Saturday, March 24, 2007

parch (meant

divinity (a litany
parsed skin
deceived (yearning too
forensic science
was it this (her symptom leading
was it that (her other symptom
audible (for now
and on view (evidence
he did so little (lasted
everything elapses
rapture (left
a winged indifference (fresh air
petulance (conveyor belt
why not caves (say seven
crossed out from (idea
blessing once (hemp
punctuation (present tense
epitomes rank third (parallel
deception (therapy anoints
libretti almost Brailled (by motive
candid port (avowed or random
empty things (under the picket fence
round thunder (valid prompts
how tepid is your sewing (mammals
ford capable (inferno to come
semantic breathing (wool
carded flecks (in principio
one who (cannot does not
one who wants syllables (damages
controlled apart from fracas (mention
vanity was spectral (furtive
lost years (months
and treble (flesh
to walk to (in estranged
from light made (whole
ringside (film curtains
lifetime achievement (a ward of the state

Friday, March 23, 2007

enharmonic rhapsody 2

it says solves a mind of airtight eithering so slain, everest detains assumption's caveat, why do small simulacra dice nays and yeas, ecology is tame till a storm hits your living quarters, emptying aspects are around coincidental we sharpem revolvers again re-wanding so chalices track vidya in its most sincere, tragedy of the feeling man, comedy of the thinker, a system to a 19th century philosopher, waved down for a taxidermist, no arcana arcades the arable landscape reiki-contrasted on will-be-confused bytes, the always-understood, so parallax the tactilar invents as motive a cerulean typology, the beauty of theory asserts the doctoral experience, packets of emirates within assumptive lacerations, monday through friday, so precincts are forfeited pall mall death no heat from skeleton ten years after, asoka the enlightened king clarifies a numerous oneliness one for the other, savers the ruler of harkened piano lessons wrong notes determine how many scraps of vinyl engage principles determines zones of terpsichore, a dullard in equatorial noses, rerere lalaland, how escape the same words the swarming tachyons, we see myriads klingons echoing the symbolism atlantic to pacific maybe somewhere else, like somalia, a grueling data splat, in motion sfozando the bulletin, do take the effort or the enjoyment to read this thoroughly as a conceptual orchestra is singing qua-qua-the-umbrella-of-cherbourg attic books settlers weave details into out of sobriquetial operating system, the crowned implosion the cerulean always there one always knows what it's F.A.Q.-ing

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Botany's a cult (pass it on). Remunerative
faultlines prosper in the hills of clay.
Bequeathing hay on stamina may mean the dowry's lost.
A customary breath mark leaves the piece
a little fraught with code.
Maybe we will ride into the hills,
and speak our dueling styles. Or rage
about duality held in the files.
My only choice of yesteryear
was to betray a self considered true.
That self was surely you.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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I cannot get you to stop (ceasing to breathe)

viaductic plasma's in
the big screen mood
but really this tv
is stuck into a wall
and shows behind
within the closet space
a big deep machine
protected from ridicule
of the closest thing
to a public in the living
room where people watch

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


thorax skid nit gregariousness dare panelist sled re

forefeet nut redevelopment twerp shim sourly bust ransom

stationary loom kid ox bases abstinence burner putrefaction

solder dire phase bell happen flex adman tritely

lox steppe us bob docile of conical j

tuberous bob for rev cup mob do s

navigation pince-nez indent owe bib neediness ma p

dent em halftime car go he softwood lieutenant

man payoff operational scope touchdown reduce am piazza

vitality ad growl group

blossoms of home to quick (canary like)

look how a flower fails to pierce
furthermore inflections
good morning to the thought of you
a precis would not quite suffice
and in the ridges made by letters there is more
and at the touch of a pure letterback the press from where you wrote
prepositions where connective points
might make the day delirious with theorylessness

harmonics 25

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harmonics 24

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Monday, March 19, 2007


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clockwork at stupor torn ringmaster is visitor icy

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opus deco

pornography's indebted to the fault of derivation.
yackety whole tones sliced.
go back to the razed hell
you commandeered from
and point north
for all the follicles branded isotopical.
the blend is in the crookedness.
and you, my pinched nerve caption?
go blithery blath- into the backbone
of heretical force field au naturel.
be wary of continuo.
be once above the nest.
be still my sand grain.
tilt your wheel asunder
for the foretaste of spun sugar squalls.
the memory's a predicate
unless you've owned the repartee you lunched upon.
come hither and be acetone.
short list your votive cranial sacral
to the beam tree.
vote for in and out of court.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

acting from consecutive, but not consecutive

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Hurry Past the Point of No Return

amplitude (expressed in posies) champions
(projected) flight (a slight) forenoon
absorbs what we consider
weaving (wearing) the near
fixtures stay where they are

charred nature means we're adding innocence
back into experience and figurines appear
on(e) night stands
variations on thematic
integers to blame
being tossed into the mix again

whose mixture costs decibels
whose mixture adds up into ounces
whose mixture takes in singing
whose mixture lumps into the sunlight
whose mixture starts to seem as ontological as cinnamon