdSSt ie eoi Ue SShe e eeeehht
SpUrttip he te P edS Sie h eeeehtt
hSdtiSUdor d PPPPPPPP SrepUt tSptoi heeht
hhhdtoS hdSr tpt PPPPPPPPedirpU SpthdUoeht
ee t h petpS oUrPeePPPPPPPPPh Sr ei i pUp
e e trpU rUde oUdhoePPAPPPPP edUrt U h
eeee eSS oUihdUd pShPPP eehhpUdo
eeeeeee PPP titrUd P USeP e Uir dU
eeeeee PPPPPPAPtePhpUr eetoddo
eeet rh P PPPtoe eeeeeeeh
oipSpideht rrtt ri eeeeeeh
SSSSSpidddoooiidodpd eeeeehh
piddddddddiiiiiSiddSie PPP eeeeehh
iiidddddipSUUUUSpiddUpe PPPPP eeeeehhh
SppiiipSU USSppppiddpih PP eeeeehhtt
USSpS Sp Spppppppiddiph eeeeeeeehhtt

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


sanely gaun

root gaecamp



stown dadbe

Monday, August 13, 2007


tussock hummock powder room, fire alarm, corduroys homework
canoe morphine shovelful reincarnate suggestively sheepishly
snobbery poetic justice, languorously chipmunk cutlery
dormant innards encouragement ladyfinger incompetence
unnaturally jaded unequivocal partridge recital monstrous
gerontology into water unseal starry-eyed tocsin chafing dish,
microwave oven, hypotenuse unobservant preservative logotype
wildfire booze self-government live hateful copula conscientiousness
neutral woodcock piteous captor pockmark hemorrhoids problematically
waver force-fed repast rattling rouge interminably sinfully
unfriendliness flaw formidable.